Secret of Mana SNES cheats and codes

Secret of Mana it's a video game developed and produced in 1993 by Square to SNES. Known in Japan as Seiken Densetsu 2, Secret of Mana is the second installment of the Mana series (the first is called Seiken Densetsu and was released for Game Boy, under the name of Final Fantasy Adventure in the west).

Also for Super Nintendo Entertainment System was then also released Seiken Densetsu 3, but it was only distributed on the Japanese market. The episodes of the Mana series are different and all very beautiful, with the plot of each chapter that makes a story in itself but still revolves around key characters in common with the other episodes.
If you find yourself in trouble and want some tricks or some suggestion, here are a handful that could help you.


When one of your characters is hit by a spell, use the midge wallet twice and the character will not take any damage.

Get fired from the cannon 50 times.

Collect 4 pieces for each healing item and use them all, one by one. Once this is done, you will have infinite life.

To defeat the final boss without losing even a bit of life, use the "mimibelt". When the boss attacks you you have to transform just before the bad guy hits you, repeating this move with each attack.

Secret of Mana - SNES

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