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Shadow of the Colossus A few beginner tips

Before diving into the heart of the guide Shadow of the Colossus , it is important to be aware that your sword will be the best ally you can count on. We are not just talking about the damage you will inflict, but the fact that the light reflected from your weapon will be the only way to detect the weaknesses of the various Colossi. Precisely for this reason, before rushing headlong into the action, it's a good thing to figure out where to hit and how to get to the area to stab.

Pay close attention to both the life bar and the stamina bar. The climbs of the various Colossi will never be easy, but the bosses will do everything they can to shake off your annoying presence. Try, therefore, to understand when it is time to grab the Colossus with all your strength and when, instead, it is appropriate to "pull your breath". Otherwise, you will be forced to repeat the climb.

Another little premise. This guide is valid for "normal" difficulty fights. In case you are facing the "Difficult" difficulty game, the bosses in question will have more weak points to detect and pierce.

Colossus #1: Valus

Here's the first boss of Shadow of the Colossus . It's a huge creature that looks vaguely like a Minotaur. Of course, since it's the first boss fight, it will also be a bit of a tutorial for you. First, you'll need to draw the attention of the titan by shooting arrows. Once he turns around, and once you're within his range, the giant will hit you with his club. Dodge the shot and climb on his left leg - that's where you'll find the first weak spot. After a couple of well-aimed shots, you will have to climb the Colossus' back up to his head.

If you are short of stamina, rest on the platforms on the back of Valus. The second weak point will be on the titan's head. Be careful not to be thrown down, a few well-aimed shots should lead you to victory.

For any clarification, please have a look at the attached video.

Colossus #2: Quadratus

To beat this second boss you will have to partially retrace the strategy used with Valus. First you'll need to hit the bottom of the creature's hooves, in order to temporarily cripple it and thus begin our ascent. The first of the weak points is at the back of the giant's hoof. The second is positioned on the head. Again, you shouldn't have any particular difficulty in the clash.

Colossus #3: Gaius

Gaius is perhaps the first truly challenging boss of Shadow of the Colossus . Once the colossus has woken up, you'll need to spot circular stone slabs, positioned not far from where the stone giant "woke up". Lure him away from them, position yourself on one of the two slabs and shoot arrows to provoke his "heavy attack", the one with his huge "rock sword". Hitting the slab, his wrist protection will shatter, clearing the way for the climb. Cause a second attack, climb the sword, then the giant's arm, until you reach his belly: that's where his first weak point is. The second point is instead positioned, once again, on the Colossus' head.

Pay attention to all the "shakes" and place your attacks without delay. If you need to "catch your breath", use the area at Gaius' shoulder height.

Colossus #4: Phaedra

To defeat this towering rock horse you'll have to exploit the surrounding environment. Attract the Colossus to the area where the four hills, corresponding to the four entrances of the underground structure, are located. Once the boss is approaching, enter the tunnels and take the exit diametrically opposite you. You will notice that Phaedra has crouched down to find you: that's exactly the time to start climbing! Hang on to its rear in the shape of a "ladder", and reach the first weak point of the creature, positioned at neck height. A couple of shots will make the giant bow his head, revealing the second, placed on your head. Once you "get to the top", you shouldn't find it difficult.

Colossus #5: Avion

If you've fought on the ground so far, you'll have to fight in the air. Swim to the two towers that emerge from the water, stand on the central platform compared to the three you will find, shoot an arrow and start dancing. When the Flying Colossus is about to impact you, jump in its direction and cling to its feathers. The three weak points are located on the ends of the wings and tail. It won't be difficult to beat Avion, the only thing you'll need is your stamina. Therefore, watch out for sudden turns and tonneaux, you may find yourself back in the water as if nothing had happened.

Colossus #6: Beard

The first thing you have to do when you see this Colossus is to escape. Climb over the three walls you will find and take refuge in the colonnade at the bottom of everything. Provoke the Titan with our arrows and the boss will bend down to locate us. That's when we'll have to jump and cling to his long, flowing... beard! The first weak point will be, as usual on the head, while the second will be on the left side of the back. Once you've made the climb, you shouldn't have any problem.

Colossus #7: Hydrus

This time, on the other hand, we're going to have an underwater confrontation. Prepare for a fight that's not exactly immediate. The difficult part will be to "grab" this huge eel. The three electric protuberances, with their lights, will help you to locate the monster. Follow them Hydrus and try to stay close to his head as he is about to emerge. If you can do everything right, you'll find yourself attached to the monster's tail. Once you've done this, you'll have to destroy the first three weak points, positioned at the height of the aforementioned protuberances. Important: only launch your attacks when the spike is out of the water, otherwise you will be electrocuted and will have to repeat everything from the beginning.

Before you can get to the third sting, the monster will sink and you'll have to catch it again. Once you're done, destroy the third spine and dedicate yourself to the fourth weak spot on the monster's head, and you're done.

Colossus #8: Kuromori

This time, we'll be dealing with a black lizard, as the boss' name suggests. The boss will be at the bottom of a huge building on levels, and we will have to go down to the third or penultimate of them. Attract Kuromori's attention by finding one of the many breaches in the walls and shooting arrows. Wait for our lizard to start climbing and walls and, again with your arrows, hit his paws. Two precise shots will be enough to bring the monster down, causing it to overturn. The weak spot is right on its belly. But be quick, because Kuromori will soon get up again, giving you the chance to place only a few lunges. Repeat the procedure until you have achieved victory.

Colossus #9: Basaran

To be right about this ninth boss of Shadow of the Colossus , we will once again have to exploit the surrounding environment. Pay attention to the geysers in the stage. Bring this huge rock turtle closer to one of them, wait for the water jet and, as if by magic, the Colossus will almost be overturned. It will be up to you to complete the work by striking with your bow the legs that he still has on the ground. Once our boss is finished legs in the air, we will have to start the climb from the protrusions that we will find on his belly, between his own legs. Once we climb to the top, we wait for Basaran to return to balance and make our way to his head. That's where his only weakness lies.

Colossus #10: Dirge

Our main ally in this boss fight will be Agro, our trusted steed. You'll have to try to get the monster's attention until he pulls his head out of the sand. At that very moment, you must shoot an arrow into his eyes. In this way, you will make him hit the rocky walls of the stage, having time to hit his weak points, positioned along the body. Once you become familiar with the game arena, and once you've learned to gallop with arrows at the same time, Dirge will no longer be a problem.

Colossus #11: Celosia

This boss will Shadow of the Colossus be "armored". First, we'll have to get Wander to climb one of the pillars, reaching the braziers on top of them. Celosia will charge us, dropping a torch. Trying to be as fast as we can, we'll have to grab the torch, climb up the pillar, turn on the torch, and start to push our boss back. Celosia is in fact afraid of fire, and will start to go backwards. Push the boss towards the colonnade, until he falls, which will free his back, where his weak point is. Throw yourself from the most protruding rock and you will find yourself right on Celosia's back. Place the right blows and the match will be yours.

Colossus #12: Pelagia

Again, the battle that awaits us consists of several stages. First of all we will have to circumnavigate this twelfth boss of Shadow of the Colossus , until we reach the vegetation on his back. Once we reach the head, we will have to hit with the sword the stones that we will find. Depending on the spike we hit, Pelagia will move in the corresponding direction. Get close to one of the three structures on the lake and, once close, jump and reach the top. Quickly hide behind the boulder in the middle of the roof, so as to avoid being hit by Pelagia's rays. After a while the Colossus will rest its paws on the roof of the building, revealing its weak point, located on its chest.

All you have to do is jump, grab hold and attack. Repeat the procedure a couple of times and you'll win the fight.

Colossus #13: Phalanx

This boss is perhaps one of Shadow of the Colossus . The first thing to do is to hit the air pockets on the monster's belly with our arrows. Once we hit the three targets, the monster will lose altitude, and its fins will touch the ground. Taking advantage of Agro's speed, we will have to get closer and jump, trying to cling to the protuberances of its fins. It won't be easy to do that, and it may take more of an effort. Once we have climbed the Colossus, we will have to reach its weak points, which will be positioned under the three dorsal fins. Try to be quick, because after a short time, Phalanx will dive into the sand, forcing you to repeat the whole procedure from the beginning. Once you understand the mechanics, the road will be all downhill.

Colossus #14: Cenobia

This boss will require a little more patience. Again, we're dealing with an armored monster. So we'll have to find a way to make him vulnerable. First, climb the upside-down column that you will find behind you right at the start of the boss fight. Then, follow the path shown in the video, being careful not to fall because of the Cenobia warheads. Once you get rid of his armor, jump on his back and hit his back, where the weak point is. In case you have to be thrown off, all you need to do is to knock Cenobia against any pillar to stun it and complete the mission.

Colossus #15: Argus

We have arrived at the penultimate boss of Shadow of the Colossus . Get the giant to step on one of the platforms on either side of the stage, so that he can get it up and allow you to go up. Once up, provoke the Colossus into destroying the colonnade, so you can get upstairs. As soon as you climb up, go to one of the bridges, provoke Argus and have it destroyed. Once you've done that, jump on its head and destroy the first vital point. Once that's done, climb down on his right arm and you'll find a new weak spot at elbow height. If you hit him, you will drop the weapon from Argus' hands, revealing his last weak spot located right in the palm of his right hand. Provoke the monster until he throws a punch to the ground, hold on to his hand and finish the 15th Colossus.

Colossus #16: Malus

This brings us to Malus, the final boss of Shadow of the Colossus . The first obstacle will be to reach the Colossus. Use all the guards to avoid being hit by its remote attacks, which could cause you considerable damage. Once you've gone through all the tunnels, you'll arrive right at Malus' feet, and the last, great climb will begin. Climb up to the back of the boss. By piercing his point, Malus will approach one of his hands, and all you have to do is jump on it and wait for the boss to move it again. Walk all the way up his left arm to shoulder height, where you'll find another weak spot. Hit him, and Malus will approach the other hand to cover himself. Jump on the hand, grab on, climb on the back and, with the arrows, aim for the left shoulder. If you hit it, the boss will move the hand you're standing on to the spot you just hit.

You are close to the goal: the last weak point is right on the boss' head. It won't be easy to launch powerful attacks, as the final boss will often be shaken off. To avoid this, hit the shoulder again. This way, Malus will cover his wound, and stay still for as long as it takes to finish him off.

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