Resident Evil 3 : Where are Charlie's Dolls, Locations

There is a trophy inside Resident Evil 3 that asks the player to shoot a large number of statues of this character named Charlie.

Charlie is a fictitious character present inside the last Capcom effort hidden in various points of the game map in the form of a bobblehead doll.

In the course of this guide we will find out together where these dolls were placed by the developers and how to get them.

There are 20 action figures of such charlie inside the game; let's see together how to shoot this not particularly nice bubblehead!

The guide is based on the English version of the game.

Charlie 1

Charlie's first doll is at the entrance of Redstone Subway Station, just after meeting Carlos. Before you really enter the station, with Jill, go up the stairs and look for the space between the two newspaper machines to find the first Charlie!

Charlie 2

The second Charlie of the case is inside the gearbox store, on the first floor, just like in the demo. Go into the shop and look for the corner behind the microwave oven to find the Charlie of the case!

Charlie 3

Here as in the demo you will find the charlie always in the same position. This will be inside the Downtown Upper Walkway Safe Room, on one of the shelves to the left of the door where you enter the room.

Charlie 4

Once you get the pick you will be able to use it to enter the toy store. The charlie in question is on a shelf in the Downtown Toy Uncle, along with a document about its origin.

Charlie 5

The fifth Charlie is inside the Subway Office Control Room, in the same place where you have to solve the subway train puzzle. Taking the puzzle as a reference, you will simply need to look to the left, under the desk of the case.

Charlie 6

This charlie is located inside the Subway Power Substation Control Room, the same room with the object box and the pouch inside. In here you will need to look in one of the corners to find the charlie of the case.

Charlie 7

The seventh charlie will be found inside the Sewers, in Sewers (Lower Waterway), behind a grate just before the room with the battery pack inside.

Charlie 8

The eighth Charlie so can find after having used for the third (and last time) the pack of batteries (assuming that you used it once to get the pouch), always inside the Sewers. In Sewers (lower Waterway) you will simply have to go through a door and then look up to find the doll above the safety neon.

Charlie 9

The ninth Charlie is inside the first house after passing through the Downtown Gun Shop Kendo on the ground floor. The doll will be on a sideboard as soon as you enter the house, in plain sight.

Charlie 10

Charlie's tenth doll is also the first to be obtained by Carlos. It is located inside the courtyard of the station of pozilia, after coming down the staircase that was occupied by Brad inside the original Resident Evil 2.

Charlie 11

This Charlie must also be obtained in Carlos' shoes. It is located inside the Police Station, more precisely on one of the corners of the Police Station Safety Deposit Room.

Charlie 12

The twelfth Charlie can only be obtained in Jill's shoes and is contained within the subway tunnels, within an area full of zombies. The doll is located underneath a bench.

Charlie 13

The thirteenth Charlie is in the square of the clock tower, just to the right of the police van before taking the stairs up, between a crate and other objects.

Charlie 14

The fourteenth Charlie is inside the hospital, near the reception. More precisely, you will need to look on the stretchers to find the doll in question and fire your weapon.

Charlie 15

This Charlie can be obtained from both Jill and Carlos and is located to the left of the door from which you exit to the roof of the hospital.

You'll see this as Carlos first - check to the left of the door when you get to the Hospital Roof (2F).

Charlie 16

This carlos has been nicely placed by Capcom developers inside a garbage bin inside Hospital Sickroom (2F).

Charlie 17

The seventeenth Charlie is in the vicinity of a forklift, along the road from the hospital to the underground laboratory at Hospital Loading Dock (1F).

Charlie 18

The eighteenth Charlie is inside the area where there is the usual (and hateful) maze with fuses, in Underground Storage (1F). Once you have passed between the shelves using the small space between them you will need to look at the same shelves to find the doll greeting you between a couple of boxes.

Charlie 19

The nineteenth Charlie is inside the last game location, more precisely in the NEST 2 Synthesis Room (2F); in one of the corners of the room, inside the small space you see on the map.

Charlie 20

The last Charlie is inside the only room on the second floor of the NEST laboratory, near a group of crates.

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