State of Decay 2: How to Get Influence Points Quickly

If you've already plunged into the post-apocalyptic world of State of Decay 2, you're sure to realize how much the world can change after a catastrophe like the one described in the game. One of the main aspects concerns the disappearance of money: in a world where there are no more shops, a banknote no longer has any reason to exist. Precisely for this reason, the only currency present in Microsoft's exclusive is the Influence Points. Through them, in fact, you can perform a whole series of activities, such as buying goods of various kinds, improving the structures in your base of operations and acquiring the various outposts available. In this guide, we will tell you how to earn Influence points as quickly as possible.

How to earn Influence points in State of Decay 2

As in any self-respecting game, it's always a good thing to have as much money as possible. However, as we mentioned earlier, in State of Decay 2 there is no real currency, or at least not a "classic" sense of the term. Influence points, in fact, represent the only type of money that we will be able to use in this new Microsoft exclusive and, as many will have already understood, can not be obtained in "conventional" ways, but only by carrying out certain activities. Precisely for this reason, you should learn from the beginning everything there is to do to get a good amount of Influenza points as soon as possible, so you will not be unprepared if you need them.

Below, we briefly list a simple way you can earn Influenza points in State of Decay 2:

  • Take control of any of your characters and head to a watchtower;
  • Once there, "scan" all buildings in the vicinity so that you can see them on the game map;
  • Move your cursor over any of the structures you've sighted, so you can see the potential resources it could offer you;
  • In this activity of yours, you'd do well to prefer buildings that may contain several types of resources. Alternatively, you'll prefer the structures that you could get raw materials from which your base is short;
  • Go to the buildings of your choice and "raid" them, taking care to collect all the objects you will find during your exploration;
  • Go back and store all the items and materials you have collected at the appropriate stockpile;

The simple replenishment of resources will allow you to earn Influence points; as you will easily understand, this activity is definitely the easiest way to get the currency of State of Decay 2. Another way to earn Influence points is through the destruction of Infected Clusters and Infestations. In this case, however, you'll have to be ready for action, as well as be in possession of valid equipment.

Infestations are in fact very large groups of zombies, clearly visible on the game map and, if they are not eradicated immediately, could pose a serious danger to your base. Same goes for the infected clusters, huge purulent hearts that you'll have to blow up with your explosives, taking care, however, to stay at a safe distance. The moment you destroy an Infestation and/or Infected Cluster, you can get your hands on a considerable amount of Influenza points.

How to spend your Influence Points on State of Decay 2?

Once you've cleared a building, you can use it as an outpost.

Once you've managed to get your hands on enough Influence Points, you'll probably wonder what the best way to spend them is. All right, if you've reached this point, know that one of the most profitable ways you can spend your game currency is by acquiring new Outposts. As we've already explained in the other State of Decay 2 guides we've created, these structures will be vitally important in your explorations, as they will allow you to deposit the items you've collected during an exploration there, without having to go back to your base of operations.

But how do you get an Outpost? If you return to the State of Decay 2 game map screen and place your cursor over a building that you've already completely plundered and "cleared" of zombies, you'll see an entry called "Outpost Effect" appear. In this way, you'll actually know the advantages of claiming this building as an outpost for your survivors. The benefits mentioned above include a permanent safety area for your characters and a closet where you can store all the items and resources you found during the adventure.

It is then up to you, and only you, to judge whether you spend Influence points in Outposts or other constructions. If you decide to build structures, of course, try to favor those that will provide you with resources of primary importance, such as food, or those that will give a bonus to the Moral of your community of survivors. However, keep in mind that each building you plan to build will have a different cost in terms of Influence Points, but it will always be quite high. Therefore, prepare yourself psychologically to spend as much as 300 Influence Points to acquire a single Outpost.

Beyond buildings and outposts, Influence Points can also be earned by selling items to the various Enclaves you encounter, and can be spent by purchasing items from them.

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