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Spider-Man is back and does it in the best possible way. Before you start playing the Insomniac title, you need a few tips to make your life easier in the first few minutes of the game which may be difficult because you won't have so many gadgets available and you won't be strong enough yet.

Spider-Man PS4 Guide - Explore the city

Insomniac has spared no expense to recreate the city of New York, up to the Apple Store in the Grand Central Terminal. Its large scale might be intimidating, but it's worth exploring the city first. Take a look around before you immerse yourself in history.

The city of New York in Spider-Man is littered with towers and lighthouses showing important places, collectibles, activities and crimes nearby. Once these are all activated, you can choose what you'd like to do. As an added bonus, exploring the city in this way gives you lots of extra XP. The missions will send you all over the city during the course of the game, so it's best to take some time and familiarise yourself with each district in advance.

Not only does this increase your XP, but you get tokens for every event you complete throughout the city. These tokens can then be redeemed with new Spidey suits and upgrade your gadgets. Since each token has its own unique ability linked to it, whether it's buff stealth or additional strength, we recommend that you unlock as many of them as possible to get a strong advantage at the start.

Never stand still

Your defense is just as important as your offense in this game. Your acrobatics and flexibility give Spider-Man him a considerable advantage.

If you've played Sunset Overdrive, you'll know how important the movement is. And if you haven't, you'll get a taste of it. Everything from combat to crossing is based on the agility of Spider-Man dodging enemies quickly and slinging from one position to another. You should spend more time in the air than you do on the ground.

There's Spider-Man no typical hand-to-hand combat where you can stand in one place and beat your enemy to the ground until he's on the ground. You never have to stand still in Spider-Man . The most threatening enemies have top quality weapons, and even low-carat thugs can gain an advantage over you with bullets. It's much more important to learn how to dodge than trying to land an enemy in one fell swoop. Jump quickly on one enemy and push them towards another as you launch towards your next target.

Luckily, Insomniac has put in a visual effect to let you know when an enemy is aiming to shoot at you, so you have an ample warning to get out of the way. If a hooligan has put Spider-Man in his sights, a line of sight will appear on the screen, that's the signal you need to move.

If you try to ignore these signals and throw punches left and right, you'll end up lying on your back. Avoid attacks when necessary.

Combo, combo, combo

Among the list of gadgets, skills and moves of Spider-Man , you have at your disposal a lot of combos. Use them! You don't need to master them all, but it's a good idea to play with combos and see what works best for you. Combos are there to help you.

Nothing is more satisfying than finding a combo that seems to be made just for your playing style. With Insomniac's impeccable combat system, you'll be able to survive by sticking to your favourite combos without the need to become a master at everything. Experiment with various combos, even using gadgets, and choose the ones that inspire you the most.

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