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It is at the very beginning of our adventure Skyrim that we are asked to make a difficult decision! We will, in fact, be forced to choose whether to join the ranks of the Imperial Legion or to side with the Stormcloak.
If you're here and reading this, you've certainly decided to join the rebels, so your adventure begins in the direction of Whindelm.

Go inside and Whindelm go to the King's Palace and talk to Galmar Rock Fist. He will give you a test to pass in order to prove your worth and become part of the Storm Cloak.


Galmar will tell you to go northeast of Winterhold Academy, where the island of Serpentstone is located, to kill an Ice Wraith.

If you haven't already found the location, watch out for Hackers on the way. When you get there, kill the specter near the stone and return to Galmar.
Upon your return you will find Galmar talking to Ulfric about a Hooked Crown. Tell him your results and he'll ask if you're ready to take the oath.
Take the oath and you will receive the Stormcloak Armor:
- Leather helmet
- Stormcloak Armour
- Leather gloves
- Furry boots.


You will have to help Galmar Rocky Fist to recover the Hooked Crown from the ruins of Korvanjud.

Go to Korvanjund and you will find Galmar and 4 other soldiers waiting for you, talk to him and you will discover that there are imperial soldiers camped in the ruins, you have to kill them and then enter the temple.
When you enter the temple, you'll arrive in a room that smells like an ambush, so Galmar will ask you to find an alternative passage to avoid it. Climb up the stairs and continue along the small bridge, you will see the Stormcloak attacking the emperors. Going down you will find the LAST DANCE OF LORD JORNIBRET book ( increase light armor )
When you arrive at the halls of Korvanjund, you will find yourself in front of a closed door in which you must insert a dragon's claw to open it! On the ground you will find an ebony dragon claw, from the menu zummate objects on the claw and you will find the right combination of rings to open the door (wolf dragon bird).
Upon entering, you'll find a closed gate. You'll have to open it. Go to the right, go uphill through a passage, and you will arrive at a small place with a trunk, near an urn you will find the handle that will open the gate. Attention, activating the handle will awaken a Draugr, kill him and continue to the room with the throne, approaching the Lord of Death Draugr who is sitting there will revive together with two draugr whippers, kill them and plunder the Lord of Death Draugr to recover the Hooked Crown.
Continuing beyond the throne you will find the word SAND of the scream SLOW TIME.
Leave the temple and return to Whindelm to give the crown to Ulfric.


You must deliver a message to the Jarl of Whiterun, Ulfric's Axe, to find out who Whiterun will side with.

Go to Whiterun and go to the Jarl, hand over the axe and wait for his answer. The Earl, after talking to his advisors, will return the axe to you and tell you to take it back to Ulfric, making you understand that his intentions are to side with the Imperial Legion. Return to Whindelm, report to Ulfric and await further orders.


Ulfric will order you to join Galmar in the Whiterun hold. You will have to go to the camp near Whiterun - it will not be possible to travel quickly to Whiterun because the city will momentarily disappear from the map.

When you get to the camp you will realize that the siege has already begun, approach Galmar, listen to his speech and then run to conquer the city. You will have to break through the barricades, with simple blows to the barricades, then open the drawbridge, and lower the winches. Once the gate is lowered, the stormtroopers will enter. And that's when the good part comes, you'll have to force Balgruuf to surrender. Once inside the city, be careful not to attack the citizens because it's always a crime. Then fight the legionnaires through the districts until you reach Dragonsreach. Enter and you will find the Jarl with his bodyguards, defeat the guards, subdue the Jarl and accept his surrender. At this point, Vignar Gray-Mane, after a little argument, will take the Earl's place. Return to Ulfric, tell him what happened and he will reward you with the Burning Ebony Sword.


This quest - pardon the pun! - is a set of subquests that aim to conquer the cities under the control of the emperors.


Ulfric will tell you to find the Falkreath camp and clear the fief.

Go to the camp and talk to Galmar, he'll tell you that some of his boys have been imprisoned in the nearby Neugrand Fort, you'll have to meet some explorers nearby to break into the fort, free the Stormcloak and conquer the fort.

Go to the men near the fort and talk to Ralof, he will point you to a lake that hides an underwater entrance to the prison, through which you can infiltrate the fort.
Infiltrate the fort without being seen, because if you are seen you will have to fight and conquer the fort yourself!
Enter the lake, pass through the secret passage and arrive in the cave, kill the two imperial soldiers, plunder them and recover the key to the cells and free the prisoners.
At this point, together with your comrades, you must conquer the fort up from the dungeon. Kill the soldiers you find along the way and go out into the courtyard of the fort where you will meet Ralof and the others.
Report to Ralof who will tell you to go to Ulfric and report the conquest.
Return, then, from Ulfric to Whindelm and you will be rewarded with the chance to buy a house for 12,000 gold coins and an Ebony Sword.


After the success of the previous quest, Ulfric will tell you that he needs your help at the storm cloak camp in The Reach. You'll have to go to the camp to talk to Galmar and he'll tell you to go to Markarth and do a quest for him.


You will have to go to the Understone Fortress in Markarth, enter Raerek's room, steal Talos' talisman from his chest of drawers and then blackmail him. Raerek will give you information about a shipment of weapons and coins bound for Solitude.

Once you have the information you will have to go back to Galmar to tell him, he will tell you to join the explorers along the road to Solitude.

You will find them Ralof with other men. Talk to him and he will explain his plan; eliminate the sentry with a barrage of arrows thrown at the same time, place his men on the hill while you take control of the caravan, kill the remaining legionnaires and then report to Ralof.
Go back to Reach's camp, talk to Galmar, tell him you've finished the job and you'll get 1000 gold coins as a reward. After he has rewarded you, he will ask you to go to Fort Sungard to fight alongside the Stormcloak.


You will need to go to Fort Sungrad, join the storm troopers, defeat the various archers, and make your way through the barricades before the quest is completed.

After that, return to Ulfric, who will reward you with a Glass Shield.


Head to the Stormcloak camp in Hjaalmarch to talk to Gamlar and receive orders for your new quest.


Your task will be to intercept an imperial messenger in the area between Dragon Bridge and Roriksted.

To activate the quest indicator you will have to go to the Four Shields tavern in Ponte del Drago or to the Locanda del Frutto Gelato in Roriksted, talk to the respective innkeepers, who will inform you that the messenger is on his way and should arrive shortly, only after a suitable work of persuasion or intimidation. At this point once the quest indicator is active, find the messenger, kill him, take his documents and bring them back to Galmar who will give you in exchange other forged documents to deliver to the legate Taurinus Duilis in Morthal.
Once in Morthal you will find the legacy of the Higlmoon Hall, hand over the forged documents and return to Galmar to receive 1000 gold coins as a reward.


Galmar will ask you to help him take Fort Snowhawk from enemy hands, you'll have to join the other storm cloaks south of the fort.

Once you get to the fort, kill the legionnaires (the count of the remaining enemies will be continuously updated) and return to Ulfric who will reward you with a Glass Armour. He will also tell you 'to go to the camp of Haafingar to talk to Galmar and will also give you the official set Stormcloak (armor helmet boots)


Make your way from Galmar to Haafingar who will ask for your help again to free Fort Hraggstad.

You must rejoin the other storm cloaks, kill all the legionnaires and then return from Galmar to the encampment. At this point, he will ask you to conquer Solitude.


Join Ulfric outside the city walls to launch the final attack on the Imperials.

After Ulfric's speech, enter the city, kill the emperors you find on your way to Castel Dour. Upon entering Castle Dour you will find General Tullius and Legate Rikke waiting for you. Fight the general until he surrenders, then Ulfric will ask you to execute him with the vampire's ebony sword that he will deliver to you. Kill Tullius with the sword given to you and then you can keep it for yourself.
Congratulations you are the hero of Skyrim !

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