Streets of Rage Sega Mega Drive cheats and codes

Streets of Rage, a game known in the Rising Sun as Bare Knuckle, it's a video game running fighting game, developed and distributed by SEGA and released on Sega Mega Drive (but also on Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear) in the year 1991.

A hugely successful title, Streets of Rage had two sequels,

 Streets of Rage 2 and Streets of Rage 3, which were not only as beautiful as the first, but perhaps surpassed it as well, which is quite rare in the history of video games. Streets of Rage is one of the best scrolling fighting games ever, there is no doubt, like titles like Double Dragon and Final Fight, just to name a couple. The goal of the players?
Defeat a criminal gang that has taken control of the city, even overcoming the police force. It is 3 ex-policemen, martial arts experts, who have the task of saving the city! Without a doubt a game that made the history of the 16-bit SEGA console and that you can also find in the recently released Xbox 360 Collection.

Press Left, Left, B, B, B, C, C, C, Start at the title screen to get additional lives.

Go to the main menu, press A + B + C + Right on controller 2 while choosing Options with controller 1 (maybe get some help).

You can now select both how many lives to start with and the level at which to start the game.

When you get to the final boss in 2 player mode, one player must choose "YES" and the other "NO".

You will be forced to fight each other.

Streets of Rage - Sega Mega Drive


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