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If you are already intent on exploring the frozen wastes of the new God of War You will surely have noticed how much this chapter presents quite a few novelties compared to its illustrious predecessors. One of the new elements that will surely jump out at once is the presence of an virtual currencycall Silver. But don't worry: there's not the slightest shadow of microtransactions! The money in question will be used to buy new weapons and armour, to create new ones or to upgrade those you already have. You won't have any difficulty in finding Silver during your adventure, but it goes without saying that the more money you have in your possession, the more possibilities you will have of develop the arsenal and equipment at your disposal. In this guide, we will tell you how to accumulate as much Silver as possible in the shortest possible time.

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God of War How to earn money quickly

After years of success, he also God of War decided to innovate its gameplayfishing even from the most common mechanics of his "colleagues". The possibility to find a virtual currency to spend is in fact an element common to most videogames on the market. As we have pointed out before, Silver will be essential for a whole series of activities that concern in first person your equipment. Although it is not at all difficult to get the currency in question, it is always useful to try to possess as much of it as possible, so that we can use it without restrictions when we have to upgrade our weapons and armor. As many may have already guessed, you can get hold of various amounts of Silver in different ways.

Below is a list of all the tips you need to keep in mind to be able to accumulate as much currency as possible as to preclude any purchase.

Go in search of loot to collect

A good amount of Silver can be found during your explorations in God of War . In the course of your adventure, you will be able to accumulate money destroying the pots which I'm sure you'll notice, or finding the various Chests. Although the amounts of Silver found in this way are quite modest, they will still add up to the currency you will get simply by progressing in the plot.

Precisely for this reason, you'd do well to patrol every corner of the various areas you'll find yourself crossing, looking for crates, vases and collecting all the objects that a boss will leave as spoils after he's defeated. All these activities will pay off when you have to buy new pieces of equipment, or when you have to upgrade it.

Sell the artifacts

Another way to earn a lot of Silver is to sell the artifacts that you'll find during the game. The artifacts are collectible objects present in God of War the game, which go to expand and deepen the lore of the game. The artifacts can also be sold to Brok and Sindrithe two dwarf merchants, for a good amount of money, obviously depending on the type of Artifact taken into consideration.

Precisely for this reason, you'd do well to make sure you've collected all available items within a given area. A thorough exploration is the only sure way to be sure you have found every available Artifact in the area in question, and consequently get as much Silver as possible. If you are looking for a way to locate all the Artifacts, take a look at the relevant guide, which you will find the link at the beginning of this article.

Sell all the old equipment and weapons.

As an old saying goes: "Out with the old and in with the new", and you God of War must take this motto literally. In this new Kratos adventure, the Phantom of Sparta can get rid of unwanted weapons, armor and equipment, selling them at the shops of Brok and Sindri. The two dwarf merchants will pay a fair amount of money for our second-hand goods; for this very reason, do not hesitate and sell everything you do not need. On the other hand, you know that when you are on an adventure, you have to travel light.

In case you sell something by mistake, or if you simply change your mind about something you sold, don't worry: you can always buy back all the parts of your equipment.even if you spend a slightly higher price than the one you sold it for. Selling unwanted armor and equipment will not only lighten the weight you carry, but will also help you earn silver much faster.

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