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Today, Tuesday, April 20th, is a day of celebration for all would-be game pirates. Today, in fact, Sea of Thieves officially made its debut on Xbox One and PCs around the world. If you've already tried the various betas of the Microsoft exclusive, you'll know that the Rare game offers many, many activities to do, and many secrets to discover. In the course of your adventures, you'll come across creatures of various kinds, including, for example, pigs, snakes and chickens. If you're already starting your first missions for the Merchant Company, you'll know that finding these cute animals is not always an easy task. For this very reason, you may find it useful to consult this guide. The important thing is to keep in mind that chickens, pigs and snakes are not difficult to find, provided, of course, that you know where to look for them.

Where to find the chickens in Sea of Thieves

Like all animals in Sea of Thieves, hens also have islands and areas where they spawn most frequently. For this very reason, you can expect to come across these chickens especially on certain islands that you will undoubtedly visit during your adventures around the seven seas. However, anyone who is already playing the Microsoft exclusive will know very well that there are a considerable number of islands in the various oceans. Based on this, we have made a small list of islands where you can find the birds in question. The only thing you will have to keep in mind is that it is not automatic that you find the animals in question in any case, since the extent of the spawning system of the artificial intelligence of Sea of Thieves is not yet known.

However, what we are going to show you are, to date, the best places where you can find the chickens, so that you can capture them and bring them back to the Merchant Company, thus meeting their demands. You could easily find the chickens in the following places:

  • Barnacle Cay;
  • Chicken Isle;
  • Crook's Hollow;
  • Cannon Cove;
  • Marauder's Arch;
  • Shipwreck Bay;
  • Thieves' Haven;
  • Salty Sands;
  • Wanderer's Refuge;

To catch and transport the birds in question, you'll have to be in possession of the appropriate cages. Also buy a few more from the merchants, just in case. Remember, of course, chickens can't swim. For this very reason, once caught, we strongly advise you to place the cages on the main deck of your ship. That way, even if you have to take on water, our nice birds won't drown.

As the most dull pirates will surely know, the Merchant Company may require certain types of hens. Unfortunately, you won't necessarily find the type of bird you're looking for on your first try. The amount and type of birds generated by artificial intelligence seem to be completely random. However, the list of islands now provided is undoubtedly a good starting point for your research. We will make sure to add and update the guide whenever we find more information about them.

Where to find the pigs in Sea of Thieves.

This is where and how we can capture our beloved pigs.

The speech made about chickens is also extendable to pigs. What we are going to list is a partial and constantly updated list of all the places where the artificial intelligence of the game is most likely to spaw our pigs. Just like the hens, the pigs are pretty easy to spot and capture. The only real catch with these animals is that they will need to be continuously fed bananas. If you fail to give them the right ration of food, they will start to grunt insistently, until they refuse to follow you. Remember that, of course, just like chickens, pigs can't swim, so always make sure their heads stay well above the water's surface.

Here's where you can easily find the pigs on the game map:

  • Crescent Isle;
  • Devil's Ridge;
  • Fool's Lagoon;
  • Mermaid's Hideaway;
  • Shipwreck Bay;
  • Shark Tooth Key;
  • Sunken Grove;

Where to find snakes in Sea of Thieves

Catching snakes will require a certain "musical talent".

Among the three types of animals listed, snakes are probably the most difficult to catch, especially when compared to the ease with which we put our hands on pigs and chickens. The moment you get close to a snake, you won't have to hurry to catch it with the appropriate basket. The first thing to do is to put the basket on the ground and wait. What you have to do now is pull out your instrument and play a melody to calm your prey. The moment you see our beloved reptile "swaying to the rhythm of music", all you have to do is catch it by lowering your basket onto the snake. Below is a temporary and constantly updated list of places where you will find it easier to run into snakes:

  • Kraken's Fall;
  • Lagoon of Whispers;
  • Liar's Backbone;
  • Lone Cave;
  • Snake Island;
  • Sunken Grove;
  • The Crooked Masts;
  • Wanderer's Refuge;
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