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Rock N 'Roll Racing it's a driving video game developed in 1993 by Sylicon & Synapse (now known as Blizzard Entertainment) and published by Interplay to Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Mega Drive.

The column video game sound, as the title suggests, is made up of numerous rock and metal songs, magazines in instrumental version. In Rock N 'Roll Racing the challenge is between four racers: two can be controlled by human players and the others by the computer. The game's visual is isometric and one of its strengths is the fast-paced action, which involves attacking enemies, damaging their vehicles.
Each time you hit an enemy, you are rewarded with a bonus attack. Each circuit is littered with mines, while two different types of power-ups they are used to repair the car and earn extra money. Lava pits, oil patches and snow piles can also be found along the circuits, depending on the planet you run on.

The commentator of the races is the legendary "Loudmouth Larry", who highlights the key moments of the race. With the money earned you can buy upgrades for tires, engine, attacks and shield, or you can upgrade your weapons (missiles, mines and energy beams). By earning points at the end of each race, you can advance in the various divisions of the game.

When you are about to choose your character, hold L + R + SELECT and scroll until you see Olaf appear.

To get super fast cars and $ 990,000, enter the password 4HFT C0P0 5TJ !.

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