Shovel Knight - Nintendo 3DS cheats

Shovel Knight is a genre video game 2D horizontal scrolling platformer with 8-bit graphics developed by Yacht Club Games and published by the same indie software house for Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Sony PlayStation 3 and 4 and Microsoft Windows.

Funded on the platformKickstarter, the game in terms of mechanics is inspired by the famous Mega Man saga but boasts elements that recall other series such as The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania and DuckTales. From the latter game, Shovel Knight borrows the combat system which is based on blows from above. Shovel Knight, just like Uncle Scrooge in DuckTales, can fall from above and damage enemies or destroy blocks that obstruct the passage to certain areas.
The shovel of our knight, in addition to destroying the blocks, can help him in unearthing treasures, breaking through walls, opening treasures, moving objects and hitting the numerous enemies present in the various levels. In the game there are various relics, objects that can be used in exchange for a certain amount of magic points. Many of Shovel Knight's levels end with an end-of-level boss fight. In each stage it is also possible to collect gold, defeating enemies, finding treasures and collecting them sheet music of the bard.


Start a new file and name it with one of the names you find below. The game will tell you that you have found a code and will warn you that using it will disable some “Feats” for that profile. it will then ask you if you want to continue. After selecting “Yes”, you can enter the desired name.

TRGSVPPW - Shovel Knight large
TVSVUEIO - Shovel Knight big, invincible and changes color

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