Resident Evil 3: Guide to Weapons and Upgrades

Do you like the playground of guns and weapons in Resident Evil 3 ?
Inside this guide you will find instructions on how to get every weapon and every possible upgrade in the game.

By following this step-by-step guide you will also get three trophies.

A trophy is linked to finding all the weapons in the game, a trophy is linked to finding a single weapon and a trophy is linked to finding all the weapons and all the upgrades.

Let's see together what these weapons are and how you can then find the upgrades on a case-by-case basis.

Gun C-19

Where to find it: This gun is obtainable by playing with Jill. To find this gun you will need to analyze the body outside the Bar Jack, just after seeing our comrade Brad get bitten by a zombie.

C-19 Pistol Upgrades

Optical Viewfinder (Pistol): This enhancement is located at Downtown Upper Walkway Safe Room (2F), which is a room with a safe. To open the safe you will need to know the combination, i.e. 9-1-8. To open the safe, you will need to slide the knob in one direction nine times, in the opposite direction one time and then in the opposite direction eight times more. This will open the safe and give the player the chance to upgrade the case.

Extended Loader (Gun): The external magazine will be obtained by opening a supply case after shooting down the nemesis for the first time. The crate will be left by the monster once and it will kneel down as a sign of surrender. The best way to get the upgrade and shoot down the nemesis for the first time is to do it in Downtown Subway Power Substain (1F), after reactivating the power. When you see the nemesis knocking down the wall prepare yourself with a single fragmentation grenade to throw at it, such a blow will hurt it so much that it will drop the case and leave you alone.

Thin Barrel (Gun: This power-up is achieved by obtaining the econda supply box tied to the second time you take down the Nemesis. The best way to do it is at the Downtown Donut Shop (1F), just after the dedicated cutscene. Also in this case our advice is to throw a grenade quickly, so as to inflict massive damage and succeed in the feat; if you don't have grenades try to use, to your advantage, an explosive barrel.

M3 rifle

Where to find it: this beautiful combat rifle is located inside Downtonn Subway Office (1F), inside a crate that will need pincers to be opened.

M3 rifle upgrades

Tactical Stock: This upgrade is achieved by solving the kite puzzle inside the safe room at Downtown Subway Station. To solve the puzzle you will need to use the pick to get the green jewel from the pretty box inside the Downtown Toy Uncle Store.

Modification for semi-automatic fire: This upgrade is located within a location that players in the Resident Evil 2 remake are familiar with, the Downtown Gun Shop Kendo (1F).

Cartridge: This upgrade is obtained inside the Underground Storage (1F), in the area with the maze to solve one fuse at a time. Behind one of the hydraulic lifts you will find the cartridge.

MGL Grenade Launcher

Where to find it: The grenade launcher is located inside Sewers Office (Lower Waterway), next to a document explaining how the ammunition works.

MGL grenade launcher upgrades:

This weapon has no upgrades whatsoever.

G18 Pistol

Where to find it: This gun is obtained in an autoamtic way when you check Carlos for the first time, along with the CQBR assault rifle.

G18 gun upgrades

This weapon has no upgrades.

CQBR Assault Rifle

Where to find it: This gun is obtained automatically when you check Carlos for the first time, together with the G18 pistol. If you play as Jill in assisted mode you can unlock this weapon at the beginning of the game.

CQBR assault rifle upgrades

Viewfinder: This enhancement is located inside Police Station West Office (1F) inside the case with the S.T.A.R.S symbol on it. In order to open the case, you must have Brad's ID card with you.

Tactical grip: This enhancement is located in the left hand area of the Hospital Courtyard (1F), in a location that can only be reached by jumping from a window from the second floor. The upgrade will be located in the vicinity of a small aviary.

Double charger: This upgrade is located inside the safe located inside Hospital Nurses's Station (2F). The combination to open the safe is 9-3. To open the safe you will need to give 9 inputs in one direction and 3 inputs in the opposite direction.

G18 Gun (Gust Mode)

Where to find it: This weapon is located inside the Hospital Makeshift Sickroom (1F) retaking control of Jill. The weapon will find itself, to be precise, on a counter, in plain sight.

G18 Gun Upgrades (Gust Mode)

This weapon has no upgrades.

.44 AE Lightning Hawk (Magnum)

Where to find it: This powerful weapon is located at Hospital Courtyard (1F). In order to obtain this weapon you will need to have control of Jill and go through a small opening located on the second floor of the hospital and then jump under it.

.44 AE Lightning Hawk Upgrades

Extended Barrel: This enhancement is located behind the computer in the Underground Storage Surveillance Room (2F). This area will become accessible immediately after completing the fuse puzzle/labyrinth.

Weapons that can be purchased from shops

These weapons will be available for purchase from the store in Resident Evil 3 Remake and are mostly joking weapons or real tricks to have fun with in the game.

Hot Dogger

The hot dogger is a knife that costs 7200 P and is a weapon developed by the umbrella to deal with zombies. Apparently it is a simple knife that has the ability to hold heat for a long time; when the blade is hot it can set fire to the enemies it touches inflicting extra damage.

Samurai Edge

The samurai edge is a 9mm pistol with fifteen bullets per magazine that costs 5600P. The weapon is a heavily customized version of a normal beretta, with very high stats capable of doing a lot of damage with a lot of precision.


The RAI-DEN is an energy weapon developed by Umbrella based on static air electricity at a price of 12000P. It is a very special weapon because it is only able to inflict damage when you aim at your opponents' weak points, it simply has no effect on their body. By targeting the head/weaknesses this curious weapon reveals its full potential.

Infinite MUP Gun.

The weapon in question is a pistol with 9 mm caliber bullets, a 16 shot magazine and very balanced statistics that can be purchased at the store for 8000P. This weapon, specifically, is incredibly accurate and is used by many military according to the lore in game. The weapon has infinite bullets.

CQBR assault rifle with unlimited ammo.

The same assault rifle we've come to know above with the advantage of having almost infinite ammo. The weapon in question costs an impressive 284000P in the in-game store.

Rocket launchers with infinite ammo.

The joy of every player Resident Evil 3 is here. The rocket launcher that Jill will use for the most spectacular actions in the entire game is available with endless ammo inside the store. It fires missiles with enormous destructive power and is virtually lethal if it hits an opponent directly.

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