Resident Evil3 Remake: All Challenges & Game Modes 100%

As in the remake of Resident Evil 2, also in Resident Evil 3 the game puts us in front of some challenges or mini-objectives to complete that give us the right to some extras to unlock in game or in the game menu, such as concept art and models. By completing the challenges you can also get points, a currency that can be spent in the game shop to buy upgrades.

In this guide we see how to unlock the various extras and how many points are given to us upon completion of each challenge.

RE3 Remake | How to unlock additional game modes

In addition to the three difficulties already unlocked by default - assisted, standard, extreme - two more can be unlocked for a more difficult challenge.

  • Nightmare Mode: Complete the game on "Extreme". In Nightmare, enemies are more aggressive, enemy attacks are stronger, and objects will appear in different positions than in other modes.
  • Hell mode: Complete the game on "Nightmare". In Hell, enemies are even stronger, there are fewer typewriters and object chests, and autosave is disabled.

RE3 Remake | All challenges to unlock extras

The Escape Begins: Escape from Jill's condo and get away from the
Awards: 80P; Concept Art: Jill's Room
Danger Escaped: Escape from Raccoon City
Awards: 100P; Concept Art: Bar Jack
What a hothead: defeat Nemesis on the rooftop
Awards: 120P; Concept Art: Phase 1 Nemesis A
Escape from the city: get out of the centre of Raccoon City
Awards: 120P; Concept Art: Gas Station / Boutique
A tour of the central: leave the RPD
Awards: 120P; Concept art: Carlos
I need a doctor: leave the clock tower
Awards: 140P; Model: Stage 2 Nemesis
The Siege of the Living Dead: Resist the Siege of the Zombies
Awards: 160P; Concept Art: Hospital
Imminent danger: Follow Nicholai in depth
Awards: 180P; Concept Art: Creatures
Let's get it over with!: Defeat Nemesis in Stage 2.
Awards: 260P; Concept Art: Stage 2 Nemesis B
There's no two without three: Defeat Nemesis in Stage 3.
Awards: 800P; Concept Art: laboratory corridors
Basic Chemistry: Create an object to create a
Awards: 160P; Concept Art: Interiors
Gunsmith: Improve a weapon
Awards: 150P; Concept Art: Uptown
Multipockets: Expand your inventory with a purse
Awards: 150P; Concept Art: Donut Shop / Diner
Perfect timing: Perform a perfect dodge
Awards: 200P; Concept Art: Downtown
Imitating Chris Redfield: Successfully execute Carlos' punch skill
Awards: 200P; Model: Marvin Branagh
Charlie down! Destroy a Charlie Doll!
Awards: 200P; Model: Charlie Doll
Gunslinger: Defeat 80 enemies with a pistol and
Awards: 1200P; Concept Art: stores
Easy Trigger: Defeat 200 enemies with one pistol.
Awards: 5200P; Model: Female Zombie
This is My Rifle: Defeat 100 enemies with a shotgun.
Awards: 3200P; Concept Art: Bonus Art A
In Pump Magna: Defeat 130 enemies with a shotgun and a shotgun.
Awards: 6200P; Model: Mikhail Victor
Fireworks: Defeat 80 enemies with a grenade launcher, and then
Awards: 6200P; Model: Tyrell Patrick
Grenadier: Defeat 120 enemies with a grenade launcher, and then
Awards: 10400P; Model: Hunter Gamma
A 44 MAG for Agent Valentine: Defeat 20 enemies with one MAG
Awards: 6600P; Concept Art: Phase 2 Nemesis A
Feel happy with a MAG: Defeat 80 enemies with a MAG
Awards: 10400P; Model: Ne-Alpha Parasite
Suppression Fire: Defeat 200 enemies with an assault rifle
Awards: 3400P; Model: Licker
Rain of Lead: Defeat 400 enemies with an assault rifle
Awards: 8400P; Model: Hunter Beta
Proof of the Living Dead: Defeat 400 enemies by defeating
Awards: 5200P; Concept Art: Bonus Art C
Living Graveyard: Defeat 800 enemies in the graveyard.
Awards: 8200P; Concept art: garage / roof
Zombie Hunter: Defeat 1100 enemies by defeating
Awards: 10400P; Concept Art: demolition site
Splatter: Defeat 1400 enemies by defeating
Awards: 10600P; Concept Art: Bonus Art B
The Terror of the Zombies: Defeat 2,000 enemies and defeat the
Awards: 11000P; Concept Art: Phase 1 Nemesis B
Two for the price of one: defeat two enemies with a single shot
Awards: 100P; Model: Zombie Dog
Chapeau!: Take your hat off to 28 zombies...
Awards: 2000P; Model: Male Zombie
You dropped something: it causes Nemesis to abandon an object
Awards: 600P; Model: Murphy Seeker
Deep Red!: Exhaust all conversations with Dario Rosso.
Awards: 200; Concept Art: Dario's Warehouse
In Cold Blood: Defeat Brad zombies in cold blood
Awards: 120P; Model: Brad Vickers
Every gem in its place: Place all the jewels in the monument of the clock tower.
Awards: 600P; Concept Art: Storyboard
Short circuit: collect all fuses in the warehouse in 5 minutes
Awards: 2000P; Model: Pale Head
Human Arsenal: Collect all weapons in the campaign.
Awards: 600P; Model: Robert Kendo
Kendo's pupil: Collect all parts of the weapon
Awards: 300P; Model: Nathaniel Bard
Dear Reader: read all the files of the story
Awards: 1000P; Concept art: laboratory equipment, model: Drain Deimos
All crazy about Charlie: Destroy all Charlie dolls
Awards: 1000P; Concept art: Nemesis Design Sketch A
Burglar Queen: Unlock all the safes, lockers and locks in the
Awards: 1000P; Concept art: Mega Man, model: Dario Rosso
Request assistance: complete the game on "Assisted" or higher
Press: 800P; Model: Jill (default)
Survivors: Complete the game on "Standard" or higher
Awards: 1000P; Model: Jill (STARS Gear)
At the Extreme Force: Complete the game on "Extreme" or higher
Awards: 1200P; Concept art: Support Cast, Game Mode: Nightmare Mode
Out of the Nightmare: Complete the game on "Nightmare" or above
Awards: 3000P; Concept Art: Escape, Game Mode: Hell Mode
Jill's Hell: Complete the game on "Hell".
Awards: 8000P; Model: Jill and Carlos 2
Super S.T.A.R.S: Complete the game with an S level on "Standard" or higher.
Awards: 3800P; Concept art: Nemesis Design Sketch B
Extremist: Complete the game with an S level on "Extreme" or higher.
Awards: 6200P; Model: Stage 3 Nemesis
From Nightmare to Dream: Complete the game with an S level in "Nightmare" or higher.
Awards: 8000P; Model: Jill and Carlos 1
Back from Hell: Complete the game with an S level on "Hell".
Awards: 0P; Model: Jill and Nemesis
A on the Scoreboard: Complete the game with an A level or higher
Press: 840P; Model: Carlos (default)
Super Girl: Complete the game with an S level.
Awards: 1200P; Concept Art: Jill
Don't open that crate: Complete the game without opening the crate of the objects.
Awards: 7000P; Model: Nicholai Ginovaef
Tight Teeth: Complete the game using 1 or less recovery objects.
Press: 7000P; Model: Jill (infected) - NB: the only time you can use a recovery object, without thwarting the Challenge, is when you are forced to do so after a footage with a mutated insect.
I'm in a Hurry: Complete the game in less than 2 hours of play
Awards: 7000P; Model: Stage 1 Nemesis

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