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- Star Wars Battlefront The Complete Guide: Trophies, goals, challenges, stars, collectables, miniatures!

The complete guide to the game Star Wars Battlefront , where you can discover all the secrets to complete the game 100%! Jedi and Sith welcome you to this guide where Space will have no more secrets for you! What we offer you is a galactic solution and full of videos to better face the hidden pitfalls in the many battles that you will face with the Laser Sword!

A new hope
Play all multiplayer modes.

Do or no do. There's no trying
Complete the tutorial.

Complete a mission Survival at Difficulty Master in less than 35 minutes.

"Gonk"? Gonk!"
Catch three droids in a droid race.

A cunning warrior
Reach level 3 once with any attribute (multiplayer).

Your journey is just beginning
Complete all missions.

Don't let it go to your head
Defeat both the Millennium Falcon and Slave I.

Safety is not a priority
Take no damage in the Pursuit to Endor mission. Pursuits in Endor can get really dangerous, but thanks to this video guide you will be able to escape without even a scratch.

Defender of walkers
Destroy a Wing Y in Walker Assault.

Do not underestimate the Force
Perform a total of 100 kills playing as a hero (multiplayer).

Kill an enemy while using a jetpack (multiplayer).

Good start
Win a mission Battle of Normal difficulty against AI.

I didn't ask you for predictions!
Successfully perform manual cooling 10 times (multiplayer).

One less!
Use the cable to destroy an enemy AT-AT in Assault Walkers.

When you're 900 years old...
Reach rank 50.

The Force is powerful in this man
Perform 10 kills in one game using a hero in Hero Hunt.

All right, I'll try.
You get one star on every training mission.

Boast of Ackbar
Complete a mission Survival in difficulty Master without dying.

In a galaxy far, far away...
Win a game in every multiplayer mode.

I propose a new tactic
Use 10 times the star card kit of a partner (multiplayer).

Get a total of 5 stars on Survival missions.

Target in sight
Returns the most kills in a Elimination game.

The Power of Force
You defeat a hero by using any hero in Heroes against evil.

Complete 25 challenges.

With one quick shot
Overwhelm 25 soldiers with an AT-ST (Multiplayer).

New recruit
Complete any mission.

Treasure hunter
You get a star by finding all the collectables in one mission. All you need to do is find all the collectables hidden in a map to get a star and unlock this trophy.

We can rule the galaxy
Complete a mission with a friend.

Achieve 100 enterprises.

Not bad for a fur ball
Get hit in the head with a rock thrown by an Ewok on Endor. That's where to find the Ewok ready to hit you on the head with a rock!

You judge me by size?
Reach rank 25.

Stay on target
Kill 10 enemies in a fighter squadron game.

A tremble in the Force
Play at least once with all available heroes (multiplayer).

Sorry if I got a little dirty
Perform the first kill in a game (multiplayer).

Hang in there!
Kill 10 enemies while attacking or defending a checkpoint in Supremacy.

Precision Shot
Perform 10 shots to the head with the Cycler (multiplayer) rifle.

Tell Jabba I have the money.
Earns a total of 25,000 credits (multiplayer).

You get all the stars in the difficult missions Master. To do this you'll have to find all the collectables in the 4 game maps and in the 3 variations of each one.

The best star pilot in the galaxy
Destroy 10 TIE fighters in less than 2 minutes in Beggar's Canyon mission. It's time to prove who is the number one pilot in the cosmos and nothing better than trying to destroy 10 TIE fighters to succeed.

Get a miniature for the diorama in play. Watch the guide a little further down to discover how to unlock all the miniatures of Star Wars Battlefront !

I've been waiting for you
Kill 10 enemies who attempt to claim your team's shell in the Launch Zone.

What's the merchandise?
Kill 10 enemies carrying cargo in Cargo.

Remarkable, really remarkable
Get a total of 5 stars on Battle missions.


Thumbnails can be unlocked by various methods and must be placed in the 3D Diorama which will provide you with various bonuses for all game modes. Below the guide will show you on which map to find a particular playing figure and how to unlock it:


Rebel Twi'lek

Map: Sullust
How to unlock: Download the companion app and play the Commando Base mission. If you score three stars on the first siege in the Rebels campaign you can unlock the statuette.


Map: Tatooine
How to unlock: Reach level 10

Princess Leia

Map: Hoth
How to unlock: Reach level 50

Han Solo

Map: Tatooine
How to unlock: Earn 1,000,000 multiplayer points

Luke Skywalker

Map: Endor
How to unlock: Find all collectables

Emperor Palpatine

Map: Sullust
How to unlock: Collect every star on every mission.


Map: Sullust
How to Unlock: Perform 1,500 kills as an imperial soldier

Rebel Tatooine

Map: Tatooine
How to Unlock: Perform 1,500 kills as a rebel.

Scout Trooper

Map: Endor
How to Unlock: Perform 250 kills with headshot

Endor Rebel with Smart Rocket

Map: Endor
How to Unlock: Finish all the missions of the battle with difficulty Master


Map: Hoth
How to unlock: Reach level 3 for each Trait

Boba Fett

Map: Tatooine
How to unlock: Use all Star Cards to get one kill with each weapon.

Darth Vader

Map: Endor
How to unlock: Kill 250 soldiers as a hero


T-47 airspeeder

Map: Hoth
How to unlock: Win 10 games of each multiplayer game mode


Map: Hoth
How to unlock: Win 30 games in Walker Assault


Map: Endor
How to unlock: Complete all survival missions with difficulty Master

Millennium Falcon

Map: Tatooine
How to unlock: Get 100 kills with the Millennium Falcon or Slave I


Map: Tatooine
How to unlock: Use 200 upgrades

Slave I

Map: Sullust
How to unlock: Drive the vehicles for a total of 10 hours

TIE Fighter

Map: Sullust
How to unlock: Destroy 150 vehicles

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