Shadow of the Colossus How to Upgrade Health and Stamina

Shadow of the Colossus he's back! The remake of Fumito Ueda's masterpiece has polished the epic adventure of Wander, the young knight in search of sixteen giants, creatures as tall as mountains. According to legend, if he can bring them down with the help of a sword and a bow, he will have the opportunity to bring back to life his beloved Mono, who rests in the Sacrarium of Worship.

Although it's a remake, the game keeps the mechanics of the original intact and doesn't lose any of its characteristic features. In Shadow of the Colossus , there are two factors to consider when riding Wander's faithful Agro through the wastelands of the game world: health and stamina. Health regenerates if you don't get hit or fall from great heights for a certain period of time, but at first it will be really low.

Same thing can be said about stamina, which allows Wander to cling to protrusions and especially to giants. To climb such tall creatures, the protagonist must hold on tightly, but the stamina is not infinite. Increasing the stamina is crucial so that you don't risk running out when you have few points to rest and regain strength.

To increase health and stamina you need to collect fruits and tails of lizards respectively. Here is a guide to increase these two parameters in Shadow of the Colossus .

As in the original, the two parameters to keep under control will be the health bar and grip, i.e. resistance when you're clinging to an overhang.

Help Shadow of the Colossus : health and stamina

How to increase health

Health and stamina increase after each colossus is destroyed. There is a limit beyond which you cannot go (reaching it will unlock a trophy - Intrepid Mortal). To reach the maximum limit of the health bar, before killing all the giants, just take detours to look for the right items.

Health can be increased by eating fruits that are harvested from various large trees scattered around the game world. To get a fruit, simply hit it with an arrow and collect it using the Grab button (R2). The health indicator can be extended to the middle of the screen. In all, the game contains 33 fruit trees, each tree can contain from 2 to 6 fruits.

Trees can be found more easily by consulting the updated map with their location. Defeating 10 giants in difficult time attack mode gives you a map of fruit trees* (see note below). After finding a tree and harvesting its fruit, it disappears from the map, making the search for the rest much easier.

To make the task easier for you, here is the map that marks all the fruits in the game:

Follow the map to find all the fruits that will increase your health.

How to increase stamina or stamina

Your stamina is an important attribute, perhaps the most important of all. In fact, the real feat of Shadow of the Colossus , which is also the core of the game, is not to avoid being hit by the giants, against which you engage in fights that have nothing to do with the boss fights that we all know, but to be able to understand how to get up there and how to stay attached.

That's where the stamina comes into play. If we don't want to fall from hundreds of meters of height or to redo the path from legs to the head of a colossus, we have to increase the stamina. To do so, we need to find lizards with queues from accessing the New Game + mode, which can be activated by loading the saved game. Unfortunately, the difficulty level of New Game + mode will be equal to the difficulty of the chosen save (easy / normal / difficult), which means that you only get access to challenges from the difficulty level specified in the previous run.

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