Spider-Man - Complete Guide to the Puzzles in the Game

Every word you try to spend on Spider-Man seems now superfluous, trivial and repetitive. The last one exclusive Playstation 4 is exceeding every rosy expectation, even going so far as to be the game with the fastest sales of 2018, obviously among the titles published so far. Insomniac Gameswith his overwhelming work, has wanted to include a number of content sufficient to satisfy all possible players of his latest "creature", from the most inexperienced to the most demanding. If we have already dwelt on the many collectible items in the game, it is time to focus on the riddles. In the course of your adventures, you will find several puzzles to solve in order to continue the game's plot. In this guide, we will show you all the solutions to the puzzles we have found.

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Spider-Man : how to solve the enigma of the Statue in the Museum

Let's start our discussion now by saying that in certain stages of the game, you will have to dress up as Mary Jane Watson. At this moment, the red companion of our beloved Spider-Man will have to arm herself with a camera and solve puzzles, in order to come into possession of useful files for our hero. One of the first puzzles in which we will come across in the game will be present during the main mission "Don't Touch the Art“. After having had access to the back room, and after a thorough look at the statue, go to the desk. Not far from the computer, you will find a small pamphlet with an image of the very same statue that you found in the room; as the more attentive ones will have surely noticed, however, the statue portrayed in the picture has a different pose from the one you observed earlier.

Continuing to analyse the booklet in question, you will read that parts of the statue can be moved, including the head, arms and mouth. Once you've learned this, go back to analyzing the statue in the room and start moving it so that you get the position you have in the brochure image. Raise your right arm, have the palm of your hand point outwards, and then lower your left arm. As soon as you have completed these simple actions, the mouth of the statue will open. Once this is done, you will need to find the object the statue is holding in its hands in the image in the brochure. Go to the bulletin board between the two desks, take the right-most object that you will find and place it in the statue's hand. This will open a secret compartment where Mary Jane will find the file she was looking for.

Spider-Man How to solve the enigma of the Temple

One of the most thorny puzzles in the game.

This conundrum is what gave the players the most difficulty. You will come across it in the course of the mission."Hidden Agenda", and you will have to perform a certain series of actions to overcome it and continue in the game plot. As soon as you enter the room, you'll notice a desk with different objects to analyze, including a photo that portrays Martin Li with Aunt May. Before we go any further, however, you will need to find another item. Go to the end of the desk and open the drawer: you will find a notepad with a key inside. Take the key and exit the screen.

You will notice, at this point, the small altar with the photograph, realizing that the picture in question is nothing more than a coverage. Analyzing the wall, you'll find a small hole to insert a key. Insert the key and you will discover the mechanism hidden under the photo. You will find several dials to interact with. Start with the one on the left, turning it until the central piece in the largest circle is exactly at the centre and bottom of that circle. Once this is done, interact with the other knob, moving the other piece up and in the middle of the circle, forming the image of Ying Yang. When you do this, you will notice the presence of a third knob: use it to align the inner circles as well and unlock a door that will lead you to a secret area.

Once you've explored the room, you'll find yourself having to disable two electrical boxes to keep the room from exploding in flames. To do this, find the first box in the back corner, behind the main table where you found the recorder. The second box is in the forward corner, near the exit to the office. Hit both boxes with cobweb bullets until you disable the power in the room, so you can get out safely.

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