Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - All Trophies/Achievements

Among the major releases of this November 2019, it certainly could not miss Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order . The video game, developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, will make us play the role of a young Jedi who, after the infamous order 66, is now a wanted man, forced to live in flight from the forces of the Galactic Empire.

If you're looking for the fastest way to get the coveted platinum trophy of the title in question, we recommend reading the following lines to unlock all achievements in a short time.

Before you go any further, you must make one premise: THIS GUIDE TO TROPHES AND ACHIEVEMENTS Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order CONTAINS SPOILER ON THE GAME TRAME! Based on what has now been said, continue reading at your own risk.

Some preliminary advice

Let's start by saying that Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order will make 40 trophies available to us, including 25 bronze, 11 silver, 3 gold and the inevitable platinum trophy. Unlocking all the objectives in the game will not be an impossible feat, especially considering that there are no achievements related to the difficulty of the game and that no trophy will be missing, as it can be obtained even after the end credits.

The only difficulty you'll come across concerns the various collectible items, due to the fact that some of them are not tracked on the game map, but don't worry: there is a guidebook in progress in which we will show you the exact location of each of them. You can get in a single run, completing the main quest in 15 or 20 hours of play, and just as much time to get everything you need to complete 100% of the title.

Our advice is first of all to enjoy the game's storyline; collect the collectibles you may come across, but without too much damage to your soul, as you may need skills not immediately available: devote yourself to them only after the end of the main quest. The only exception to what is said now are the 10 seeds to plant for the terrarium: these will take a certain amount of time to bloom, so it is preferable to plant them as soon as you have the opportunity.

Challenge level and Collectables

Some collectible items may give you some headaches.

As mentioned earlier, in Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order you don't have to worry about the level of difficulty you decide to play, so select the one that suits you best. If you want a more challenging challenge, know that the life points of your enemies will remain unchanged, regardless of the difficulty chosen, the only two things that will change will be the aggressiveness of your opponents, of course the damage they inflicted and the time available to you to make a parade with your lightsaber.

Since you will have to "scan" every enemy you defeated, as soon as you have knocked out a new one, don't forget to press the of your pad, so that your BD-1 droid can add the entry to your personal log.

Once you've completed the story, you'll be left with many areas to explore, as well as items to collect and perhaps a couple more enemies to scan. In total, there will be 45 enemies, 19 encrypted registers, 107 chests, 32 secrets (8 of which are about the Stim Canister) and 10 seeds for your terrarium terrarium. The remaining 24 secrets are life and strength bar upgrades, and will also count towards the 75 Echo Force, which, let's remember, are more than enough for the relevant trophy.

BD-1's holomapes will mostly be completed automatically, during your explorations Each planet and each secondary area has its own percentage of exploration, which will allow you to know how much you are missing for its completion. Chests and secrets are tracked on the game map, but for seeds and echoes you will be forced to follow our collectables guide.

Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order - Guide to Trophies and Achievements



Kick a Phillak that kicked you

The Phillak are enemies that can be found on the second planet of the game: Zeffo. They are recognizable because, somehow, they look like big goats.

We're telling you, this trophy might be a little tricky to unlock. First, you'll need to purchase the "Evasive Kick" skill, which is found in the lightsaber skill tree. To use this technique, press the once to quickly dodge the opponent's blow and then press the to kick in response to your enemy.

At this point, you'll have to get kicked by a Phillak, which can be tricky because you'll have to get behind him and wait for the creature to turn around to face you. The best way is to let the Phillak use its charge attack (you'll notice right away because it'll turn red, which means you can't block it), dodge and roll away so that it hits a wall and, if it does, it'll be momentarily stunned. Place yourself directly behind the Phillak and he will kick you to the ground. After that, wait for him to attack you with his header and then dodge and kick as mentioned above.

The Mantis

Join the crew

This trophy is linked to the main plot of the game, you can't miss it. It is, in practice, the first trophy that you will unlock, right after the completion of the prologue.

A long time ago

Discover the Crypt of Bogano

This trophy is linked to the main plot of the game, you can't miss it.

The obstacle defines the path

Complete the Tomb of Eilram

This trophy is linked to the main plot of the game, you can't miss it.

It's all connected

Complete the Tomb of Miktrull

This trophy is linked to the main plot of the game, you can't miss it.

The holocron awaits

Open the Crypt

This trophy is linked to the main plot of the game, you can't miss it.

Freedom for the Wookiee

Free the Wookiee imprisoned by the Empire.

This trophy is linked to the main plot of the game, you can't miss it.

A place full of trouble

Explore the crashed Venator

In this case, the trophy in question is not a plot-related achievement, unlike those listed above. The one in description is an optional area on the planet Zeffo, which you can access through the site where you'll find the shipwrecks. We advise you to postpone it after completing the main quest.

To access the crashed Venator, you'll first need to get to the crash site. From here, climb the grid found near the large circular area with the Jotaz. Then, instead of going left, continue climbing until you can slide down an icy area.

After fully exploring the area, you'll find the coffers and, finally, a Stim Canister for your DB-1 droid. The trophy will unlock as soon as you abandon the wreckage of the Venator.

For more civilized times

Build yourself a lightsaber

This trophy is linked to the main plot of the game, you can't miss it.

These are yours

Defeat 50 enemies by deflecting blaster shots at them

To "return to sender" a blaster hit with your lightsaber, you must press the L1 button just before the bullet hits you; if you hold the L1 button down, the hit will only be deflected. You can start working for this trophy in the prologue of the game, on the train.

Many Stormtroopers will shoot at you with their blasters, and die with a single shot from their own rifles. It is most likely that the achievement in question will unlock naturally through the game, especially in areas where there will be many enemies armed with blasters.

A good place to farm this goal is the area of the imperial refinery in Kashyyyk. When you enter, you will come across a meditation spot and at the bottom of the path, you will find five Stormtroopers patrolling the area. Place yourself a short distance away from them and simply reflect the blasters' blows on them, then return to the meditation point to make the enemies appear again.

Perfect timing

Para the attacks of 100 enemies

To make a parade against an enemy, you must press the L1 button at the very moment when they are about to attack you. If you hold the L1 button down, you'll only block their attacks, but you'll decrease your stamina bar. The parry will momentarily stun the enemy, and open their defences, allowing you to counterattack.

This trophy will come naturally, as the parade is a vital component of the combat system implemented in the game. However, if you wish, you can do a farming in the prologue of the video game by repeatedly parrying the attacks of the Scout Soldiers (those with electrified batons), avoiding attacking them and pressing the . deadly

Defeat an enemy using only kicks

Not too different from what we said about the "Counter-kick" trophy, you'll need to purchase the "Evasive Kick" skill from the lightsaber skill tree. To use this technique, you'll need to press the : circle: to dodge an attack and then quickly press the : square: to counterattack with a kick.

The easiest way to earn this trophy is to find a lone Stormtrooper, as these are very weak opponents, and only two kicks will be enough to kill one. Get closer so that the empire soldier, instead of shooting at you with his blaster, is pushed to attack you with melee attacks. Quickly use the Evasive Kick skill to take half of the stormtrooper's health away from him, then repeat the procedure to kill him.

Note that if the enemy is damaged in any other way before these two shots, the trophy will not unlock. For this very reason, make sure your target's health bar is full.

Three in One

Defeat 3 enemies with a single light sword throw

After learning the Force Pull at Miktrull's tomb, you can buy the skill to throw the lightsaber from the Force skill tree, spending 3 skill points. To use this technique, hold down the L1 key and then press the : triangle key: to throw your lightsaber at an enemy; your weapon will then return to your hands, hitting any other opponent along the way.

The best place to get this trophy is in Bogano, in the Binog Mesa area. In the Amphitheatre area, there should be three Splox sprouting out of the grass. Group them together and then throw the lightsaber. If you hit them, the three enemies in question should die instantly, since they are rather weak creatures. If you don't get the trophy, return to the nearby Meditation Point and make the enemies appear again.

He who sows the wind...

Defeat an enemy with his own slowed-down blaster blow

You can unlock this trophy once you have obtained the Force Pull ability in the Tomb of Miktrull.

First, take a regular Stormtrooper, preferably alone, and place yourself away from him. When the Stormtrooper fires at you with his blaster, press the R1 button to slow down his shot; then hold down the L2 button to pull the enemy in question towards you, making him hit by his own bullet and kill him.

Big Bang

Defeat 20 enemies with explosives

You'll earn this trophy as soon as you get the Force Push skill during your first visit to Zeffo. The best enemies to "use" for this are Imperial soldiers armed with rocket launchers and Stormtrooper commanders.

For soldiers armed with rocket launchers, wait for their weapon to glow red and launch a rocket at you. At this point, quickly press the R1 button to use Force Slow on the bullet and then press the R2 button to return the missile to its sender, instantly killing your enemy.

As for the Stormtrooper commanders, if you keep your distance from them, they will throw grenades that emit blue light. Press the R2 button to send the bomb back to the sender, in order to kill your opponent. The only downside is that, in this case, you'll need to aim fairly accurately so that the grenade doesn't explode before hitting its target.

If you want to farm this trophy, the best place is right after defeating the Ninth Sister on Kashyyyk. You'll come across a meditation spot and have to climb some platforms and branches to get to a long cable car. You will climb up and fall onto a hut with three soldiers armed with rocket launchers. Use the method described above, then go back to the meditation point so that the enemies reappear and repeat the procedure until you unlock the achievement in question.

Don't mess with BD-1

Defeat an enemy using a reprogrammed droid.

After coming out of Miktrull's tomb and returning to the Mantis on Zeffo, you'll come across a workbench and get the ability to hack the droids. To do this, use the force to pull an Imperial Probe Droid towards you by pressing the L2 button; then when you're carrying it, press and BD-1 will hack it. At this point, the reprogrammed droid will hover around you and launch blasters at your enemies.

You will earn this trophy almost immediately after obtaining the skill in question. Pass by the workbench and you will reach an Imperial Probe Droid, with a group of Stormtroopers with him. Hack the droid, then make sure the Stormtroopers are out of health, and at this point, run around the platform dodging attacks until the droid has killed all your enemies.

Be careful down there

Push 25 enemies over the ledges.

This trophy can be unlocked after learning the Force Push skill, related to the Zeffo story. To use this ability, you'll need to press the R2 key to push an enemy back, and if they are on an elevated zone or platform, they will die instantly. Repeat the procedure 25 times to unlock the trophy.

A good place to farm the trophy in question is in the imperial refinery in Kashyyyk. When you enter, there is a meditation point and, at the bottom of the path, you will find five Stormtroopers by the edge of a precipice. Manipulate them so that they are in front of the ravine and then press the R2 button to drop them down. At this point, return to the meditation point to restore the presence of your enemies.

Not so fast

Defeat 25 enemies hit by Enhanced Slackening

The Enhanced Slowdown is a skill from the Force skill tree, which you can buy by spending 1 skill point after discovering the Bogano Vault.

To use the technique in question, you will need to hold down the R1 button until Cal loads his Slow ability and releases an energy pulse (your controller will vibrate when you do the above). If you release the button too soon, before the impulse, the shot will not be considered as boosted, but only as the normal Slow Force. Then, hit the enemy with a lightsaber attack by pressing the .

Hitting an enemy while in this state will negate the effects of the Slowdown, so make sure you weaken an enemy enough to kill him with a single blow. Use the Stormtroopers to make the trophy in question.

Winning bid

Defeat an enemy by bumping him into another enemy.

For this trophy, you'll need Force Push, a storyline related skill that can be obtained on the planet Zeffo. To unlock the achievement in question, you'll have to push an enemy, by pressing the R2 key, against another enemy, and make sure that one of them gets killed in this way.

This action can be very difficult to perform with two Stormtroopers, as it's hard to align them and causes minimal damage. The best place to get the trophy is the second visit to Zeffo, just as you enter the imperial headquarters. Use the BD-1 Slice and go to the room on the right, where you will find a meditation point. Rest, so that the enemies can be restored. Now, when you leave this door, there will be an Astromech droid lined up right in front of a group of Stormtroopers.

Press R2 immediately and the droid should be thrown directly at a Stormtrooper, killing both enemies and unlocking this trophy. If you fail to do so, return to the meditation point, so that the enemies are repelled and attempted again.

Hold your tongue!

Cut off an Object's tongue

To get this trophy, you'll have to learn Force Pull during the events of history in Mitkrull's tomb. So, once you've done this, you'll also need to purchase the Grasping Pull skill, which is in the Force Pull skill tree for 1 skill point. You won't be able to perform the following actions without this skill, which increases Force Pull's power.

At this point, you must find an Object, which are the big toad-shaped enemies found on Bogano. There is one directly below the meditation point in the Underground Shelter, which is useful as you can make the Object appear again if you don't get the trophy before you kill it.

Attack the Object, hold down the L2 key to pull its tongue towards you, then quickly press the to cut it with your lightsaber. You can perform the described procedure at any time, without having to wait for the monster to attack you using its tongue.

Enthusias-Mantis Moments

Recruit all possible crew members for the Mantis

In Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order there are a total of five crew members recruited for the Mantis. You'll start the game with two crew members (Cere and Greez) and quickly get a third (BD-1) when you land on Bogano. So, much later in the story, after your second visit to Dathomir, another character will automatically join your crew.

The fifth member is optional, but is very easy to find once you learn Force Push on Zeffo. Go to Bogano and, on the landing platform, go down the spiral staircase to the room below, with the enigma of the sphere behind a cage. Ignore it and press the R2 button to destroy the weak rock wall on the left, and you'll find a Bogling that will join your ship.

Data Disc

Find all the encrypted records of BD-1

To get this trophy, you'll have to collect the 19 encrypted recordings scattered around the various planets in the game world. However, don't worry: seven of these recordings are in the main plot, and you won't be able to miss them; as for the remaining 12, see the attached video to find them all.


Fully customize your lightsaber

This trophy is easy to get, and can be unlocked at the beginning of the game if you open crates and collect customization items. To customize your lightsaber, you'll need to find the workbenches located on the planets or simply use the one in your room on the Mantis.

Once you have access to a workbench, you can customize the emitter, switch, handle and material of your lightsaber, provided of course that you have collected another variant in that category. To unlock the achievement, simply change the default skin in each of the five categories. The customization elements provided with the game's Deluxe Edition will also work for that purpose.

Cal Kesti...le!

Customize the look of Cal, BD-1 and Mantis

To customize the appearance of your characters, you'll have to open the crates to find new skins for Cal (both clothing and poncho are required) and paint schemes for BD-1 and Mantis. Whenever you get new ones, you can press Options > R1 to get to the Customization tab of the pause menu and, from there, choose the skin that suits you best. This trophy can already be locked when you get to planet Zeffo.

Echoes from the past

Discover 75 echoes of the Force

All Echoes of the Force in Bogano.

All Echoes of the Force in Kashyyyk.

All Echoes of Strength in Dathomir.

All Echoes of the Force in Ilum.

All Echoes of the Force in Zeffo.

Again, don't be frightened by the large number you see here in the trophy description. There are much more than 75 echoes of the Force in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order there, and during your explorations of the game world, you will probably get the target without even realizing it.

However, see the attached videos for exactly where to find all the echoes of the Force in the various planets.

Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order - Guide to Trophies and Achievements


Legendary beasts

Defeat four mysterious creatures

The four mysterious creatures the trophy description refers to are:

  • Bogdo Object (Bogdo - Bogdo Sinkholes)
    • The best way to start this fight is to launch at this creature from above, using the holes in the ground near the Mantis, and press the and hit it with your lightsaber. In this way, in fact, you will inflict a considerable amount of damage to the monster, and remember that, if you have to cure yourself, it will always be appropriate to slow down time using the Force;
  • Rabid Jotaz (Zeffo - Broken Wing)
    • We warn you that, in this case, the fight could be quite challenging: the large fan in the middle of the room, in fact, will be a major obstacle, especially in light of the fact that this Jotaz is much faster and bigger than its "normal" version. Our advice is to face the monster only after unlocking the lightsaber launch, which will allow you to cause damage by keeping a safe distance. Second, make sure you slow down time with the Force, both to avoid its attacks and to get yours;
  • Albino Wyyyschokk (Kashyyyk - Imperial Refinery)
    • This giant albino spider will try to immobilize you with its cobwebs, so always keep some distance from it so you can dodge this attack. Unlike Oggdo Boggdo, this creature's attacks are rather slow, predictable, and easy to parry (although they will inflict a lot of damage if they hit you). In addition, the monster will retreat a few steps when it's in trouble, giving you a chance to "breathe".
  • Nydak Alpha (Dathomir - Strangled Cliffs)
    • This is probably the most difficult mysterious creature of the four. The enemy in question is very fast, able to counterattack and not be affected by attacks that will hit him. The trick, in this case, is to keep your distance (perhaps by throwing the lightsaber) and prepare for a long fight: you'll have to wait for the right moment to attack and make openings in the enemy defense, also using the Force to slow down time.

These enemies are essentially the biggest versions of the monsters you'll find on their respective planets and only appear once. They don't regenerate, even if you reset the game to Meditation Points; moreover, they are the only enemies that will be automatically scanned when you encounter them, so it will be impossible to miss them.

You won't get confused because when you fight them, their name and health bar will be displayed at the top of the screen, just like normal boss fights. Their attack patterns are similar to their "minor" counterparts, but they hit much harder; for this very reason, it might be wiser to decide to face them after completing the main quest, when you are more powerful.

A galaxy far away

Complete all BD-1 holograms

You'll complete almost all the BD-1's homoppas with naturalness, and you'll probably earn this trophy during the "cleaning" phase of the missing trophies, since practically every route other than the main road has an item to collect, and you'll have to get them all to complete the game 100%.

To make things easier, you'll always be able to press the joystick's touchpad, view the holomappa and check the exploration percentage of each planet you have visited, visible in the top left corner of the screen. Even more specifically, you can move the cursor over each secondary area and see how much you have explored, looking at the percentage in the lower left corner.

This tool will help you shorten the time for platinum, telling you exactly what parts of the map you are missing to explore, so you can clean it up. For this trophy, you will have to explore 100% Bogano, Zeffo, Kashyyyk, Dathomir and Ilum.

Her name was Masana Tide

Defeat the Ninth Sister

This trophy is linked to the main plot of the game, you can not miss it.

The last flight of Gorgara

Defeat the winged terror on Dathomir

This trophy is linked to the main storyline of the game, you can not miss it.

A very bad feeling

Defeat a former Jedi Master

This trophy is linked to the main plot of the game, you can't miss it.


Avoid 100 attacks using precision dodge

Precision dodging is a skill that you will learn once you have obtained the skill that will allow you to perform the double jump during your second visit to Kashyyyk. It costs 2 skill points and is located in the Survivor's skill tree.

When you dodge an enemy attack by pressing the : circle button: at the last second, you will slow down the enemy, filling some of your Strength bar. Use this skill 100 times and you will get the trophy. You can farming on a single enemy if you wish, in which case, Scout Troopers are the most suitable targets, as their sinking attacks with electrified sticks are easily readable and predictable.

Blade Master

Hit the same enemy with all types of lightsaber

This trophy will be obtainable only in the most advanced part of the game's plot, after getting your third type of lightsaber, on Ilum.

The first one you'll get is the single-bladed lightsaber, the default weapon with which you'll start the game; the second is the double-bladed lightsaber, which you'll get on Dathomir, when the planet becomes available; the third, finally, is the split saber, which you'll get on Ilum.

At this point, you'll have to find a strong enemy (one that can withstand at least three shots) and hit him by pressing the , attacking with single and double lightsabers, and finally press L1 + to use the split saber.

An esteemed friend

Find all BD-1 stimulation containers

In this case, there are eight stimulation containers for our BD-1, and they will be available on the various planets we will be exploring during our adventure. Follow the directions in the attached video to find them all.

Green Thumb

Grow the terrarium to the max

During your adventures, as soon as you board the Mantis, you will notice the presence of a terrarium. It is a shrine in which to put seeds which, over time, will become real plants. There are 10 seeds to find, but you'll have to cyclically return aboard your spaceship and press the R3 button to check the growth status of the plants in question, only then will you unlock the trophy.

Consult the attached video to find out the exact location of each of the 10 seeds.

Data Collector

Scan all types of enemies

In the course of our adventure in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order , we will have to scan 45 types of enemies. Precisely for this reason, never forget to do it as soon as you defeat a new type of enemy on any planet you visit.

Follow the directions in the attached video to facilitate the achievement of the target in question.

Scum and wickedness

Defeat all kinds of bounty hunters

There are three types of bounty hunters in the game: Haxion Brood Bounty Hunter, Haxion Brood Commando and Haxion Brood Bounty Droid.
After an event related to history, you'll find yourself in a battle in the arena, where you'll have to defeat the Bounty Droid. Later, the other two types of hunter will ambush you randomly as you advance in the game and explore the various planets.

You'll know you're in the presence of a bounty hunter when a name and health bar appear at the top of the screen, as they do in boss fights.

Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order - Guide to Trophies and Achievements



Get all the crates and secrets

To get this trophy, you'll have to find and collect the contents of 107 crates and discover 32 secrets (8 of which are stim containers). Many of these collectables you will probably find them simply by progressing in the game plot and exploring the various stages; however, to make your life easier, we strongly recommend you to consult the attached videos to know the exact location of all the crates and secrets of the various planets present in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order .

All the chests and secrets on Bogano

All the crates and secrets on Kashyyyk

All the crates and secrets on Dathomir

All the chests and secrets on Ilum

All the crates and secrets on Zeffo

Feel the Force

Unlock all Jedi abilities

There are a total of 33 skills in the game, divided into three skill trees (Strength, Lightsaber, Survival) that will become available in different stages of the game as you progress through the main plot. In total, you will need 50 skill points to acquire them all, and you can only acquire a new skill in meditation points by pressing X.

The vast majority of the experience points you earn will come from defeating enemies: it goes without saying that the more challenging they are to beat, the more EXP you will receive. You will see a bar at the top of the screen, which will fill up each time you gain experience. Finding Force Echoes will make the task easier for you, but they are quite rare collectables, while scanning items in the environment will offer you a small amount of XP.

With good probability, you'll get this trophy in the phase in which you dedicate yourself to getting the trophies you missed before. However, if you're still missing several experience points, you can always do a farming of enemies, using the meditation points to make them appear again.

Just Trust the Force

Complete the journey

This trophy is linked to the main plot of the game, you can't miss it.

Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order - Guide to Trophies and Achievements


A new hope

Get all the trophies

If you've come this far, it means you've unlocked all the objectives in the game. Congratulations, you've just won the platinum trophy of Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order!

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