State of Decay 2 : How to Refuel and Repair Vehicles

Vehicles are an important component of State of Decay 2 If you want to travel on the map quickly and safely, while you bring piles of resources back to your surviving comrades at base camp. In this vehicle guide to State of Decay 2 , we'll tell you how to repair your vehicles and how to refuel them, in case you run out of fuel with an engine that doesn't want to play anymore, even though through the window you see a Zombie Plague smile and greet you.

We remind you that if you need help with anything else related State of Decay 2 , including a complete beginner's guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse and a guide to the best weapons to use in combat, you can visit the guide index at the end of this article. Now, however, let's see how not to panic in case of uncooperative vehicles.

State of Decay 2 : Guide to Vehicles

How to track a vehicle

You will not start with a vehicle that works in State of Decay 2 , because the main game opens with you and the other three survivors of the army camp intent on leaving a broken down vehicle behind. In short, the game immediately makes you realize that there is no cat tripe. You'll now need to venture into any of the three maps you've chosen (the hills, the highlands or the valley) and find a vehicle that's right for you.

The most obvious option would be to go around the map looking for a vehicle, but there is a better way to find out the exact location of a car or jeep. Go to a lookout tower, indicated by the binoculars symbol on the map, and once there, climb the tower until you reach the "detection point".

At the top, look around and make sure you analyze the question marks until they reveal themselves. These are nothing more than places you haven't discovered yet and one of them is almost always a vehicle. This is the fastest way to track down the only reliable form of transportation in State of Decay 2 .

How to refuel vehicles

As you drive through the apocalypse State of Decay 2 in your car, you will consume fuel, indicated by the yellow icon in the top left corner of the screen. If this runs out completely, you'll be stuck in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing but zombies, not exactly an ideal scenario. Let's see the steps you need to take to restart the vehicle:

  • To refuel your vehicle, you will need to find a gas tank.
  • These are usually found in garages, sheds and houses.
  • Approach the rear left of your vehicle with the gas can in your inventory.
  • Press and hold E / Y (depending on the game platform) to start refueling the vehicle, which takes about twelve seconds.
  • Doing this will always fuel a vehicle about half the bar.
With a can of gasoline at hand, it passes the fear.

How to repair vehicles

Sometimes, after bumping into a wall or being thrown around by a horde of zombies, your vehicle will start to emit smoke. This, in State of Decay 2 , is not a good sign. It means, in fact, that the car has broken down and needs to be repaired. In order to do this, you need to acquire a repair kit.

  • It is almost always possible to find a repair kit in the same positions as the petrol cans.
  • These include: garages, sheds and houses.
  • Head to the front of the vehicle with the kit in your inventory.
  • Press and hold E / Y to begin the repair, which should take about fifteen seconds.
  • After you finish, your vehicle will be as good as new.

You can now start again in the face of the zombies who were already hoping to feast with your bodies trapped in the cockpit.

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