Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Guide Combat Arts & Skills

Each of these books will unlock a fighting style, characterized by a final technique to learn. Skill points can be obtained by defeating the various enemies on the stages, and once you have accumulated enough, all you have to do is go to a Buddha idol and unlock the skill you prefer.

Requirements: As soon as you have filled the skill bar once, go back to the Temple in Ruin and talk to the Sculptor, who will give you the esoteric text of the Shinobi arts.

Unlockable skills:

  • Whirlwind Slash
  • Mid-air Deflection
  • A Shinobi's Karma: Body
  • Mid-air Combat Arts
  • At Shinobi's Karma: Mind
  • Breath of Life: Light
  • Mikiri Counter
  • Run and Slide
  • Suppress Presence
  • Shinobi Eyes
  • Suppress Sound
  • Vault Over
  • Shadowrush

Prostethic Arts

Where to find it: at the Temple in Rovina

Requirements: To get this text, all you have to do is find at least three prosthetic tools. As soon as you have them, go to the Temple and talk to the Sculptor.

Unlockable skills:

  • Chasing Slice
  • Fang and Blade
  • Mid-air Prosthetic Tool
  • Sculptor's Karma: Blood
  • Sculptor's Karma: Scars
  • Projected Force
  • Grappling Hook Attack
  • Nightjar Slash
  • Emma's Medicine: Potency
  • Nightjar Slash Reversal
  • Emma's Medicine: Aroma
  • []

Ashina Arts

Where to find it: Ashina Outskirts - Ashina Castle Gate

Requirements: After beating the boss Gyoubu Oniwa (the one on horseback, so to speak), you will reach the idol near the gate of Ashina Castle. Start from the area where the boss fight took place and reach the flight of stairs on the other side of the idol, climb to the top and you will find Tengu, a friendly samurai, inside the building. This NPC will ask you to perform a mission on his behalf: you will have to kill three "Rats".

They are not real mice, but enemies of short stature (real dwarves) wearing bamboo hats. To find them, all you have to do is go back to the idol mentioned above and, this time, take the flight of stairs next to it.

Overcome the enemy armed with a rifle and jump on the platform on the right: that's where you'll find these "Rats". Kill one or two of them silently and return to Tengu, who will reward you with this precious text.

Unlockable Skills:

  • Ichimonji
  • Ascending Carp
  • Descending Carp
  • Breath of Nature: Light
  • Flowing Water
  • Ichimonji: Double
  • Ashina Cross

Temple Arts

Where to find him: Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - Main Hall

Requirements: Start with the fourth idol you will find in the temple area, exit the large room where you will find yourself at the beginning and head to the tunnel area. Descend as deep as you can until you reach an area where you will have to crouch over some rocks.

Once you have passed this area, you will go outside again, until you reach a "dead end", where you will find a temple and two poisonous lizards. Open the door of the temple in question and you will find the esoteric text inside.

Unlockable skills:

  • Praying Strikes (2 skill points)
  • Virtuous Deed (3 skill points)
  • Praying Strikes - Exorcism (3 skill points)
  • Most Virtuous Deed (4 skill points)
  • Senpou Leaping Kicks (3 skill points)
  • Devotion (3 skill points)
  • []

Single Skills

These skills, unlike those listed above, will only be obtainable from certain merchants in the game world of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice . Pay the required amount and they will be yours.

Mortal Draw Combat Art

Where to find it: In the "Ashina Castle" region, in the "Old Tomb" idol zone. From this idol, jump down to the left side, in the direction of a building with a broken roof, which will be just below you. Inside there will be a merchant who will sell you this skill for 1200 Sen, the item is called Anti-air Deathblow Text and will unlock the skill in question.

Floating Passage Combat Art

Where to find it: in the "Hirata Estate" region, in the area of the idol called "Dragonspring". From this idol, jump down the hill. You will see a bridge on your left and a lake on your right. Head towards the lake. Once there, you will find a boy in a barrel asking for treasure carp scales, and he will sell you this skill in exchange for 5 scales. You will be able to kill the fish themselves in this lake, while you will find more later in the Hirata Estate region and other regions.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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