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Spinmaster, known in Japan as Miracle Adventure, it's a arcade video game developed and published by Data east in North America and Europe in November 1993 and in Japan in February 1994. It is the first videogame developed by the Data East software house for SNK Neo-Geo MVS.

Il gameplay, the animations, some of the characters and even the style of the weapons were heavily inspired by another famous title from Data East: Joe & Mac. The plot is as follows: many years ago, a fabulous treasure was buried on a mysterious island. The owner of the treasure drew the route to the island on a map, which he buried in the heart of the forest. Years and decades passed and the map fell apart into 5 parts, which flew to the most remote corners of the globe.
One of these map fragments arrived in the hands of the adventurer Johnny, who vowed to recover the treasure. Johnny lives with his girlfriend Mary, but his village receives an unwelcome visit from the mad scientist Dr. De Playne, who kidnaps Mary and steals the piece of map. Its goal? Find the treasure and then buy all the sweets and toys in the world. Johnny and his partner Tom set out in search of the man and Mary, armed with their trusty yo-yos that allow them to eliminate the enemies present in the game levels.

Sorry, for Spinmaster Neo Geo version at the moment we do not know any cheats or codes of any kind.

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