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Cube Escape is a series of puzzle/graphic adventure video games developed by Rusty Lake. Born as free flash games to play with your PC, they have had a huge success so much that they have seen the creation of mobile device versions iOS and Android.

The various episodes Cube Escape are characterized by a surreal and bizarre atmosphere. Solving the proposed puzzles is not easy because often the logic is completely distorted by the surreal context of the game. With this complete solution of all episodes we Cube Escape want to make your life easier by keeping your brains from getting too hot and bothered.

Solution Cube Escape : Seasons

You will start with the game section of Spring dated 1964

First, click on the chest of drawers to collect the matchbook and a teaspoon inside the various drawers.Open the tent and take a cutout of snatched picture. Click on the switch on the left and interact with the chandelier at the top to find the second one. piece of the picture. Open the drawer under the sink and get the birdfeed, the pot and a log.

Light the candle above the fireplace and watch the post-its on the bulletin board. Put the wooden log in the fireplace and light the fire with matches. Now approach the radio and on its side you will find the third one. photo clipping.
Give the bird food to the bird (you have to put the food in the container in the cage), then click on the bird for it to eat and then collect the food egg. Put the pot in the kitchen sink and fill it with water. Put the pot on the stove and put the egg in. Turn the second knob from the left and turn on the gas with matches. Take the egg with the spoon.

You have to put the egg in the cozy cozy and use the spoon to break it.
Inside you'll find a strange black cube. Put the cube in the wall above the fireplace, pull the picture down and insert the 3 cutouts of the photo. Now all you have to do is click on the picture several times to finish the spring level.

You switched to the Estate ...from 1971.

Start by clicking on the chest of drawers to get the matchbook and a screwdriver by opening the various drawers.On the coffee table there is also a binoculars Take him. Clicking on the vase will release a hand, keep clicking, the hand will retract and leave you a photo clipping. The second clipping you'll find it on the side of the pendulum clock. Turn on the light in the room with the window and take the key from the chandelier on the ceiling.
Open the window blinds and use the binoculars to look at the moon, zoom in to see a murder and the code 1487.

Click on the fireplace and light the candle with matches. Take the cassette which is to the left of the candle. Use the key to open the drawer under the radio.
Enter the code 1487 to open the safe and collect the live shrimp. Pick up the plug above the radio and put it in the lamp wire on the left. Use the screwdriver to make it work. Plug it into the socket on the radio and turn on the light.

Now go into the room with the curtain, turn off the light go back to the lamp and turn it on and take the third partyphoto clipping. Turn the light back on.
Put the cassette in the radio, turn it on and after a while turn it off and you will be able to collect the entangled tape. Go back to the first screen and take the fourth photo cutout on the floor to the left of the dresser.

Put all the clippings from the picture in the picture above the fireplace. Now use the screwdriver to open the oven, put the live shrimp inside and light the oven with matches.
Close the oven and open it again to see a picture.
Click on it several times to get the black cube. Put the cube in the panel on the chimney. Throw the tangled ribbon into the fireplace and set the fire with matches, click on the picture and you will finish the summer chapter.

Now we've come to Autumn 1971.

Click on the usual chest of drawers to get an bloody knife.Collect a photo clipping on the sink. Pick up the second photo cutout on the bulletin board in the fireplace room. Now click on the TV, you must turn it on by pressing the button at the bottom right. You must click on the channels in the following taste order:

  • Channel 3
  • Channel 6
  • Channel 1
  • Channel 2
  • Channel 4
  • Channel 5
  • Channel 3
  • Channel 2
  • Channel 5
  • Channel 4

Take the usual black cube.

Interact with the chandelier at the top until you drop the third photo cutout. Use the knife to kill the little bird and take the 4 photo cutout. Put, as usual, the pictures in the picture above the fireplace.

We've arrived at the last season, Winter.

Interact again with the chest of drawers to get the matchbook and the axe. Use the axe to break the cube. planks on the window and take aaxis. Break the glass too. Now go to the sink and get the glass which is on the shelf of the same.
Take a photo clipping between the paintings and look at the timetables. Take the scutout behind the oven. The third clipping is located near the wall tank that looks like a lamp.

Put the plank in the fireplace and light the fire with matches. Light the candle too. Take the fourth cutout of the photo next to the wall tank in this room.

Go to the radio and look for the frequency that works to tell you the time: 13:10. Put this time in the pendulum clock. Open the clock and take the blue cube.
The time has come to put the cutouts of the photo in the picture above the fireplace. Then put the cube and click on the picture.

Now we'll have to solve the riddles by doing back and forth.

Go back to in 1964 interacting with the picture and put the time stamp 9:05. Open the clock and collect the hanger, the key and the trowel. Use the trowel to remove the flower from the vase.
Use the key to open the locker under the radio and open the safe there with the code: 1487 and collect a seed inside.
Put the seed in the jar, put the hanger on the radio using it as an antenna, look for the right frequency and you will have a 'other key.

Use the key to open the birdcage. Take the pot of water and throw it in the fireplace to put out the fire. Pick up the piece of wood and use it to open the window, so the bird will fly away.

Go now to the summer 1971 and enter the time 3:55. Take the wrench and unscrew the tube on the side of the oven.

Go now to the autumn 1971 and enter the time 11:25 and collect the matches. Use the matches in the pipe you unscrewed in the past. Having followed this solution to the letter, you should have lit all the candles on the chimney in the various eras, so, coming back in 1981, you should be able to collect the matches. prozac which is in place of the worn candle.

Collect a cactus fruit out of the clay pot.Take the mushroom on the floor in the pipe we unscrewed. Use the radio and connect to the music station. Go to the broken window and the little bird will hand you a flowerTake him. Put the cactus fruit in the blender, turn it on to blend. Use the glass to take the juice.

Put the juice in the tank in the fireplace room and click on the lever.
Now fill the glass with water and put the water and the flower in the blender. Turn on the blender to blend everything. Take the shakeget it and put it in the tank in the same room as you and pull the lever.

Put the prozac and water in the blender and then pour everything into the glass, put the result in the tank of the room with the window. Pull the lever.

Make a smoothie with mushroom and water and put the liquid in the tank in the clock room. Pull the lever. Now the main machinery with the  lightsBack in 1964. Answer the phone and, after a beam of light breaks the glass of the clock, interact with all the objects of the scenario you see (phone, chest of drawers, clock) to make them disappear. Then click on the dot, the tree and the image of the woman. Congratulations, you have finished Cube Escape : Seasons.

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