Shadow Fight 3 - Basic Tips and Tricks for Starters

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Shadow Fight 3 is an interesting fighting game designed for mobile devices in which the player can take advantage of martial arts and magic to gain supremacy over the opponent. The game boasts level graphics and allows the user to use various types of weapons of short and long range. Of course there are many pitfalls, but don't worry! In this little guide you will find some useful tricks to triumph over every opponent!

Shadow attacks

Shadow attacks are fundamental and can turn the outcome of a match in seconds. This offensive cannot be blocked with a simple parry, you need your opponent to hit you with the right timing to stop you and of course it's not an easy thing. The key, with this attack, is to catch your opponent off guard: do it when he least expects it!


Level up is certainly very useful, but the progression of your character is mainly related to the pieces of equipment you have and how you upgrade them. The two ways to get the chests in which to find the equipment are soon said: you have to win duels or, alternatively, complete the missions of the story mode.

Side quest

Can't complete a certain mission or overtake a certain opponent? No problem, you just need more experience! The most immediate and easy way to accumulate it is to tackle the side quests in the story, playing side quests you'll also get useful items to further improve your equipment.

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