Resident Evil 7 - All the Weapons Guide

Resident Evil 7 It provides the player with a good number of weapons and tools of death but, as many will know, some are well hidden and difficult to detect. For this reason we believe it is worth proposing a guide dedicated to individual weapons, indicating for each one where to find it and, when necessary, how to get it. Never forget that weapons are extremely precious objects that can be useful on many occasions, so avoid leaving them behind in safe boxes if possible... Ready? Let's get started then, the road to flamethrowers and grenade launchers is long...

G17 (gun)

It's on the garage floor during the first boss fight with Jack. It's not particularly powerful, but it's got a good magazine.

M19 (gun)

Also in this case you shouldn't have any problem to find it, in the prologue you can take it in the attic and then you can find a route in the caravan to be repaired with the kit. It is more powerful, but has a smaller magazine than the previous one.

MPM (gun)

You'll find it in the ship, in the safe room on the first floor. We didn't notice any particular differences from the G17 (apart from the dimensions).

M44 Magnum (gun)

A revolver simply wonderful, you can buy it for nine coins after leaving the villa. The rate of fire is not the best and the ammunition is few but the damage is priceless.

Albert - 01 (gun)

To get this gun you must finish the game, you will find it already unlocked if you play a second game. Tiny three-shot magazine but very high damage.

P19 (smg)

You can find it in the ship wrecked, in the captain's cabin. Good magazine, excellent rate of fire and satisfactory power.

M37 (rifle)

The rifle in the entrance room, to take it you have to replace it with the broken one taken in the grandmother's room (you need the scorpion key). The magazine is small but has a very good power.

M21 (rifle)

Take the toy gun from Lucas' room, go to the statue and replace it with the broken one. By repairing it with a kit you'll get an M21, an excellent weapon with great power.

Grenade launcher

First you have to take the instructions in the closet next to the villa's bedroom, then you have to use the crow's key on the first floor in the deer room. Excellent power, it is also a weapon compatible with incendiary grenades. Grenades can be cracked with fluid and fuel.


Perfect against insects. First you have to take the burner handle in the balcony of Marguerite's house, then you have to take the nozzle (you will find it a little further on in a small building) and combine it with the handle.


You'll find it in the guest room, a good weapon to start with.

Basic knife

Weapon of despair, it is automatically given to you in the early stages of the game.

Electric saw

You get it automatically by finishing the game

Survival knife

It is in the final stages, you must go to the shipwrecked. It's a slightly better version of the base knife.

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