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Completing 100% Red Dead Redemption 2 won't be easy: there will be many activities you will have to do to get the maximum percentage in-game and unlock the platinum trophy The Legend of the West. In our Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide article , you'll find out how to finish the game at 100% and solve all the tasks in the Wild West! You can check your progress by pausing the game and from there keep track of your progress and completion percentage. The menu shows you 5 different categories: Missions and Events, Collectibles, Compendium, Player, Other. There will be a percentage dedicated to each section, and a sign indicating if a certain task has been completed.

Luckily, to get the platinum trophy and complete the game 100% you won't have to do everything in the game. For example, out of the 30 species of fish you'll find, you'll only need 10, pieces of equipment 10 out of 72, 10 out of 19 horse breeds, 25 random encounters out of the infinite number you can find, 48 out of 49 weapons, and so on.

Red Dead Redemption 2 - guide: complete list to complete the game 100%.

Here is all the information to finish the game at 100% without too much trouble:

Red Dead Redemption 2 Missions and Events guide.

  • Missions: complete all the main story missions
  • Stranger: Complete 10 side quests obtained from strangers
  • Carvings: Get 5 carvings
  • Random Encounters: face 25 random encounters
  • Bushwhacked:
  • The Hidden Gang:


Description: Every adventure has a beginning and an end. Complete all missions and bring the legend of Dutch van der Linde's outlaw gang to a natural conclusion.

In Red Dead Redemption 2 total you will face 104 missions in the story. However, you don't need to complete them all, as some are optional and can be skipped. The only requirement to get the mark in this category will be to complete the Epilogue.


Description: This is a land of opportunity and adversity, but not all 10strangers from start to finish. Once you meet a stranger, the next part of the mission will appear on the map once available. Remember that some of them will only appear during the day or night, and will only be visible when you approach them.


Description: Having a bounty on your head does not prevent you from collecting the bounty on someone else's head. Being an outlaw can help you catch them if no one understands who you really are. Collect 5 bounties from the sheriff.

You'll find posters with the faces of wanted men in sheriff's offices in major towns. The "cut" icon will appear on the map once you enter the town. You will find 6 sizes in: Valentine, Rhodes, St. Denis, Strawberry, Blackwater, Tumbleweed.

Random Encounters

Description: Traversing the wild wasteland, riding through the various settlements and exploring towns, you'll never know what you're up against. It could be a test of your reputation, or your temperament. Face 25 random encounters.

Wandering around the limitless world of Red Dead Redemption 2 from time to time you may see white dots on the map. These are random events that can appear endlessly and in every part of the game. You should have no problem dealing with 25 of them by simply exploring the game map, however the best place to finish this task as quickly as possible is to go to Saint Denis. Here you will find numerous beggars and other people who will give you the opportunity to complete a random encounter.

As for those you may encounter in the West, you will find women tied to horses that have just been kidnapped, horses that are running away or killing their rider (in this case you will have to recapture the horse), gunmen that will challenge you to shoot bottles, horse racing challenges, fugitives that you will have to free from chains, stranded people that need a ride, drunks that will ask you for directions, sick people that need some medicine or many other small events. We are sure that during your adventure you will see more than 25 white dots on your map, so don't worry!


Description: Dutch's gang isn't the only one east of the Grizzlies. There are other outlaws out there and they won't be happy with competition or old rivalries. Be on guard and be ready to draw your weapon quickly. Face a gang ambush.

This objective will also be very easy to accomplish as you continue on your adventure. You can be ambushed at any time while traveling: enemies will stop you by blocking your path with a burning car or start shooting at you. There is no way to control these events and you will be assured that they will occur at least once during the course of the game.

Hide the gangs from them.

Description: The pressure of the law is getting to be felt and the last remaining gangs are in hiding, ready to fight. Find them before someone else does. One way or another: Capture all 6 gang hideouts.

Of the 6 hideouts needed, 4 will be dismantled over the course of the story. Therefore, it won't be difficult to complete this mission and complete 100% of RDR2.

red dead redemption 2 Collectibles guide

  • 1 point of interest
  • 9 tombs
  • 144 cigarette stickers
  • 30 dinosaur bones
  • 13 legendary fish
  • All exotic tasks for Algernon Wasp...
  • 10 rock carvings
  • All Hunting Requests for Train Stations
  • 1 Treasure Hunt Chain
  • 20 Dreamcatchers

Points of Interest

Description: you're not the first person to cross the country, and you won't be the only one. Stop for a moment and take in the unique sights and things in front of you. Find one of the many points of interest in the world.


Description: Due to bad decisions and bad luck, not everyone survives this difficult adventure. Find the graves of 9 companions who have left us and pay your tribute to them.

This task can only be completed once the story is complete. To find out where to find the 9, we invite you to consult our guide for their exact location.

Cigarette Figures

Description: Tobacco companies have always known how to advertise their products. Whether it's with a billboard or with the challenge of collecting a complete set of stickers inside cigarette packs. Collect a complete set of stickers.

Within the RDR2 universe you'll find 144 different figures and thanks to our guide you'll know where to find them all. Don't worry: you only have to complete one set, don't collect them all!

Dinosaur Bones

Description: Ignore the cries of "fraud" "cheat" and "grumpy". Find amateur paleontologist Deborah MacGuiness in downtown Heartlands and help her find the location of the world's remaining dinosaurs to complete her discovery project.

There are 30 dinosaur bones around the world, and you'll find a guide to where to find them all.

Legendary Fish

Description: Fishing is a relaxing pastime, but it can also bring fame and fortune... if we believe the words of legendary fisherman Jeremy Gill. Find him near Flat Iron Lake, catch each of his legendary fish and mail them in so he can complete his collection.

Inside the game you will find 13 legendary fish and you will have to catch them all to complete this task.

Exotic: Legendary Animals and Plants

Description: No matter how humble his origins are, once a criminal begins to accumulate money, his tastes will also become more expensive. Algernon Wasp in Saint Denis and help him in his quest for the rarest and most luxurious plants and animals to aid him in his creations.

You will find the start of this quest marked with a white question mark in the top left corner of the map in Saint Denis. To find all the legendary animals in the Red Dead Redemption 2 world and complete the game at 100% and get the platinum trophy we invite you to consult our guide on this topic.

Rock Carvings

Description: There are some very strange carvings on the rocks, but what do they mean? Find Francis Sinclair in the Great Valley and find all the engravings on the rocks, and maybe everything will become clear.

There are a total of 10 rock inscriptions to find scattered all over the map.


Description: What better way to celebrate nature's perfect creations than to kill them and package them up for shipping? Find posters of Mrs. L Hobbs attached to the walls of train stations throughout the land and carry out all of her hunting requests.

Once you find the poster attached inside the stations, you will receive a hunting request. What you have to do is find the requested animal and then take it to a post office inside a station and mail it to the person who requested it.

Treasure Hunter

Description: There is another way to make your own luck; by going to find someone else's luck. Find treasure hunters from around the world and follow their clues to complete a chain of treasure hunters.

In the course of your adventure you will encounter individuals who will ask you to hunt for treasures for them. Find them to complete this mission.


Description: If you look around from time to time, you will notice something hanging from the trees. Find the 20 dreamcatchers and note their location, and see what you think.

You will find 20 dreamcatchers throughout your adventure scattered all over the map.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Compendium guide

  • Discover 50 animals
  • Collect 10 pieces of equipment
  • Catch 10 species of fish
  • Discover 6 gangs
  • Discover 10 breeds of horses
  • Collect 20 types of plants
  • Use 48 different types of weapons


Description: Learn to live among the predators and prey of wild America. Discover 50 animals. See the animals section of your Compendium to track your progress.

To complete this task, simply kill 50 different species of animals. There are 178 of them in the game, making it necessary to kill less than a third of the existing species. Some animals will appear at night, while others will appear during the day: keep this in mind in case you want to hunt a specific species.


Description: Being an outlaw is not just about the weapon on your back. Get 10 pieces of equipment. Open the equipment section of your Compendium to track your progress.

You will only need 10 of the 72 pieces of equipment scattered around the world, and 5 of them will be unlocked automatically throughout the story (lasso, binoculars, fishing rod, flashlight, camera). You can upgrade your equipment in the weapon racks.


Description: Rivers, lakes and swamps are teeming with life. Discover 10 species of fish. Open the fish section of your Compendium to track your progress.

You'll need to catch 10 of the 30 types of fish that exist in the Red Dead Redemption 2 universe . To do this, you'll need to use a fishing rod that you'll automatically obtain during the second chapter's adventure. Once you get it, try fishing in different places (lakes, rivers, swamps) and use different baits to catch different species of fish. You can buy a new bait in the bait shop.


Description: The era of the American outlaw may have come to an end, but some gangs still survive creating mayhem and terror. Meet the 6 enemy gangs. Open the gang section of your Compendium to follow the progress.

Throughout the story you will meet all 6 gangs, making this task impossible to evade.


Description: You can find both domestic and wild horses. Discover 10 horse breeds. Open the horse section of your Compendium to track your progress.

You will find horses in every part of the map. You can observe them by approaching them and then pressing L2 and holding R1 to observe them. You will find horses tied up inside the villages, and you can also buy rarer species in the stables.


Description: The world is wild, nature can kill or heal. Collect 20 plants. Open the plants section of the Compendium to track your progress.

Collect 20 of the 43 plant species in the game. During your adventure you will see a bluish "dust" on the ground: this is the sign that you are in front of a plant. Press L3+R3 to discover it.


Description: With the 59 types of weapons you can find, the choice is all yours. Use at least 48 weapon types. Open the weapon section of the Compendium to track your progress.

Use 48 of the 59 weapon types in the game. You can get some of them after facing enemies, others you can buy from the gunsmith, others as a reward for quests.

Red Dead Redemption 2 - 100% Player's Guide

  • Maximize your health, stamina and viewpoints.
  • Reach Horse Bonding Level 4
  • Complete 9 challenges

Maximum Health, Stamina, Dead Eye

Description: Whether you're traveling, fighting, hunting, or relaxing in front of a fire, you always stand out as the best. Take your health, stamina and dead eye to the top.

Here's how to increase the 3 main parameters in RDR2:

  • Maximum health: To maximize your health points you'll need to fight, archery, fishing or any other activity that requires physical strength.
  • Stamina: To increase your stamina you will need to run, swim or do any kind of activity that tests your endurance. The quickest way is to press the sprint button until the stamina bar has been emptied several times.
  • DeadEye: To upgrade your Dead Eye and unlock new powers, you'll need to perform trick shots, hunting, breaking, or other survival-related activities. The best way to upgrade your Dead Eye is to constantly use it to hit enemies' weak spots. Use the items to restore the Dead Eye bar and use it constantly.

Bond with the horse...

Description: Every outlaw needs an equine companion to rely on, a mount he can trust to ride out of chaos or to be led fearlessly into the center of it. Reach the highest level of bonding with a horse you have.

There are 4 levels of bonding with your horse. If you decide to keep the same horse throughout your adventure, you will automatically get level 4. To increase your bond with your horse you will need to feed, groom and ride it. You won't need to ride him manually: you can simply put a marker on the map and activate automatic navigation. You should have no problem completing this quest if you use the same horse for the duration of the game.


Description: It takes skill, knowledge and a quick shooter to survive in this cruel land. Test your courage and complete all 9 challenges. Open the challenges section of the Compendium to track your progress.

There are 9 challenges, and each challenge will require the completion of 10 tasks, for a total of 90. Unfortunately this will be the most frustrating part of the race to get the infamous platinum trophy and complete 100% Red Dead Redemption 2. You will only be able to start completing the next level of missions once you have completed the previous one (and as mentioned before there are 10 levels...). No objective will be unachievable but if you're a completionist we suggest you keep an eye on this mission from the beginning of the game. In fact, you can complete many of these by simply continuing your adventure.

Red Dead Redemption 2 100% Guide: Other

  • Find 5 huts
  • Kill 5 legendary animals
  • Play on 4 game tables
  • Interact with 5 Ranters, Ravers and Campaigners
  • Take a bath in a hotel
  • See a show
  • Visit a theater.
  • Play these recipes: 1 cooking recipe, 1 tonic, 1 type of ammunition, 1 hunting item, 1 horse care item and 1 weapon.
  • 4 robberies: stagecoach robbery, house robbery, shop robbery, train robbery.


Description: You'll find many huts scattered across the heath; anonymous structures, but each with their own secrets to hide. Discover 5 huts.

Huts are wooden props that can be found all over the world in RDR2. There are many more than 5 requests and we invite you to check out our guide to find out where to find them.

Legendary animals

Description: There are rumors that there are unique animals living out there. Stories told around the fires among the hunters. Some are beautiful, some are deadly, and every one of them would be a prize for any hunter. Find and kill 5 legendary creatures.

To complete this quest you will need to find and kill 5 of the 14 legendary creatures in the game. To find out where they are, we invite you to consult our guide on where to find the legendary animals.

Board Games

Description: If you're tired of the bloodshed, there are quieter activities to do. Find board games in the cities, or sit down and play with your gang members. Play a game of Poker, Blackjack, Dominoes and 5 Fingers.

Rants, raves, and campaigners.

Description: At the turn of the century in America, mental paradigms are shifting, adapting and cracking. Cities and wildernesses are filled with strange individuals who want to talk to you about it. Meet and interact with 5 Ranters, Ravers or Campaigners.

Walking around the city you will come across people shouting that you will distinguish by the volume of their voices. You'll find most of them in Saint Denis (for example, you'll find a woman campaigning for women's right to vote). Interact with 5 of these people to complete the task.


Description: existence on the street is dirty and hard. Fortunately, a number of places offer a chance to wash up for the weary. So rest your aching bones, and try to scratch your past. Take a bath.

Go to the Valentine or Strawberry Hotel and pay 25 cents for a bath.


Description: amazed by one of the technological innovations of the time. Go to the Imperial Theatre in Blackwater or the Fontana Theatre in Saint Danis to experience an animated movie. Or go to J.J. Riggins' Magical Traveling Lanterns show in Valentine. Watch a show.

You can complete this assignment as early as the second chapter by going to see the show at Valentine. The ticket will cost 50 cents: pay it, see the show, and then leave.


Description: The Th茅芒ter R芒leur in Saint Denis offers many types of shows for the curious and the depraved. Escape artists, fire eaters and snake charmers await you. Visit a theatre.

Go to the theatre north of Saint Denis and pay $2 for admission to the show. Once you've seen it, leave the theater and you've completed your quest.


Description: Carry out a stagecoach robbery, a house robbery, a store robbery, and a train robbery.

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