RollerCoaster Tycoon Tricks: the Effects of Easter Eggs

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic is a strategic-managerial video game created for iOS and Android, born from the long experience gained with the various RollerCoaster Tycoon released over the years. In this guide we will help you to unlock all the guest name easter egg of the game with the related bonuses.

Easter eggs unlock in Rollercoaster 1 and 2. Simply rename the character with one of the following names to get the corresponding effect:

Emma Garrell: Change the guests

Damon Hill: Faster than normal go-kart unit

Jacques Villeneuve: Go-kart drive faster than normal (although not as quickly as Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher)

Michael Schumacher: Go-kart drive faster than normal (though not as fast as Damon Hill)

Mr Bean: Go-kart drive slower than normal

Felicity Anderson: Every guest gets nauseous...

Nancy Stillwagon: Gives ice cream cones to the customer standing next to her in line

Mia Sheridan: Increased guest nausea

Joanne Barton: Immediately bring a slice of pizza and some garbage

Katie Rodger: She immediately directs people to the park exit

Melanie Warn: Immediately maximizes guests' happiness

Katie Smith: Jump up and down

Simon Foster: He paints pictures of rides

Chris Sawyer: He takes pictures of the rides.

David Ellis: Think '... Here we are on (name of the merry-go-round)!' when a ride starts...

Donald Macrae: Think "I'm lost!

Elissa Bianco: Think 'I'm so excited! - It's an Intamin race when she's in a queue for a Giga Coaster

Think 'nice ride! But not as good as the Phoenix... 'after leaving a roller coaster

John Wardley: Think "Wow!

Katie Brayshaw: More skill among the waves

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