RD Redemption 2: Serial Killer Guide, Maps and Clues

Red Dead Redemption 2 is full of things to do. The Wild West was no shortage of psychopathic lunatics and serial killers were not unknown to the chronicles of the time. Even in Rockstar's open world there is room to play detective and find out who is behind mysterious and brutal murders.

Solve a murder

Red Dead Redemption 2 is full of crazy things to do and see. On your travels you may encounter the work of a serial killer who has left dismembered bodies lying around. We've found them all and we present this guide to the serial killer in case you're unable to go on the search on your own.

The serial killer scattered the game world with pieces of a map and riddles. Once we find all the pieces and solve all the riddles, we can find the final location where the killer resides.

Serial Killer clue and piece of the map #1

This first piece is located southwest of Valentine's Day and south of Wallace Station. Look for some creepy "graffiti" (and part of the body) on a rock face.

Serial Killer clue and map piece #2

This piece is east of Braithwaite Manor. Look for the "graffiti" (and another body part) on a tree.

Serial Killer clue and piece of the map #3

The last piece is south of Valentine and west of Citadel Rock. Look for the revealing "graffiti" (and a body part) on the side of a small overhang.

At this point, you'll have all the pieces of the puzzle. The three parts of the map go to form a complete one, on which the final position of the serial killer is indicated.

Complete Serial Killer map and final location

Once you have all the pieces, you'll know where to go - the final location is southwest of Valentine. Go there without fear and with the decision that suits a real gunfighter.

Good job you found the secret to the serial killer.

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