Skyrim - Where to Find Daedra's Hearts! Locations

I daren't even imagine how desperately you've been searching for one or more of Daedra's hearts to forge your fabulous daedra armor! Well, your desperate search is over, we took care of it! Below is a list of all the locations where you can find one of the rarest elements of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

- You can certainly find it for sale at some alchemists. There are only two in all of Skyrim, I found them from the alchemist in Riften and the one in Falkreath, but I cannot guarantee that it is the same for you.

- You can retrieve hearts of daedra during a daedra quest: Fragments of the Past.

- You'll find a heart of daedra in Sinderion's lab in Blackreach...

- In the ruins of Saarthal, in the spectral room, there is a heart of daedra hidden in an apothecary's bag

- In the house you can buy in Whiterun, next to the alchemical laboratory there is an apothecary's bag with two daedra hearts that regenerate every now and then.

- In Jorrvasaskr, under the table where Kodlak will receive you, there is a beautiful heart of daedra that regenerates itself every beginning of the month and can be taken without a theft report. In Kodlak's room, however, there should be another one, out if you get caught taking it, you're toast!

- Remember, every time you defeat a Hagraven, to check the corpse, there is always a good chance that they have at least one on them.

- Another heart of daedra can be found in Stendarr's house of Vigilantes.

- Babette, a member of the obscure fraternity, sells one that regenerates itself one-time.

- At Driftshade's hut, you can find one in an apothecary's bag placed on a shelf

- In Nchuand Zel you'll find one in the apothecary's bag behind a gate.

- Enthir at Winterhold Academy sells two.

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