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Free Talking Tom Hero Dash Tricks and Gems | Talking Tom is one of the most popular mobile titles ever. The basic game involves taking care of Tom, a cute kitten who will ask for our attention, in a kind of modern Tamagotchi.

Many spin-offs of this title have been developed, including Talking Tom Hero Dash, a running genre game in which you have to run in a path fraught with danger to collect as many coins to unlock new characters, clothes and more.

In this guide, we propose the Android and iOS tokens to unlock everything. In the game, in addition to coins, there are also gems as currency. We will dedicate a section of the guide on how to get free gems.

Talking Tom Hero Dash | Tricks

Get upgrades

There is a wide variety of enhancement items that Tom and Angela may encounter during a race. The green magnet will automatically throw coins at you for as long as it is active. The blue shield will temporarily protect you from a single collision.

The Coin duplicator will multiply by two the amount of coins acquired during the whole time of its activation. The pink lightning It will give you a big speed boost plus temporary invincibility, allowing Tom to destroy anything that stands in his way. As you can see, all power-ups are really useful so grab them when you see them.

Get as many raccoons as you can.

Tom will automatically chase away any bad raccoon he comes into contact with - no need to slip or jump! You should treat raccoons as if they were coins, by which we mean you should do everything you can to invest as many as possible. The reason is that if you shoot down enough raccoons, you will be entitled to a free coffer.

Restoring the world

Each world has different parts of the city to restore. Before you can do this, you'll need a certain amount of coins to do it. Restore as much of the city as possible, because every time you do, the score multiplier increases by one permanently! After cleaning up all parts of the city, you'll be forced to face the Raccoon Boss. Defeat him and you can go to the next world.

Keep your tickets and keep opening the trunks.

The chests can be purchased by knocking down enough raccoons or purchased from the store. You can only get regular and super caskets by catching raccoons, ultra caskets must be purchased with tickets. The better the coffer, the better the chances of getting new costumes, which give you huge increases in the score multiplier.

Tickets can be earned by opening regular checkouts. When you lose during a level, you may be tempted to save Tom by spending five tickets - resist the urge! You need all tickets to open Ultra caskets!

Keep an eye out for special events

Talking Tom Hero Dash has special events where you can earn items, upgrades and bonuses. Since the game is still relatively new, we don't know exactly the names of all these events, but a lot of brilliant rewards await you. Don't forget to play almost daily Talking Tom Hero Dash and make sure to check for a special event.

How to get Free Gems

Use coins and gems to eliminate enemies and save the city, also to increase your score multiplier. Sometimes, the game also allows you to watch a video ad as an alternative to coins.

- They're easy to get along the way, focus on the coins on the way to make things faster. Collect magnets and duplicators to make it easier to obtain currency.

Coins and gems:
- Complete special events from the main screen (unlock after saving Angela and unlocking the second world). These are limited events, so try to complete them before time runs out.

- They can also be obtained from Spinning Roulette by watching video ads or from the caskets.

- TIP: If the remaining positions only require Gems to complete, continue to earn coins from runs to make things easier for the next World.
- TIP: you can also convert your coins into gems using the time-limited "Currency Exchange" special event.

The crates

In Talking Tom Hero Dash you can get regular, super and ultra crates.

- To get a regular case you have to watch a video ad. After that, you will need to wait three hours before another regular till is available and then you can watch another video ad to get it.

- You can collect Super Caskets while you're playing and you can wait for them to open, or you can open them instantly using Credits (or looking at ads if available). You can also buy additional Super Crates with coins.

- You can buy Ultra cases only with credits.

- TIP: If you want to use Credits to buy caskets, the best time is during a "Special Double Reward Event".

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