Resident Evil 6 - Guide to Trophies and Achievements !

We know! The desire of every true Gamers that you respect is to platinum the title to which you are dedicated and we are sure that many of you will be struggling with the achievements or trophies of Resident Evil 6 . That's why we thought of coming to your aid, as usual, with the complete guide to get the 1000 G or the Platinum trophy in this long fight against zombies.

A long night
Complete the prologue.
In Hell
Complete chapter 1 in the "Leon" campaign.
Skeletons in the closet
Complete chapter 2 in the "Leon" campaign.
Boarding pass, please
Complete chapter 3 in the "Leon" campaign.
Big trouble in China
Complete chapter 4 in the "Leon" campaign.
Complete chapter 5 in the "Leon" campaign.
Hostages saved
Complete chapter 1 in the "Chris" campaign.
Tragedy in Europe
Complete chapter 2 in the "Chris" campaign.
Complete chapter 3 in the "Chris" campaign.
Hope is the last to die
Complete chapter 4 in the "Chris" campaign.
Duty calls
Complete chapter 5 in the "Chris" campaign.
Cover me with money!
Complete chapter one in the "Jake" campaign.
From the frying pan to the grill
Complete chapter 2 in the "Jake" campaign.
There's nothing left to do
Complete chapter 3 on the Jake campaign.
The great escape
Complete chapter four on the Jake campaign.
See you next time
Complete chapter five on the Jake campaign.
The spy
Complete chapter 1 in the "Ada" campaign.
Complete chapter 2 in the "Ada" campaign.
Class meeting
Complete chapter 3 in the "Ada" campaign.
The end of Ada
Complete chapter 4 in the "Ada" campaign.
Job wanted...
Complete chapter 5 in the "Ada" campaign.
Finish the "Beginner" game. Complete all 4 campaigns at the Beginner difficulty level.
An ordinary world
Finish the "Officer" game. Complete all 4 campaigns at Agent difficulty level.
In top form
Finish the "Veteran" game. Complete all 4 campaigns at the Veteran difficulty level.
When the going gets tough...
Finish the game on "Professional." Complete all 4 campaigns at the Professional difficulty level.
Customize your dog tags.
You get 10 kinds of titles.
Better than nothing
Buy a skill.
Take all the skills you need to level up.
Eliminate 5 enemies with a stealth attack. Simply knock out 5 enemies with a physical attack behind them.
Dots on the 'i'
You're killing 10 hostiles. When an opponent goes down, eliminate them with a physical attack.
Reflected mirror
Counterattack three times in a row. To counterattack you must press RT/R2 ( physical attack key ) just before the enemy hits you. To unlock this result you will have to perform this procedure 3 times in a row. A good point to implement this technique is during the chapters in the catacombs, with Leon, when you are separated from your partner.
Hard to die
When you're dying, eliminate an enemy and get back on your feet without any help. Once you finish life points you will fall to the ground while a bar that reloads will decide your return to the game. If you manage to eliminate enemies and fully recharge the bar, without the help of your partner, you will get the trophy / goal.
Life Saver
Help or rescue your partner 10 times.
Use all the weapons in the game and eliminate 10 enemies with each weapon. You'll use all the weapons simply by finishing the game's 4 campaigns, except for the Bear Commander which you'll have to unlock separately.
Take down 10 enemies from a high position.
Quality leap
Get a level 4 title.
Get an artwork development for your collection.
Defeat 20 enemies using the Hydra with quick shots.
Eliminate an enemy, 50 meters away, with a blow to the head and using thermal optics. With Piers, in the second chapter of the Campaign, equip the secondary weapon and activate the thermal optics when you have to help Chris on deck. You'll be far away from your enemies so all you need to do is hit one in the head to get the target/trophy. Very useful in this situation will be the ability to decrease the flicker during the aim.
High voltage
Defeat 10 enemies with a loaded attack using the electric truncheon. You can achieve this result ONLY by playing as Sherry. To execute a loaded attack, hold down the physical attack button until you see the truncheon emit a lightning bolt, release it to attack.
My hero Frank
Eliminate 500 zombies.
J'avo Carnage
Eliminate 500 J'avo.
Poor B.O.W.'s...
Eliminate 100 enemies that came out of a chrysalis. By "enemies that come out of a chrysalis" we mean those enemies that come out of human bodies encrusted in that yellowish substance.
You get 150 different medals.
Heraldry what a passion
Get all the Simmons family crest.
Fixed nail
Eliminate the villain and save the women! To achieve this, you'll have to prevent the Mortician from transforming the women in the church present in chapter 2 of Leon's campaign. The endless ammunition for the Bazooka or grenade launcher and the new game +, in which you'll be able to tackle the whole adventure with the weapons found in the following chapters, will help you in the feat.
Top Gun
Let's see how you do with the Harrier!. During Chris' campaign, you'll be flying a Harrier. To achieve this goal/trophy you will have to destroy all the turrets of the aircraft carrier. The result will only be unlocked after you help Piers stop the missile launch.
Eliminate the helicopter pilot. After the motorcycle ride, in Jake's chapter 4, Chris and Piers will appear and your encounter will be interrupted by a helicopter that will try to kill you. Climb the tallest building with Jake and wait for the enemies to descend from the helicopter with a rope. Now quickly climb up that same rope and place 2-3 magnum shots in the pilot's face to unlock the result.
Ghost crosses the aircraft carrier bridge without being sighted. You can achieve this during chapter 4 in Ada's campaign. There is no precise tactic, you just have to escape the ship without being seen, so try to maintain a stealth approach, eliminating enemies behind you and be careful in the section where there will be searchlights ready to blow your cover.

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