Super Tennis SNES cheats and codes

Super Tennis is a sports video game developed in 1991 by Tokyo Shoseki and released in the same year by Nintendo for the console SNES. The videogame is the natural sequel to Tennis, which came out a few years earlier.

In Super Tennis there are three different modes game: Single mode, where your player competes with a human or computer controlled opponent, Double Mode, where you play doubles against a human or the computer, and the Circuit Mode, a tour in which you can compete in various tournaments and earn as many points as possible, climbing your position in the ranking. 
There are four minor tournaments and four main tournaments, each of which takes place on a different surface (hard, clay or grass). We leave you the codes and the Password which may come in handy especially in career mode.

During the game, press L, L, L, L, L, X, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, X.

During a match, press Select and, on controller 2, press R, R, Left, Down, B, A, L, L. Press A or B on controller 1 and you can change the skills of the players.

At the player select screen, place the cursor over a character and on controller 2 press L, L, L, L, L, X, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, X to get a super player.

Enter the following password: PC2GNYB Q14065C-TLWJPC2 GNYBQ14-6PDJSTK 8XD3HRF-065QJNM FTW to access a secret tournament.

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