Street Racer SNES cheats and codes

Street racer it's a racing genre video game developed in the mid 90's by the software house Ubisoft. The videogame, distributed for Super Nintendo Entertainment System, is clearly inspired by Super Mario Kart, one of the games that most marked the history of the 16-bit Nintendo console.

Street Racer is a lot of fun:

you can choose numerous characters (8 to be precise), face different tracks (there are 24!) and use power ups and tricks to send our opponents off the track. The cups in which you can compete are 4, exactly like in Super Mario Kart.
You can choose the difficulty level of the game and face increasingly tough, fast and fierce opponents. Street Racer graphics are nice and well-finished, as well as colorful. The title makes great use of the SNES 'ability to exploit the Mode 7, with the tracks that rotate smoothly as you go along them and grind meters. The illusion, at least at the time, was more or less that of a 3D effect.

Go to the Custom Cup screen and press L, R, L, R, X, Y. You will have 24 tracks available.

At the character selection screen, press X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, then hold X. Press LEFT to lower the stats and RIGHT to increase them.

When on the Suzulu 3 track, use this trick for an extra fast lap. As soon as you pass the first large pond, turn left and follow the wall: you will find a hole in it. Cross it to skip almost half of the track.

Street Racer - SNES

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