Sonic Adventure - Sega Dreamcast cheats and codes

Sonic adventure it's a action platform video gameand developed by Sonic Team and published in 1998 by SEGA for the console Sega Dreamcast in Japan.

In North America, Australia and

in Europe the game was released the following year. Sonic Adventure is the 6th main title in the series and the first entirely in 3D. It is also the first in which more than three playable characters can be selected. The story is the following: centuries ago the Gods gave the planet 7 Emeralds of Chaos, i Chaos Emerald, source of enormous power.
Soon a war broke out to get the Emeralds and their powers, which angered the Gods, who created a single Master Emerald capable of controlling and neutralizing the Chaos Emeralds. A guardian spirit was placed to control the Master Emerald, but disappeared after a tribe of Echidna tried to steal the Chaos Emeralds, while destroying the sanctuary where they were kept.

Using Tails, go to any place where there is grass and look for a dark green weed. Hit it with the tail and if you're lucky, an extra ring or life will appear.

To kill a Chao, hit it 7 times. After a large egg has appeared on it for 30 seconds, the Chao will die.

To change the view in the Twinkle Park Race, press UP to toggle between inside, outside and distant views.

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