Secret of Evermore SNES cheats and codes

Secret of evermore it's a RPG video game developed by Square Co. to Super Nintendo Entertainment System and released for the 16-bit console in 1995 in the North American market and the following year in Europe and Australia.

The story of Secret of Evermore tells of a boy and his faithful dog: the two are transported in one parallel dimension created by an eccentric inventor. The gameplay of the videogame is very reminiscent of Secret of Mana: the menu is ring-shaped, the battles are in real time and there is also the possibility to change the character you are controlling.
In fact, both the boy and the shapeshifter dog can be controlled, alternatively, so as to solve the various puzzle present in the game. The game was very well received, at the time, by the public and critics, especially for the excellent graphics and for the gameplay funny.

A curiosity: Secret of Evermore is the only game developed by the designers of Squaresoft in North America.

Head to the end of the desert and walk around the city until you find yourself circling inside a tornado. Stay there and face the enemies. If your energy drops, restore it. After a few minutes, you will be sucked into another tornado and taken below ground level. You will reappear with 99 units of rice and 99 units of spices. You can repeat this trick as many times as you like.

Secret of Evermore - SNES

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