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Skylanders' novice player? Parents confused by your son's seemingly insane demands? With this FAQ article we try to solve your main doubts about Skylanders: Superchargers. You can also find a lot of information in our review.

Is the game the same for any console you buy it?
No. The PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions offer the complete experience, i.e. the complete adventure as in the previous chapters, with plot to be carried out both "on foot" and with the means, and the whole part of racing by car.
The Wii (the previous Nintendo console) and 3ds versions, on the other hand, offer only the Racing part, and not the main adventure. It is no coincidence that these two editions are called Skylanders Superchargers Racing, to indicate that there is only the racing part, and not the full adventure!

With the Starter Pack alone can I complete the game, or am I stuck somewhere?
The Starter Pack, whatever chapter and version of the game it is, is enough to complete the adventure and the main storyline without any constraints. In each chapter there are, however, areas accessible only under specific conditions, buying specific characters, or means in the case of Superchargers.

If you want to learn more about the content, what do I have to buy, minimum, to have access to all areas of Skylanders: Superchargers

During the levels, the only portals inhibited only to the content of the Starter Pack, are two paths of the three available. If in your Starter Pack there was a land vehicle, you have to buy one of air and one of water, to be able to face all three courses.

If I wanted to see everything, but just everything, what Superchargers has to offer, what should I do?

In the game there is a series of missions accessible only having a pilot and his personal vehicle. If you want to tackle them all, you need to buy the whole new collection of characters (or borrow them), consisting of twenty vehicles and as many pilots. In addition to the game, you can understand what vehicles are available, and the pilots who drive them, thanks to a poster in the box.

Are there still elemental doors to open with specific Skylanders?
In the game there are specific areas for means of certain elements, from which to launch exclusive dedicated missions, which reward in terms of experience, game currency and "gears" to enhance the means themselves. They are tests of skill, some of which are also very difficult, totally optional and disconnected from the adventure.

What are the new Superchargers characters doing?
They can be used like any other previous Skylander, but they are the only ones that, if placed on a medium, allow to modify it

Can any Skylander Supercharger modify any means?

Yes, but only by using a Skylander together with your specific vehicle, you instantly unlock a themed customization, and you'll skill the supercharge, which makes the vehicle more effective in game and aesthetically customized with the style of its pilot.

Are there better customization components than others?
The components are balanced against each other. Some are geared towards damage resistance, others towards acceleration or top speed, others towards weight reduction or manoeuvrability. There is no better configuration than others: how to combine the various pieces, thus finding the best layout for certain courses, is up to the player.

Do the races only take place in the context of the adventure mode?

No. The adventure mode includes driving phases, but the actual races, although they can also be started from the Academy of Skylanders, are practically a separate game, and can be organized and played directly from the main menu, without entering the story.

What are the trophies present respectively in the Dark Edition, in the set dedicated to the character Dill Dive Gill Grunt and in the very recent set of Astroblast?
The trophies mentioned, along with others of future release, are objects to be placed on the portal (and not in the trap slot), divided by type of stroke (land, air and water). Each of these allows you to unlock two paths for each type of movement, and to face new race modes. These include the capture of some of the most famous bosses in the series. Once defeated, these Bosses are trapped in the trophy, and you can use them as real drivers. There are four captureable bosses for each race mode.
The trophy with the features of Kaos, which only allows you to use Kaos and your car for normal races, for now is available only in the Dark Edition. The trophy in the kit dedicated to Dill Dive Gill Grunt is the Sea Trophy, which allows you to face and capture four bosses including the Golden Queen of Trap Team and use them as drivers, and unlocks two aquatic tracks. The trophy in the Astroblast set is the Aria one, it unlocks two flying tracks and four bosses to capture. The same goes for the Terra trophy, which is still being released as we write: it will unlock two ground courses and four more bosses to capture.

If I only had one machine in each category between land, air and water, could I play two on the same console, or do I need two machines?
When you play the adventure in the cooperative, the vehicle is driven by one player, while the weapons are managed by the other. So you only need one vehicle. In the case of the It is possible to play in two even with only one vehicle. It is simply duplicated for both players

What do I get for winning the races?
Money to upgrade the Skylanders, washers to improve the vehicles, but also components for customization. We were reviewing a component, but we had already unlocked it in another way. At the time of writing, it's still not clear if it's a bug, or if it could happen.

How does the level of the Master of Portals rise in this last game?
Playing and tackling increasingly difficult missions and participating in as many in-game activities as possible. To reach very high levels, you will need some purchases to access all the available games. In the game the conditions and methods of completion are well explained. It is, however, a more meritocratic and skill-based system than previous chapters.

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