Ruby Omega and Alpha Sapphire - Master Ball Location

Pokemon Ruby Omega and Sapphire Alpha - Complete Solution and Guide - We are pleased to present you, exclusively, the guide and the complete solution to the new chapters of Pokemon, the Omega version of Ruby and the Alpha version of Sapphire!

This section of our full bodied solution will help you to find the MASTER BALL, the perfect Poke ball, dream of any Pokémon coach. In fact, this ball allows you to catch any wild Pocket Monster with 0 chance of failure, so you can catch a Pokémon, even with all HPs, without it being able to escape. Be careful though, there is only one Master Ball, use it wisely!
Good hunting, catch them all!

IMPORTANT: Version played for the RUBY OMEGA guide.


The sphere is hidden in a secret cavern of the MAGMA REFUGE, if you do not know where to find it consult the FULL GAME SOLUTION


Just before reaching the MAGMA REFUGE boss, you will find yourself in an inverted L-shaped corridor with two green teleportation lights. If you take the one at the top left, you will arrive at the boss, if you take the teleport at the bottom you will find yourself in a room with the following enigma:

There are 3 rows of green teleport lights, each row has 3 lights, one LEFT, one CENTRE and one RIGHT. Using them, you will feel as if you are switching from one teleport to another without any precise sense. If you follow the steps below you can reach the room with the powerful sphere. All you have to do is go up, on the green lights, in the following order

You will finally arrive in a secret room with 4 spheres to collect in the upper left corner. Two of these spheres will be ELECTRODE at level 40, in another you will find a PEPITA and last but not least ... the MASTER BALL, the sphere from which no Pokémon can escape.

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