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Anyone who has dived or is about to dive into the world of State of Decay 2 will know that bringing home the skin will be one of the main objectives. The game will test us in so many ways, trying to make us, one mistake after another, "survival experts". There will be many things that we will have to learn in the post-pocalyptic world of this last exclusive Microsoft. Precisely for this reason, in this guide you will find all the advice you need to survive even in the most difficult and desperate situations, trying to always keep the right approach and the right behavior.

How to survive in State of Decay 2

As we have anticipated before, surviving in State of Decay 2 will not be easy at all. Food and ammunition won't be easy to find, and the zombie threat will always be around the corner, ready to make us easy prey. Also, after a short time, you'll find that more and more survivors will want to join you, creating a real community in no time. All this, of course, will test your management skills; in simple terms, you will always have to try to find the best possible solution to any need and/or danger. So let's start by tackling all the methods that will guarantee you a more or less safe survival in the vast and dangerous world of State of Decay 2.

How to create your community and how to build the foundations

Creating a thriving community will be the first key to your success in State of Decay 2. In this regard, the exploration of the game world will come in very useful: using abandoned buildings and "make them your own", travel through the large wooded areas that you will find, these activities will allow you to lay the foundation for your base and the creation of your community. Remember that, while you can only play one hero at a time, you can always switch between one character and another, so you can put yourself in the shoes of all the survivors. If one of the characters in question is tired or injured, you can always let him rest by sending the other hero on an exploration, or by letting him finish the task.

What are the pros and cons of every hero

Alyssa and Hunter are not skilled in combat, but they are experienced explorers. Hunter also has the mechanical skill that allows him to quickly repair vehicles.

As you can easily imagine, each hero has his own statistics and specific skills. Precisely for this reason, you'll have to consider very carefully who you send to explore or who will have to carry out a certain mission. If, for example, you are aware that you will have to face a large amount of zombies, maybe even all of them together, you should prefer a character capable of using melee attacks, or capable of using the flamethrower. Otherwise, you'll meet a death as premature as it is brutal and, you must remember, permanent.

Where to find supplies and materials to improve your base

As soon as you choose which building to occupy, you'll need to explore the surrounding area. Not just because you will need supplies and healing items, but also (and above all) to research the materials needed to purchase upgrades for your base. Strengthening and fortifying your camp will be a practically indispensable operation, creating a safe and "zombie-proof" place where you can take refuge at the right time. Know, however, that upgrading your base of operations will take some time: gathering everything you need will not be an immediate operation, so start it as soon as possible.

Learn to trade soon

The moment you meet other groups of survivors, know that you can trade with them, trading your surplus raw materials and getting the ones you need most. Every item found in State of Decay 2 can be sold, in exchange for Influence Points, which are the game's virtual currency. Through this money, you'll be able to buy, for example, the food and medicines you need most. Always remember, at this point, to always maintain good relations with the other groups of survivors you will meet, because if something should ever go wrong, you will make yourself a new and deadly enemy.

Be careful not to make too much noise

Any noise could be fatal.

It may sound like a gossip, but every action you take will have consequences in the surrounding game environment, especially noisy actions. For this very reason, we recommend that you explore the surrounding areas as quietly as possible so as not to attract the attention of the undead in the area. According to what is now said, the most convenient operation is always to kill the zombies in a stealthy way, catching them from behind. In addition, whatever box you decide to open, you should always make sure that there are no "unwelcome visitors" in the vicinity, so as not to attract their attention.

What has now been said, of course, will also apply to all the improvements and upgrades that you will apply to your base of operations. Each upgrade you get will increase the Danger Level; for this reason, always try to keep it at an acceptable level, it is for your own safety and that of your community of survivors.

Always explore during the day

Although many of you will surely have already followed this indication, daylight is of vital importance. At night, visibility is drastically reduced, so you will have no idea what is around you. Even driving a vehicle at night is by no means the best idea, as you can easily damage it.

Beware of Screamers

The screamer can not attack, but acts as an alarm for other zombies.

As you will soon learn, zombies are not all the same, but they are divided into different categories. One of the most annoying is undoubtedly the Screamers. The advice we have to give you is to eliminate them before anything else; the reason is soon said: in case this undead one sees you or other characters, he will start screaming, thus attracting all the other surrounding zombies. The risk is to be surrounded with no way out; for this very reason, take them out without mercy.

Beware of Plague Zombies

One of the types of undead that you will have to pay more attention to are the Plague Zombies. This type of enemies, in case they "bite" you or your allies, will infect you with a disease that, if not treated promptly, will turn the unlucky one into a zombie. You can observe the progress of the infection on the left side of the screen, just above the radar. The infected character, in order to be saved, will require immediate and specific treatment, which can be obtained in any infirmary using 5 samples of infected blood, which can be obtained from the killed Zombie Plagues or the destroyed Blood Plague.

Destroy the Hotbeds of the Plague of Blood

If you've read the paragraph about Plague Zombies, well, know that they are all connected to a Bloodbath. It's in a huge beating heart that, if destroyed, will go down all the Plague Zombies in the nearby areas. However, despite the easy proclamations, destroying one of these abominations will not be an easy task at all. A Plague Zombie is not something that can be destroyed with a couple of gunshots: the fastest and most practical way is to place explosives around it and then, at a suitable distance, hit them to make them explode. In this way, you can avoid the toxic fumes that these purulent hearts will give off.

Know, moreover, that the outbreaks can always call zombies to gather to be protected; the advice, therefore, is to carry out the practice as soon as possible. In order to prevent the whole thing from turning into a massacre, you would do well to make use of the support of a few companions.

Get a vehicle as soon as possible

Moving on foot between the three areas in the game is and will always remain a risky activity. Precisely for this reason, taking possession of a means of transport could literally save your life. Being able to count on a car will not only guarantee you a faster journey, but it will also allow you to transport more resources and be safe from most of the zombies present. In case you should be attacked by the undead, you can always decide to run them over, or take them away from you using the doors of your car. However, bear in mind that this will affect the durability of the vehicle in question.

Also, you'd do well to keep in mind that you can't run over all kinds of zombies with ease; a Juggernaut, for example, will not only not be able to be killed in this way, but will also seriously damage the car. Remember, finally, that every vehicle you use will only have a certain amount of gasoline available, so try not to run out of gas.

Never venture out on your own

Remember: you are not alone

The world of State of Decay 2 will be a little less dangerous when you decide to explore it in the company of another survivor. The moment you're in your base, ask another character to accompany you; this way you can always count on a very important support: an extra rifle and/or melee attacks could definitely save your life.

Always keep your radio handy

The radio is the tool with which you can communicate with other players in State of Decay 2. Through this tool, you can both receive and send distress calls. Remember, however, that when you respond to one of these S.O.S., you will actually connect with another person's gameplay and take part in their quest. However, the moment one of your characters loses his or her life, he or she will also be dead in your storyline. Also keep in mind that you'll never get too far away from the host, otherwise you'll be "teleported" to its immediate vicinity.

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