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One of the top releases of the month of September is undoubtedly Spider-Man . The famous superhero Marvel is in fact about to land exclusively on Playstation 4 and, according to the first reactions of the critics, it seems that the high expectations for his new adventure have not been disappointed at all. Like any self-respecting action adventure, there will be lots and lots of content and activities to play in the game world. However, one of the stages with which you'll have to learn to familiarise yourself with is undoubtedly combat. There will be many enemies with whom you will have to fight, and everyone can be knocked out with a different strategy. In this guide, we introduce you to the combat system of the PS4 exclusive, giving you all the advice you need to defeat each type of enemy, as well as a list of the advantages brought by the various costumes that your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man can wear.

Spider-Man : general advice on the combat system

As all Spidey fans will surely know, what sets our hero apart is not so much his strength, as his spidey senses and, above all, his innate agility. Precisely for that reason, the fighting could be quite complex to deal with, especially in the early stages of the game, until we learn how to dodge successfully. Avoid enemy attacks, learn how to recognize all the opponent's weaknesses and learning to exploit objects in your surroundings are some of the keys to success in the various confrontations that await you. A further element of advantage will be the perk of the various costumes you may come across in the course of your adventures. There are 26 of them, and each of them will provide you with a special skill that, we are sure, will help you in your goals.

Below is a list of tips that will make life much easier for you, and can be applied to almost any type of enemy.

  • As pointed out earlier, one of the first actions to learn to master is undoubtedly the dodge. Whenever you see an enemy take aim, immediately stop attacking and prepare to avoid the attack. You'd better learn to dodge as soon as possible when you're moving across the cobwebs, too, so you'll become even more unpredictable;
  • Try to "stay in the air"for as long as possible. To do all this in combat, all you have to do is press the SQUARE button to launch an enemy into the air and then follow him with cobwebs and attack him;
  • Know your enemy. Each type of opponent will have different attack patterns: learn them and none of them will worry you anymore;
  • As soon as you see a pop up that asks you to press the L1/R1 keys Press the indicated button without hesitation. In this way, you can throw an object at your opponents, causing them considerable damage. The scenarios are full of objects that you can use, and each of them will give you advantages in combat;
  • Don't forget to use gadgets to Spider-Man eliminate as many enemies as possible;
  • If you shoot the cobwebs at an enemy that is near any surface, the opponent will end up tied to it. At this point, all you have to do is get closer and finish him off as soon as possible;
  • Using a impact blow of your cobweb against an enemy that's close to a surface, you'll knock him out instantly;
  • If there are snipers present in a stage, you should first take care of them and only then take care of the other enemies;
  • As soon as you can, after unlocking the dodging ability, you'd better get the "insta-finisher", which is the one that will allow you to immediately knock out armed enemies even at great distances;
  • Don't rely too much on the TRIANGLE button attack: it doesn't inflict as much damage to enemies and, at the same time, will make you an easy target for mid-range opponent attacks;
  • Don't forget to always use unique skills the costume you're wearing, as soon as it becomes available;
  • When you can do so, always choose to defeat enemies from the rooftops of buildings. In this respect, the Concussion Blast will be a great ally of yours;

Spider-Man how to defeat all the enemies in the game

Always pay attention to all the objects you will find in the various stages, they could be the key to your victory.

As mentioned earlier, you'll have Spider-Man to deal with different types of opponents, and each will have to be defeated using a different tactic. Below, we'll list all the mobs in the game, giving you the directions you need to knock them out as quickly as possible.

  • Normal Enemy: use the attacks you prefer, but don't waste your final moves on them. Use the cobweb shooters to tie them to surfaces and knock them out with shots from above;
  • Enemy with melee weapon: These enemies cannot be hit normally. First you will have to hold down the SQUARE button to make them fly in the air, and only after doing this you will have the chance to hit them;
  • Enemy with shield: To shoot down enemies with shields, use the SQUARED button to attack them, and then press the ARROW button. Acting in this way, you'll slide easily between their legs, allowing them to attack from behind;
  • Enemy with whip: against opponents armed with a whip, your first objective will be to dodge their attacks. Only then can you think about neutralizing them. What you will have to do is to realize a perfect dodge, so as to blind their eyes with your cobwebs. In this way, you can move more easily and knock them out in no time. When they hit you with their whips, try to get as close to them as possible;
  • Brutes: This type of enemy is among the most resistant. To knock out one of them, you will have to hit them at least five times with the bullets of your cobwebshooter or, alternatively, with all the gadgets at your disposal. Ultimately, you can always throw objects at them and hit them until they are stunned;
  • Sable Agents: These enemies will wear heavy armor, so they'll require multiple shots to take them down. You can also use the Concussion Blast to quickly get rid of the armor, making it easier to defeat them;
  • Agents with the jetpack: Use the TRIANGLE button to reduce the distance between you and these enemies, hit them twice and then dodge their attacks. Repeat this procedure until you unlock a Focus attack. At this point, then jump from one to the other by eliminating them;

The best costumes of Spider-Man

Each costume will have different powers, choose your suit carefully.

As pointed out above, in the course of your adventures you will find well 26 costumes for Spider-Man . Each of them will give you a special skill, ensuring a different approach to gameplay. Once unlocked, you'll be able to wear the costumes in question at practically any time. However, there are certain suits that, compared to the others, have significant advantages. Below is a list of the best powers that these costumes can provide you with.

  • Web Blossom: This power will allow you to eliminate at least half of the enemies present in the area by simply pressing a button. With this ability, you can shoot the cobwebs at a huge number of enemies, instantly defeating at least half of them and leaving the remaining part tied to the floor and, therefore, vulnerable. Great for large crowds and combat challenges;
  • Spider-Bro: The power of the Spider Bro Suit will allow you to deploy an electrified drone in the stage, which will be free to move and hit your opponents with electric shocks. It is certainly a very powerful ally, which will also allow you to leave the fight momentarily to take a break and "enjoy the show";
  • Quad Damage: It seriously increases the power of any attack you make. Great for
  • Unrelenting Fury: By activating this power, enemies will not be able to block or stop your attacks, which is very useful when dealing with an area full of different types of enemies;

Spider-Man The best skills to equip

As you will easily notice, each costume will have three slots in which to place the skills you deem most appropriate. There are plenty of them 23 skills to choose from. However, we shall list below those which, in our opinion, are absolutely essential.

  • Gel Padding: reduces the damage caused by melee attacks;
  • Ballistic Inserts: reduces the damage caused by bullets;
  • Threat Sensors: slows down the passage of time after a perfect dodge;
  • Stormbolt Discharger: This ability will give an electric charge to your shots when you go to make attacks in the air. The charge in question will be released when you attack enemies on the ground;

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