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There's nothing better than completing a 100% game and to do so you need to not only finish the main campaign, but also dabble in the search for all the extras and unlockables present. It's not always easy, however, especially in a title as broad as Resident Evil 6 . That's why, as always, we come to your aid with a complete guide to the characters, costumes, weapons and a few extras to better tackle this new Resident Evil 6 one!


Ada Campaign ( Single Player Only ) - To unlock this campaign you simply have to finish the other 3 campaigns.

Steel Beast Map - To unlock this map in Mercenaries mode, you will need to complete 2 campaigns in History mode.

Mining the Depths Map - To unlock this map in Mercenaries mode, you will need to complete 3 campaigns in History mode.

Infinite Ammunition
- Although this option is available from the beginning of the game, once activated you have to buy unlimited ammunition for each weapon. To unlock the unlimited ammunition in the Skill store you will have to complete the 4 campaigns of the story mode.
Experience Points Multiplier - There are several points in the game where you can use the following procedure, but the one in Leon and Helena's Chapter 2 seemed the fastest. In an hour or so you can get 100,000 Experience Points.Start Chapter 2 at the lowest difficulty level, open the various coffins in the graveyard containing several experience points, once divided by your partner you eliminate the most powerful enemy that will drop 1000 points and then go down Helena's path to collect the points she dropped her enemy. Arrive in front of the church and collect points left on the ground by the numerous enemies and then enter the church ensuring that the game saves your progress. Now all you have to do is start the Chapter again and repeat the process.

Bears Commander - You can find this powerful weapon ONLY in chapter 3 of Jake's campaign. The Bear Commander, in addition to having 2 fire cadences such as machine gun and grenade launcher, will also be used to get the trophy / goal related to using ALL weapons in the game to eliminate enemies. The weapon is located behind a golden grate in the opulent hall with the giant statue of Buddha in the center. To lift the grate you will need to find medallions that are the same that you will need to continue and that you will need to slip into the slot in front of the big Buddha.You will need 3 medallions to move a statue in the room and access a new area where you can find more medallions, you will need 10 medallions to continue the story (don't do it if you want the Bear Commander, because once the tank arrives you won't be able to unlock it) You will need all the medallions, i.e. 16, to unlock the grate with the weapon.
Find the medallions in the following places:
1- In the bedroom, look in the nightstand drawer.
2- In the library, look among the books on the shelves on the second floor.
3-Under one of the tables in the smoking room, use the remote control bomb to blow up the table.
After inserting the first 3 medallions, go to the place where the statue has moved and continue the search:
4-Play the piano in the nightclub.
5-set above the path of study.
6- In the fountain in the corner, just before the pool.
7- In the pool, crawl into the crevice at the bottom.
8- In the pool room, remove the block in front of the glass door facing the smoking room to collect the medallion.
During the search for these 8 medallions you will be attacked by several enemies, some of which will drop other medallions for a total of 8. In the end, if you are missing some medallions, it certainly remained on the ground during a fight or there is still some good hidden enemy in a room.


Ada Wong - Complete Ada's Campaign in History mode.
Helena Harper - Complete the Urban Chaos map with a B rank or higher in Mercenaries mode.
Piers Nivans - Complete the Steel Beast map with a B rank or higher in Mercenaries mode.
Sherry Birkin - Complete the map Mining the Depths with a B rank or higher in Mercenaries mode.
Carla Radames - Unlock all character costumes in Mercenaries mode.
Private BSAA - Unlock all the characters and all their costumes in Mercenaries mode.

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