Spider-Man - Guide to How to Make a Perfect Dodge

Let's just say it without too many words: Spider-Man , the latest exclusive release on Playstation 4...is perhaps one of the most successful adventures of the famous superhero... Marvel. The video game has managed, thanks to its quality content, to satisfy both old Spiderman fans and newer ones. As everyone will surely know, Spidey has never stood out only for its superhuman strength, but above all for its agility and its extraordinary reflexes. For that very reason, Insomniac Games has decided to create a combat system based on rewarding that very aspect. We should not only be good at attacking in the most creative way possible, but also and above all at Dodge enemy offensives. In this guide, we'll give you all the advice you need to learn how to master the dodge, always getting out of danger.

Spider-Man because dodging is as important as attacking

As we pointed out in the opening article, the combat system Spider-Man is based on two moments of equal importance: stick and dodge. However, our Spidey's simple fists are only one of the methods with which to attack your opponents. In fact, our friendly neighborhood climber will have at his disposal a whole series of gadgets with which to launch his offenses, which, if used properly, will literally pull your chestnuts out of the fire. Precisely for this reason, you will need to master the various Trip-Mines, electric shocks and so on as soon as possible, in order to recognize the situations in which these "accessories" will be more useful to you.

However, always be very careful to dodge enemy attacks. The moment you go up against a large number of opponents, you may receive considerable damage without even realizing it. For this very reason, there are two tips we have to give you: don't hesitate to press the RIM who is precisely delegated to dodge enemy attacks, and try to use the cobwebs as much as possible. In this way, in fact, always on the move, you will be a difficult target for your enemies, who will have a much more limited number of attacks to hit you. If you manage to move quickly during clashes, you'll be able to finish them not only much faster, but also by cashing in a much smaller number of attacks.

Spider-Man How to make a perfect dodge

Always stay on the move with your cobwebs and it will be really hard for your enemies to hit you.

As the most die-hard fans you will Spider-Man surely remember, our superhero is equipped with the so-called "Spider Senses", that is, reflexes so developed that they warn him in advance of any threat and/or enemy attack. Also in the Sony exclusive, Insomniac Games has managed to include this fantastic feature. Indeed, in the game in question we will have two different types of spider senses available. In some cases, for example, we'll see the appearance of a white icon above Spidey's head; this way we'll be warned that someone or something is about to attack us and, by pressing the RIM button, we can dodge the shot. In case, instead, the icon should be of Last case, in fact, you'll get a perfect dodgewhich can make a difference in a fight, as it will allow us not only to avoid enemy attack, but also to stun him for a short whileexposing our opponent to whatever attack we had in mind. Learn to dodge as soon as possible and the fighting will have no more secrets for you.

The combos will be your main allies

The combos will increase the Focus, which can be used in various ways.

During the various fights you will face, do not think so much about engaging your opponents right away, but rather about how you can score the most combos. Being able to chain so many attacks will prove to be an indispensable weapon, for at least two good reasons. First, making a lot of combos will raise your Focus faster, allowing you to unlock attacks that can knock out your opponents with a single blow. Secondly, with combos you'll always be able to frame your enemies more easily, being more or less sure of carrying out your attacks and fighting as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Also, remember that the Focus can be used both for attack and for treat your wounds. By pressing the DOWN of your gaming pad's directional cross, you may be able to heal our Spider-Man . As you can easily understand, knowing you can take a few extra hits will help you in the easiest fights, or even save your life if you're up against a boss.

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