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Ubisoft recently published: South Park Righteousness Clashes, the successor to The Stick of Truth. Despite the change of themes, the game maintains a good RPG approach, this time with a greater strategic component than its predecessor. Are you struggling with some trophies? Are you looking for advice on how to platinum the game as quickly as possible? Take a look at our trophy guide to check what you need to complete the Ubisoft title 100%.

South Park : Di-Righteousness Clashes: general advice

Unlike The Stick of Truth, Scontri Di-Righteousness Clashes has no missing trophies, except the one related to the completion of the game at the highest level of difficulty. Technically, therefore, the Ubisoft title can be completed in a single run. If you want to devote as little time as possible to this new South Park , start already setting the difficulty to the maximum, proceed without delay in the main quests and devote yourself to secondary objectives only after the credits. If you want our advice, instead, make a first run to enjoy the game in its dark and politically incorrect, and reserve the second to see what changes in the gameplay are reserved for those who have a "dark skin". Would you like to learn more about the game? Don't hesitate to click on our review of South Park : Righteous Clashes.

Bronze Trophies

Big Shit

Use all the bathrooms of South Park and reach the maximum mastery level in each.

As mentioned in the description, you will have to find all the toilets scattered in the city of South Park and "perform your physiological functions". All, of course, beating the mini games that will appear. The only bathroom that could present you with problems is the one in the recreation center of South Park , which will have to be purified through a special skill acquired during the course of the plot. Here is a video with all the bathrooms present.

No to racism

Put an end to the racism of South Park .

Trophy linked to the story. Impossible to miss.

Orgy of power

Use all your allies' final moves in the game except the Raccoon.

As the description also says, you'll simply have to use the definitive techniques of all the allied characters. A real health walk. Here is a video summary.

The Prophet's Pasta

He's making a paste collage for Moses.

Moses will be the first evocation you will ever possess. The novelty of South Park this second chapter is that the characters in question can only be evoked by consuming objects. Don't worry, it won't be difficult to get the objects to make the paste collage.

Divine Wind

Reach the rooftops of SoDoSoPa lofts by Scrolling and come back down again.

This trophy can be obtained by visiting SoDoSoPa, the area where you will find yourself in the middle of the game. Once you have acquired the power of SoDoSoPa, you will have to use the pinwheel to get to the top of the building and, once you get to the top floor, return to the ground. If you can't find the exact spot, here is an explanatory video.


Foiling Professor Chaos' plans.

Trophy linked to history. Impossible to miss.

Reward a favor

Use an evocation.

Follow the description.

Invasive tumor removal

Defeat cousin Kyle mutant.

Trophy related to history. Impossible to miss.

Diabetic defender

You're defending a helpless child from a drunken madman.

To get this trophy, you'll have to unlock the secondary quest of Stan's father, who will ask you to catch the vandal who scratches his car. You will come across the vandal in question during the first night mission, in the company of Captain Diabetes. You'll have to fight the "drunken fool" several times, the last time you get the trophy.

Ceramic expert

Use a toilet and reach the maximum level of mastery.

It will probably be the first trophy you unlock, emptying your bowels in the first toilet you find: the one at home.

Bare booty

It scratches up all the loot in the homeless camp at SoDoSoPa.

Once you've defeated the homeless people you'll come across in SoDoSopa, you'll notice that there are coins scattered around the camp. Well, to unlock the trophy, you'll need to collect them all. It's not a lot, but some you might not notice. We'll leave you a video to locate them all.

Stop and go

Win with Spacetime Fart: Pause to kill everyone before time starts again.

The Space-time Slider will be the second superpower you get. To unlock this trophy, you'll simply have to win a fight by killing all the enemies by punching them with time locked. The best way to unlock the trophy is to leave only one enemy alive, better if dying, and use the power to finish it.

Dress rehearsal

Find 10 costume parts.

As well as in the previous chapter of South Park , you will find tons of costumes. You'll unlock the trophy before you know it.

Class warfare

Equipped with powers of 2 different classes.

To unlock this trophy you'll have to wait for Eric Cartman, in the role of the Raccoon, to assign you a second class. As the description says, you simply need to equip yourself with the powers of both classes. The trophy will unlock a few seconds after closing the menu.

Toxic environment

Scratch 100 biohazardous objects.

As the term says, you will need to get 100 objects categorized as "Biohazard" (those marked with the Biohazard symbol). Just a few minutes of play time and you'll be ready to play.

Entrepreneurship Shark

Reach the highest economic value of the character card.

When you get Professor Chaos' endorsement, Butters will ask you to join him at the bank. Once there, you will have to measure yourself against a financial operator who will ask you to play a kind of "Wheel of Fortune", where you will have to, through some bonuses, reach a certain total amount of dollars to get up in the category. The trophy will unlock once you reach the "0.01%" category. By the time you become familiar with the bonuses, it will be quite easy to get it.


Reach the highest rank in 1 character card title.

During the course of the game, you'll unlock several challenges that, once completed, will unlock others of a higher rank. Complete a challenge of the highest rank and you will also unlock the trophy in question.


Equipped with powers of 4 different classes.

To get this trophy, just wait for the final lines of the game, in which Dr. Timmy will assign you all the available classes. Again, you only need to equip four skills from four different classes to unlock the trophy. If you encounter any difficulties, follow the video below.


Create an artifact with Power 75 or higher.

To improve the power of you and your team, you'll need to equip yourself with artifacts. Each of these artifacts will have more and more power. All you need to do is create one with 75 power, from one of the many recipes you'll find around, to get the trophy.

Silver Trophies

Farts against freckles

Defeat Morgan Freeman.

Probably one of the toughest trophies in the whole game. You must defeat your mentor, the one who taught you how to tame your super power. You'll find your sensei at Freeman Taco, to start the fight, you just have to raise the handrail and hit Morgan Freeman with two or three punches. Needless to say, it will be the toughest fight of the game. Use your power to blow up his turn when he's about to use area attacks to limit the damage. Tip: keep Captain Diabetes on your team, as he's the only character Morgan Freeman can't take control of.

The bowels of the world

Survive the farts of a future past.

Plot-related trophy. Impossible to miss.


Unlock all the Spacetime Farts from combat.

There is only one Fart that will require the completion of these secondary ones to be obtained. This is the one that guarantees you the chance to get your own clone in battle. To get it, you'll need two bonus ingredients: first, buy the Chocolate Memberito recipe from Freeman Tacos for $30; second, hand out Mrs. Cartman's tickets to receive Double Stuffed Brownies; and finally, after you get the knob at Skeeter's bar, go to the Ricordacini field, located at the top right of the map, to get the Ricordacini juice. Combine these ingredients to unlock the last Fart, use it and you'll get the trophy. Here is an explanatory video.


Produce 10 recipes.

Follow the trophy description. Nothing could be easier.

Death Skirmish

Take twice as much damage to an ally as his maximum PF without dying in combat.

Again, simply heal your ally and avoid dying.


Follow 10 citizens of South Park who follow you in turn.

In the course of your adventure, you will have to shoot selfie with the various people you will meet. The tenth person you follow on Coonstagram will get the trophy.

Last survivor

You get victory with 3 allies on the ground at the end of the fight.

Again, just follow the description to get the trophy.


Wear parts of 3 different costumes at the same time.

As mentioned earlier, there will be many costumes that you will get in the course of your adventure. Use parts of three different costumes to get the trophy.

One step away from death

Use Fart spaz: Glitch to lose the turn and let an enemy die with state effect.

Use all status alterations to get the trophy. With Bleed, Suck and Shock you can, using Fart spaz to blow the opponent's turn, kill the opponent and unlock the trophy.


Kill one enemy by colliding with another.

Some characters have attacks that can throw enemies back. You can also use them to fight one of them against another opponent who has already been injured in order to cause his death, and you'll get the trophy.

Great manipulator

Have an enemy defeated by another confused or hypnotized enemy.

Use Confusion and Hypnosis status alterations (Professor Chaos is equipped with such an attack) so that one enemy defeats another.

Find friends

Acquire and unlock all evocations.

There are few evocations, you just need to unlock them all. Moses will get it through the secondary quests at the church of South Park , Gerald will unlock it by talking to him on the roof of Kenny's house and by satisfying his request, Classy will add himself by solving a main quests, while Jimbo and Ned will be yours simply by completing the quest from Jimbo's wallet. In any case, we leave you with a video attached that will explain everything in detail.

Golden Trophies

Passionate about alternative art

Find all the yaoi artwork.

Probably one of the longest trophies in the game, but far from hard to get. You will simply have to wander through the town of South Park and collect all the yaoi designs that you will find. Some will be attached to the walls, in which case drop them using firecrackers. Here is a video that will tell you the positions of all 40 yaoi in the game.

The Token Experience

Create a black character and complete the game at the highest difficulty level.

Here's the toughest trophy in the game. At the beginning of the game, when you have to create your character, set the highest level of difficulty, which will make the protagonist in color. Then, set the highest level of challenge in the fighting. Do it from the settings, before the game even asks you to do so, because otherwise you might not recognize the trophy.

Arcane Power

Acquire and equip yourself with the products up to 600 Power.

Level after level, you can equip more and more artifacts. Try to get the recipes to make those with a power value of 100 or more, and there should be no problem whatsoever.

Elite character card

Reach the highest rank in 5 character card titles.

As mentioned before, you'll have to fulfill the requirements of at least five challenges of the highest degree. Nothing impossible: you'll probably succeed even if you just keep going with the plot.

Platinum trophy

More powerful than you think

Get all the trophies from ™ South Park Righteousness Clashes™.

As always, you only need to get all the other trophies to unlock platinum. I'm sure you'll understand that it's nothing too demanding.

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