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One of the exclusives that Sony relies on the most is undoubtedly Spider-Man . The game of Insomniac Games has immediately attracted the attention of public and critics alike, managing to convince even the most skeptical that the adventure of our "friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" would be much more than just a game on license. Despite the action phase, the developer has introduced a considerable number of challenges and challenges to his "creature". collectiblesThis will keep even the most demanding gamer busy. Among these secondary activities, an honorable mention is due to the covert photographs. We will have to go to certain places and take a photo, in order to explore the most characteristic points of the city. Discovering these places will be no small feat. Follow our guide to find out how to overcome this challenge.

Spider-Man : where to find the places to take the secret photos

Let's start by saying that, in Spider-Man , you will be able to find out more about 50 locations where you have to take the secret pictures. However, there are some conditions that you will have to respect in order to overcome this challenge. To find all the locations, you'll need to activate a specific modify your costume so that landmarks appear on the game map that will show you exactly where to go. To unlock the Secret Photos, however, you'll need to get to the end credits of the game, and only then can you devote yourself to this fascinating side activity. Once you've completed the game, you'll have to get the Proximity SensorThe modification for Spidey's costume is necessary to make the location of the Secret Photos appear on the map.

Once you've equipped the Proximity Sensor, all you have to do is start circling your cobwebs and look for places to take photos. During your explorations, when you're in the vicinity of one of these locations, you will see a white camera icon this will mean that you are not far from one of the locations where you can take a Secret Photo. The landmark in question will almost always take you to a building. At this point, all you have to do is press the UP button of the directional cross of your gaming pad and activate the camera. Start framing your surroundings until the indicator becomes green; at which point, take the picture.

We can not reveal the contents of the Secret Photos, as it would be a spoiler no small thing on the game plot. Precisely for this reason, we leave you instead a detailed map that will show you all the points where you will have to look for the photos in question, neighborhood by neighborhood.

All the Secret Photos in Harlem

The red dots you see on the map indicate the exact location of the points where you can take Secret Photos. Get closer with the equipped Proximity Sensor and you will have no difficulty in locating the places in question.

All the Secret Photos on the Upper West Side

There are only four Secret Photos in this area, which means that at least in this area, you'll get there very quickly.

All the Secret Photos in Central Park

Even in this area you will not have who knows how difficult to find the photos in question, indeed, we confirm that in Central Park you can make some very beautiful and noteworthy shots.

All the Secret Photos on the Upper East Side

There are only four Secret Photos on the Upper East Side, all located on very tall buildings; therefore, you will be able to locate them very quickly.

All the Secret Photos at Hell's Kitchen

Four more photos in Hell's Kitchen, some of them positioned on the borders of the area in question.

All the Secret Photos in Midtown

Although the district in question is by far the largest and most extensive in Spider-Man the area, there are only three photos to find, and they won't take you long.

All the Secret Photos in the Financial District

In the Financial District you will find some of the tallest buildings on the game map. Search carefully between the tops of these buildings and locate the Secret Photos, one of which must be taken on the Oscorp Building.

All the Secret Photos in Greenwich

Fortunately for us, the Secret Photos in this district are all very close to each other, which will make it a lot easier for us. Also interesting are the references to other Marvel superheroes in these shots.

All the Secret Photos in Chinatown

This last district will contain the last eight Secret Photos, which will show you some of the most beautiful easter eggs it Spider-Man has to offer.

Here is the reward for finding all the Secret Photos

In case you're wondering what the reward is for collecting all 50 Secret Photos, the answer is: a brand new costume! It is the ESU suit showing our beloved Peter Parker wearing his university t-shirt and, of course, the mask of Spider-Man .

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