Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Get Hearts and Minds Trophy

Shadow of the Tomb Raider has gone out on his own for one day, but the completists and trophy hunters are already setting to work. To platinum the last chapter of the reboot series, you need to get a trophy called Hearts and Minds. It's not a difficult trophy to get, but it can be boring as it requires you to complete two fairly long side quests.

The side quests to be completed to obtain the Hearts and Minds trophy are entitled: Retrieve the king's horn and retrieve the Savior's amulet. In this guide we explain step by step the objectives to complete in order to complete both quests and unlock the Body and Soul trophy.

How to get the Hearts and Minds trophy

Complete Side Quest: Retrieve the King's Horn

Retrieve the King's Horn is a secondary mission of Shadow of the Tomb Raider and the first that allows you to unlock the Hearts and Minds trophy. This procedure shows how to complete this mission.

Where do you unlock the quest: Paititi
Who do you have to talk to to activate it: Ushu
Requirement: Talk to an NPC after the escape sequence at Patiti
Reward: Mission Unlocking Retrieve the Amulet of the Savior

After you get the Silver Snake artifact in the main story (you can't miss it) you will have to complete an escape sequence. Once done, you will find yourself back on the streets of Paititi. Talk to the old lady you'll see right at the end of the sequence and she'll tell you about some discussions she overheard. This will mark the location of this secondary mission on your map. In the picture below you can see the lady who will unlock the target on your map.

After the escape sequence in the main mission, talk to this woman.

The location on the map will lead you to the cave where Jonah is being held. The guard who is guarding him is the one who will give you the mission, Ushu.

Objective - Talk to Kabil / go to market

Ushu will tell you about three items necessary for the coronation of Urumatu's son. Two of these have already been sent by his men, however there is a problem with the king's horn, since Kabil, according to Ushu, is a difficult person to talk to. Head to Kabil's house to find out that Kabil's wife is sick, due to the poisoning of their fields by the cult.

Kabil also tells you about his son Cualli, who was sent to the market to get herbs to cure his wife. Go to the market, but Cualli will be captured by the guards for stealing the herbs.

Goals - Locate Cualli / Talk to Yamil

You'll find Cualli in a cell with a guard watching him. The guard will tell you his opinion of the children in Paititi and will mention Yamil as the worst of them. Search and talk to this Yamil.

Goals - Retrieve the knife / Return the knife to Yamil / Release Cualli

Yamil will tell you that the guard threw his father's knife off a cliff and that he can't reach it. Go get the knife by climbing the ledge near Yamil. In return, Yamil distracts the guard and Lara can release Cualli from his captivity.

Goals - Return to Kabil / Return to Unuratu's lair with the King's Horn

After your return to Kabil you will be guaranteed the king's horn. Return to Ushu to complete the mission. There is one problem, though. You're the only one who returned the coronation item to Urumatu's son, and the other two haven't even touched it. Lara offers to search for the others, starting with a young man who was supposed to retrieve the Savior's amulet. The search to find the king's horn is over, but at the same time the search for the recovery of the second object begins.

Complete Side Quest: Retrieve the Savior Amulet

Retrieve the Amulet of the Savior is a secondary mission of Shadow of the Tomb Raider and is the second and final quest to unlock the Hearts and Minds trophy This procedure shows how to complete this mission.

Where to get the quest: Paititi
Who gives the quest: Ushu
Requirement: Complete the side quest Recover the king's horn
Reward: bronze trophy Hearts and Minds

Retrieve the amulet of the Savior

After you find the King's Horn you will be granted the second part of the secondary mission. This time you'll have to retrieve an amulet from a boy whose name should be Quenti, but who hasn't returned yet.

Goals: find the white tree / climb the cliff / enter the cave

The target marks the entrance to be reached by climbing a white tree.

You will be shown the entrance to a cave at the top of the cliff near a white tree. Head towards the location indicated on the map and climb the white tree there.

You have to climb this tree

Continue on the only path until you reach the entrance to the cave, you can also pick up some collectables along the way.

Goals - Search for and reach the remains of Manko / Retrieve proof that Manko has been found

In the cave you must first avoid some rather obvious traps that will glow red when you use your survival instinct. Once you reach a bridge right in front of your target, it will collapse. Lara will fall into the water and you will have to complete some swimming sections in order to proceed.

You'll find yourself swimming from room to room, right to left in the cave. In each room you will have to activate a lever to raise the water level in the cave. In the third and last room you will first have to break down a wooden barricade with your rope and once the water level is raised, the door you come from will close. To leave the room, come out through a hole in the ceiling.

Once all three levers are activated, the cave will be full enough to reach the remains of Manko, which are what you were looking for: there you will find the Amulet of Savior.

Go back to Unuratu's hideout with the Amulet of the Savior.

Once you return the Amulet to Ushu, you will have completed the mission and finally unlock the bronze trophy Hearts and Minds.

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