Sea of Thieves: Join Order of Souls & Unlock the Titles

In Sea of Thieves there are some factions at the beginning of the game, and one of them is the Order of Souls. Unlike the Gold Hoarders and Merchant Alliance, this is a combat-based faction that requires you to kill skeletons and undead armies and bring back their skulls for rewards.

The Order of Souls is one of the three original trading companies of Sea of Thieves. Their motto is "Omnes in servitium animarum".

This commercial society is obsessed with the occult and wants to discover the secrets of death and to do so the members are used to study the skulls. That's why they're going to hire you to get a lot of them and reward you.

Choosing to work for this faction means being engaged in constant battles with the undead. You will face skeletal armies to defeat their leaders and return their skulls to the Order.

Once you have found and defeated the necessary skeletons, you must return their heads to a representative of the Order of Souls - and make sure that the precious and macabre object is not taken by others.

The Order of Souls will ask you to retrieve Skulls for their studies.

How to join the Order of Souls

Joining the Order of Souls is very simple, actually. As with the other two factions, you will need to purchase a journey to undertake on behalf of the Order of Souls. Once you get a positive vote from the crew members at the travel table inside your ship, you'll have a map and simply head to your destination and kill the skeletons before you defeat the boss and take his skull.

After that, return the skull to the NPC who gave you the quest and you'll be rewarded. The more complete journeys for the Order of Souls, the more you will increase your rank within the faction. Once you reach level 5, you can request a free item from the equipment store called Mystic Follower. Buy it and equip it, and you will have the Mystic Follower rank under your username, which will be visible to other players who meet you in the game.

The higher your rank in the Order of Souls, the greater rewards you will receive. You will be able to buy special cosmetic items in the game and you will be able to add different titles to your username.

Complete the objectives in the table below and unlock the corresponding title.

How to unlock the titles of the Order of Souls

There are mainly three ranks and they unlock reaching the appropriate level:

Reputation LevelRank Name
5Mystic Follower
?Mystic Associates

Instead, to unlock the titles, and these are many more, you will need to complete tasks called Commendations. These are mainly objectives to be achieved. Here is the complete table:

ObjectiveTitle Unlocked
Complete 10 Journeys of the Order of SoulsVoyager of Lost Souls
Earn 1,000 gold from the Order's travels.Mercenary of the Ancient Order
Sail 10 nautical miles making journeys for the OrderSailor of the Whispering Bones
Buy 5 Journeys of the Order of SoulsSeeker of Lost Souls
Delivery 20 Foul Bounty Skulls to OrderHunter of Foul Skulls
Delivery 20 Disgraced Bounty Skulls to OrderHunter of Disgraced Skulls
Deliver 20 Hateful Bounty Skulls to the OrderHunter of Hateful Skulls
Delivery 20 Villainous Bounty Skulls to OrderHunter of Villainous Skulls
Defeat 20 Skeleton CrewHunter of Cursed Crews
Defeat 20 Skeleton CaptainsHunter of Cursed Captains
Clean up 10 Skeleton fortressesRaider of Cursed Strongholds
Delivery 10 Skeleton Fort Skulls to OrderHunter of Fort Skulls

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