Resident Evil 3 PS1 Cheats

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is a video game for Sony PlayStation which is part of the popular Resident Evil series, developed by Capcom. From this game the novel Resident Evil - Nemesis, by SD Perry was based.

The plot of RE3 is almost parallel to that of Resident Evil 2 and stars Jill Valentine and Leon Scott Kennedy. In the intro of the game we see some members of the RPD busy setting up a roadblock for stem the advance of the zombies. Barricaded in cars, the cops are attacked by the undead. At the same time, some members of the Umbrella Corporation, responsible for spreading the T-Virus, also try to keep the zombies in some way.
Jill Valentine, STARS member, becomes involved in the situation created in the city, but chooses to stay and fight in a Raccoon City stopped on September 27, a day before the unfolding of the RE2 plot. There are many elements that connect the two games, but the main feature of Resident Evil 3 is the presence of a new enemy, Nemesis in fact, programmed by Umbrella to eliminate STARS members! This monster can use weapons, run and even use doors.


Each time you complete the game, you will unlock a different epilogue relating to one of the characters that appeared in the various games in the series. There are 8 files in all.
Jill Valentine - Complete the game once
Chris Redfield - Complete the game 2 times
Barry Burton - Complete the game 3 times
Leon S. Kennedy - Complete the game 4 times
Claire Redfield - Complete the game 5 times
Sherry Birkin - Complete the game 6 times
Ada Wong - Complete the game 7 times
Special Agent Hunk - Complete the game 8 times

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