Sea of Thieves Guide: How to Customize your Own Ship

A true pirate, you know, always cares about his ship, which is and will be his faithful companion. Even in Sea of Thieves, of course, ships play a role of primary importance: it will be thanks to them that we will embark on our many, many journeys. Precisely for this reason, it is likely that you will want to buy some cosmetic elements to customize your vessel, making it distinguishable from other ships that you will meet in your raids and also, why not, to brag to rival pirates. In this regard, we leave you our guide to the customization of your boat, with all the indications and prices of the various elements that can be purchased.

Sea of Thieves: Pimp my ship!

Let's face it: every great adventure starts at the bottom. At the opening bars of Sea of Thieves, you'll start your journey with a rather simple and above all bare pirate ship. Whether you choose to embark on a giant galleon, perhaps inviting your friends, or if your choice falls on the lifeboat, alone or with three other players, it doesn't matter: all you have at your disposal will be a simple wooden ship. But don't worry: all this can be changed as soon as you visit the special shop, which you will find in any outpost on the map.

The moment you start your adventure in Sea of Thieves, in a randomly generated tavern in an outpost, all you have to do is simply go to the dock where you docked your ship. It will be on that pier that you will find the carpenter's shop, which will be immediately available to sell you a large amount of cosmetic items with which to customize your ship. All of course, for a certain amount of gold coins.

The moment you ask the carpenter what he has for sale, you will immediately have access to the purchase screen. However, despite the many items that can be purchased to customize your vessel, you will immediately realize that their price is definitely out of your reach, at least for now. The only solution available will be, precisely, to undertake as many trips and adventures as possible, in order to accumulate the right amount of gold pieces. In this way, you will satisfy the exacting demands of the shopkeeper and you will be able to give that touch of originality to your ship, giving it a more threatening and "pirate" air.

How much does it cost to customize your ship?

Here is the shopkeeper who will allow us to customize our ship.

That is the most important premise to be made. The cheapest cosmetic item you can buy from the carpenter's shop will cost you a minimum of 70,000 gold coins. It doesn't matter whether it's a hull, a figurehead or a new set of sails to show off: the "entry ticket" will always be rather salty. It should be added, moreover, that there are different price levels, obviously higher than the one now reported. To give you a simple example, some sets of sails and decals can potentially cost as much as 140,000 pieces of gold and more. For this very reason, the watchword will be "save". It is only in this way that you will be able to buy the cosmetic elements for your boat.

In case you were wondering: no, the costs will not change at all depending on the ship you choose. You can choose both a large galleon and a small, narrow boat: the cost of the aesthetic objects will remain exactly the same in all cases. The sails you want so much will always cost at least 70,000 gold coins.

In addition, you will notice that a substantial amount of items in the carpenter's shop catalogue are, in fact, blocked. The reason is that those items are directly related to the three factions of the game. The Gold Hunters, the order of souls and the Merchant's Alliance, when you increase your reputation against them by performing their missions, will be able to reward you by unlocking as you unlock all the items that were initially blocked.

More information about customizing your ship in Sea of Thieves

This shady figure could give us access to a brand new ship.

However, there is one element of particular importance to remember. Even if you are going to increase your reputation in the three factions of the game, you should keep in mind that the purchase price of the various items will remain unchanged.

Rare has revealed, however, just before the launch of Sea of Thieves, that anyone who manages to become a Pirate Legend will be rewarded with a brand new ship and immediately recognizable by other pirates. At this stage, it is still unclear how to become a legendary pirate. However, there are many who believe that this goal is double connected with the figure of the Mysterious Stranger. It is likely that the NPC, upon reaching the highest level of reputation in the three factions, will tell you the location of the hidden lair of Pirate Legends, where to find the ship in question.

At the moment, we've managed to find out a little more about what the game has to offer. Precisely for this reason, we recommend that you stay tuned into our channels so that you don't miss any updates on Sea of Thieves.

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