Super Punch-Out !! SNES cheats and codes

Super Punch-Out !! it's a boxing video game developed and published in October 1994 by Nintendo, For the SNES console.

The game came out in late 1994 in North America, while in Europe it arrived a few months later, in early 1995. In Japan, however, it was only released in 1998. Super Punch-Out !! is the fourth game in the series and follows Punch-Out !!. You control Little Mac, a young boxer who wants to embark on this fascinating and tough career and who, on the path to becoming champion of Video Boxing Association, must challenge all the best and most successful boxers.
The game perspective is from the player's back, a factor that gives the feeling of being in the ring, while trying to KO the opponents. The comic graphics, its difficulty and its gameplay have made it one of the best boxing games ever, not just for Super Nintendo.

You have 3 minutes to win, which is not an easy operation but which could be less difficult with i tricks that we propose.


When the Nintendo logo appears, press and hold the L + R buttons on controller 2. Listen to the sound effects and music with controller 1.

Highlight “New Game” and press X + A. You can now enter your name in Japanese characters.

Achieve a 4-0 on the Minor, Major and World circuits to unlock a special circuit.

To see special final scenes, simply complete the Special Circuit without ever losing.

Super Punch Out - SNES


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