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Among the various games that now crowd the genre battle royale , SCUM has undoubtedly stood out from the crowd. The video game developed by Gamepires and published by Devolver Digital has been able to attract a large number of players since the launch of its Early Access on August 29. Players will play the role of dangerous inmates involved in a TV show as much followed as bloody, which includes the obligation to kill all "competitors" and stay the last one in the race, as well as the last one alive. It goes without saying that the weapons we will find will be different and "imaginative", and that the game presents several novelties compared to its illustrious colleagues, Fortnite and PUBG above all, including its politically incorrect aesthetic. In this guide, we will give you all the advice you need to survive in the dangerous world of SCUM , thus bringing home the victory.

SCUM how to find weapons

As in any self-respecting survival, you'll need SCUM to get a weapon as quickly as possible. Let's start by telling you that many of the weapons in the game can be created simply by combining various items together. In this respect, probably the easiest tool to make is the Wood Spear. To build this weapon, you'll need two different components, a stone knife and a wooden stick. When you are catapulted to SCUM island, immediately after the creation of your character, you'll only have your fists to defend yourself against enemies, so the first thing to do is to start looking for stones. Exploring various areas, you'll come across the "Search for rocks" prompt command; at this point, all you have to do is press the "F" key on your keyboard and wait until you have collected the stones.

As soon as you have two stones in your inventory, open the crafting menu and look for the option to make a knife. Well, you've just taken the first step to getting the Wood Spear. Once you've done this, all you have to do is go near trees and bushes and, thanks to the knife, you can cut branches and make wooden sticks. However, to obtain the Wood Spear in question, you will need to find a Long Stick. Search well through the cut branches and, as soon as you find it, place it in your inventory, open the crafting menu and you can make the Wood Spear. This is a very basic weapon, with which you can defend yourself in the opening bars of the game, but in the long run it may not be too useful.

How to find and use firearms

Although melee weapons have their undoubted charm, dear old firearms will always be able to take chestnuts out of the fire like nothing else in the world. However, getting a gun, and being able to shoot it, in the dangerous world will SCUM not be easy at all. First of all, keep in mind that finding a gun will only be the first step, as you will also have to get a magazine and bullets. By the time you have these three items at your disposal, you will have hit the jackpot. Remember, of course, that a magazine can only contain a limited number of bullets and, therefore, the advice is to "shoot carefully and sparingly".

It is important to remember that the magazine is not necessary to fire your weapon. However, if you only have the gun and bullets, know that you can only fire one round at a time, after which you will be forced to reload your weapon, wasting valuable time. For this very reason, it is highly recommended that you find a magazine as soon as possible and fill it with the bullets in your possession.

Choose carefully the food you will eat

In most survival, basically, you can eat whatever you find and as much as you like. In SCUM , on the other hand, things are very different. You have to pay attention to the food that you will find during your explorations, understanding what to eat and in what quantity. Eating compromised food or eating too much of it could make your character sick or make him vomit, allowing your opponents to track you down easily. On the bright side, if you eat carefully, your food supply will last much longer. There are several ways you can get food, and we'll list them all below.

Hunting animals

As you can immediately see for yourself, SCUM island is home to several animals that you can hunt to feed yourself. Unfortunately, you won't always have the best weapons to take down your prey. However, don't despair: with a little aim, you'll be able to succeed by simply throwing a shovel, or any other blunt weapon, at the animal in question. In case you manage to hit it, the beast will run away, leaving a trail of blood that will help you locate it again. If you have a very good aim, the animal should die shortly after you hit it, although this doesn't always happen; for this very reason, you're always running after your prey.

Avoid snacks and drinks

It's easy for developers to SCUM have consulted a doctor before creating their game. It is very easy for you to come across snacks, snacks and fizzy drinks during your explorations. The advice we have to give you is to consume these foods in moderation. Eating too many snacks will affect your stamina, which will tire your character much faster. For this very reason, you should only consume these types of food if you are very hungry and have nothing else to eat.

How to eat canned food

Another type of food that you often come across SCUM is canned food. Since the video game in question is a hardcore survival game, in order to enjoy the contents of these cans you will first have to find a way to open them. There are basically two objects to use for this purpose: the stone knife and the can opener. If we have already illustrated previously how to make the first object, you should know that the second one is, instead, much more useful and valuable, as it will allow you to open practically any container you find. However, it may not be exactly immediate to find a can opener. If you're in a multiplayer server, you'd do well to check the various corpses you come across, but you can also get it from other prisoners, who may even own more than one.

Do you need vitamins? Eat fruits and vegetables!

Although this may sound like yet another advice from a wise nutritionist, you should keep this sentence in mind. Your character should always be careful to keep his vital statistics, including vitamins, within a certain level, and poor or deficient nutrition could undermine his health. Obviously, you will not know the nutritional values of the food you collect, but we can tell you with certainty that the best vitamin intake is the consumption of fruit and vegetables.

So we have said that eating fruit and vegetables will restore your health and increase the values of vitamins D and E, but where can you find these foods? In areas C2 and C3 you will find a group of farms where you can find the food in question more easily. Eating fruit and vegetables will not only keep your vitamins within guard levels, but will also feed your character.

If you're looking for a way to get your vitamin D values up quickly, you can resort to a simple trick: remove all your clothes and get into the sun! The amount of vitamin D acquired in this way will be small, but it will still be useful.

Don't forget to... go to the bathroom!

Unlike the vast majority of other survivalists, it SCUM has indicators for your bowels and bladder. The moment you ingest solid and/or liquid food, these indicators will increase in value and when you reach a certain level, you will be forced to "empty your bowels" to avoid seeing your character as clumsy as possible and become an easy prey for robots and other survivors. For this very reason, you'll have to keep these values under control. However, the game menu is not intuitive at all and, for this very reason, it may be cumbersome to find the controls to make your character do the needs.

To provide for these needs, simply press the "TAB" button, which will activate a menu wheel with three different options: urinate, defecate and vomit. Choose the one that suits you best and keep playing. Don't forget, however, that your needs may attract the attention of your enemies, who may discover your presence.

Where to find the best objects

Needless to say, there SCUM will be several places where you can find useful items. Outposts, camps, abandoned buildings, the areas to rake for loot are definitely many. However, you can identify at least a couple of them, where you will certainly find equipment of great utility.


These places are real underground fortresses, where you can easily find the best equipment available. Pistols, rifles, ammunition, protection, there is nothing you can't find inside a bunker. However, this abundance has a not inconsiderable cost. Entering these places will not be easy at all, given the high presence of zombies and mecha in the vicinity. And if fighting against zombies is no small challenge but still affordable, as long as you know what's easy, facing robots is a whole other ball game. The mecha in question are perhaps the most dangerous enemy you may come across and, in this regard, the best strategy is not to attract their attention.

Police Stations

Police stations are also the ideal place to find weapons and ammunition. However, the main obstacle between you and your loot is represented, in this case, by the other players. These places are the first destination of many users in search of weapons, and for this reason, it will be very easy for you to come across other survivors, more or less friendly, or even that you can not return empty-handed, as other players may have already plundered everything. If the latter is the case, go to another police station.

Learn how the Energy Bar works

The Energy is probably the most confusing value of all the players. Many people have confused it with Stamina, but then realized that their character could still run even if the value dropped to zero. Unlike what happens in other survival, in Energy is defined on the basis of the SCUM calories you take in and consume during the game. Precisely for this reason, it will be very difficult to see this parameter increase in value beyond a certain threshold.

How to fight against other players

Choose your strategy carefully in the multiplayer.

The moment you decide to enter the multiplayer servers of SCUM , it is good that you learn that you will never be alone. There may always be other prisoners wandering in nature, who will have the same need to survive as you. Precisely for this reason, if you meet another survivor, you will have to decide what to do: fight or escape? It goes without saying that the more brave players will always choose the first option. Precisely for this reason, you should learn the value of Stamina as soon as possible.

The Stamina will determine how many hits we can deliver and how strong they will be. For this purpose, when you come across a player with a blank weapon, the best strategy will be to let him launch attacks, limiting yourself to parry and/or avoid them. In case you haven't learned all this yet, you can always practice with the various puppets scattered around the island. In doing so, your opponent will consume a substantial part of his stamina, allowing you to switch to counterattack.

If, however, your enemy is equipped with a firearm, things will be a bit more complicated. In this case, you will have to try to hide, so that your opponent wastes as many bullets as possible and, at the same time, try to get close to him, especially if you do not have a weapon at a distance.

How to fight and/or avoid robots

If you have already ventured into the most dangerous areas of the game, you will surely have made the acquaintance of several robots. In the vast majority of cases, you will encounter small robots floating in certain areas; don't worry so much, these mechanical beings are practically harmless, but they can still be a nuisance as they will reveal your presence, ruining any stealth plan. In case they spot you, all you have to do is sneak into any building where these robots can't chase you and wait for them to remove the disturbance.

Larger robots, on the other hand, will pose a real and almost always lethal danger. You'll find these mecha in the middle of open fields, in areas where you often don't have many places to hide. In such cases, the only way to bring the skin home is to make your character run to a building as quickly as possible. All this, let's face it, could still get you killed, as the robots in question can kill you with a single shot, but it represents the best hope of survival.

What you'll absolutely have to avoid is facing these robots, especially if you're alone. Destroying these opponents is possible, but it will require the collaboration of more prisoners and, at least for the moment, the rewards you'll get won't justify the effort spent.

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