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Beginning Hour, Resident Evil 7's Teaser Demo is much more complex and richer in content than we expected. This rehearsal includes more "runs", being immediately replayable once finished. After playing it over and over again, we understand why: the demo hides more than one finale, as well as some secrets that can be discovered with a little patience. If you can't get to the bottom of it, we've prepared this little guide (avoiding too many spoilers) that will explain how to find alternative endings and discover (maybe) all the secrets of Beginning Hour.

Classic Final

The steps to complete the demo in a classic way are the following:

-Find the pincers
-Open the closet
-Get the tape
-Insert it in the VCR
-Complete the VHS sequence
-Open the secret passage through the chimney
-Take the key to the back door
-Getting out of the house

In doing so, you will successfully complete the Teaser Demo, but you will be left with two questions: where is the missing fuse? How to open the closed drawer in the kitchen and what is hidden inside it? Just the fuse will give you access to some secret endings, which I discovered by replaying the demo twice.

Final Secret 1

As soon as you start the demo again, you have to leave out the classic steps and go directly to the secret passage activated by the chimney. Once inside, on the left you will find a stool with the missing fuse on it. After having inserted it in the slot, you will have to go upstairs, operate the stairs (now there is power), go up to the new upper floor and enter the room. Here you will find a ringing telephone and a voice that will tell you some phrases (over the phone). When you put the phone down, as soon as you try to leave the room, you will be knocked out immediately.

Final Secret 2

This ending can be achieved by merging the first two runs. It will be necessary to complete all the steps of the classic final but, once you put the key in the door, absolutely avoid opening it. Once this is done, you will have to go back to the secret passage, take the fuse, and return to the room with the phone. You will receive the usual phone call, but the message will be completely different.


In Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour are hidden some secrets, hard to find. We have found three of them for the moment and now we will show you where and how to find them.

Secret 1 - Picklock

The Teaser Demo hides a weapon inside. This is placed in the drawer in the kitchen, which in the present is locked and impossible to open, but can be opened in the segment lived in the past. After finding the VHS and inserting it in the VCR, the new sequence will start. Here all you have to do is go to the kitchen, go near the microwave and look in the slot that separates the oven from the wall for the hidden picklock. Once you have found it, all you have to do is open the drawer. If you do this, in the present (after completing the VHS sequence), simply go back to the kitchen, open the drawer, take the hidden axe and use it to damage the items in the house.

Secret 2 - Photo with Umbrella symbol

In the room with the phone (find the fuse), there is a black and white photo on the desk depicting a plane. On this would seem to depict the Umbrella symbol, or in any case a symbol very similar to that of the pharmaceutical industry.

Secret 3 - Ghost

Did you know that Resident Evil 7 now has ghosts? No, it's no joke! During the VHS sequence, you can run into a woman's ghost. The ghost appears in the garden outside the house, while the two conductors are trying to open the door. Once inside, the ghost may appear again. To make this happen, you will have to go up and down the stairs (I don't know how many times) and, if you are lucky, the ghost will appear again.

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