Skies of Arcadia - Sega Dreamcast cheats and codes

Skies of Arcadia it's a role-playing video game published in 2000 by SEGA for the home console Sega Dreamcast.

History tells how the world, in the past, was divided into six kingdoms, each of which referred to the six moons present in the sky. The technological level of civilization advanced to such an extent that real weapons of mass destruction were developed: the giants Gigas. They were controlled by the power of the Moon Crystals, the so-called Moon Crystals. The gigas brought death and destruction and the most technologically advanced kingdom used the Rain of Destruction, which stopped the conflicts but brought the entire planet to ruin.
The Gigas and the Moon Crystals were thus sealed and hidden, in such a way as to prevent such a tragedy from happening again in the future. After years and centuries, Arcadia is now a world made up of floating islands in a vast blue sky, plowed by flying ships and legends of immense treasures.

In Skies of Arcadia the protagonist is Vyse, a young pirate belonging to the Blue Rogues, pirates who attack only ships larger than their own and who have their own moral code. Vyse, helped by her friend Aika, saves a girl named Fina, who is on her way to the world of Arcadia with a very specific task. Only by playing can this very important task be discovered.

Insert the Skies of Arcadia CD into your CD player and hear the game characters exclaim: “Hey! you can't save the world from a cd player! now put this back in a Dreamcast right now! ".

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