Resident Evil3 Remake: 100% Location to all Hip Pouches

Just like in Resident Evil 2 Remake you can increase your inventory slots to carry multiple items at once and avoid excessive backtracking.

To do this, you must find the bags. Each one gives us two extra slots and can be found with both Jill and Carlos. In this guide we show you the exact location of all the bags to expand the inventory.

Hip Pouche #1 - Subway substation control room in the subway

After climbing a flight of stairs and taking a red herb, enter the control room through the door. In this room there is a chest for the objects and next to it a ladder. On it you will find the bag.

Handbag #2 - Commemorative Watch Puzzle in the Metropolitan City Metro

To get this bag you have to open the secret compartment of the clock which is located in the same room as the case of the objects in the metro of the Central City. To open it you must have three gems: one red, one green and one blue. Each of them is in a decorated box that must be examined and opened. Once you have obtained all three gems, open the box and collect the bag.

Bag #3 - Sewer Security Room

To get the third bag, you must have the battery pack. With this you open the door to the sewer control room. On the desk is your purse.

Handbag #4 - Police Station West Office (1 floor)

You'll get him when you have control of Carlos. Go to the west office on the first floor of the police station and open the safe with the combination 9 - 15 - 7. Inside is the purse.

Bag #5 - Hospital, first floor, back room of the lobby

Check Carlos, you're in the lobby, there's a zombie siege. At some point, the door behind you opens wide and a hunter comes out. Kill him, enter and on the counter, next to a green plant and a crate full of flash grenades, you will find the bag.

Bag #6 - Safe room of the underground storage room

This time you will be in control of Jill. Once out of the hospital, you'll have to explore the underground. There is a storage room here, enter the safe room to find the bag on the table next to a document and typewriter.

Additional bags that can be purchased in the shop

Two additional purses can be purchased through the Shop, accessible after completing the game for the first time. The bags cost 4800 P each and cannot be used in assisted mode.

Below, you can see with your own eyes the position of the bags thanks to a video.

Audio Video Resident Evil3 Remake: 100% Location to all Hip Pouches
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